Through the Looking Glass...

Buenos Aires, Argentina    -    No. 7    -    July 2007
Published by MSRA - Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina (Argentine Second Republic Movement), a Political Action Group geared on recovering Argentina's Political Sovereignty, Economic Independence and Social Justice.
Editor and Secretary: Adrian Salbuchi  - -

W O R L D   P O W E R :

When does it come?  Who has it?  Where is it going?

by Adrian Salbuchi (*)

"We know it and you know it: in human affairs there can only be true Justice when the parties to a conflict have similar strength and power;  Otherwise, the stronger shall do all in their power  to achieve their ends,  and the weaker shall have no choice but to succumb".  Thucidides[1]

"All animals are equal, however, some animals are more equal than others". "Animal Farm"  George Orwell


Rule No. 1 -

Today's world is ruled not by Justice, nor by the pursuit of the Common Good, nor by International Treaties, nor - much less - by Morals and Ethics. 

Today's world is ruled by POWER.


I. The Flux and Flow of Power

When we speak of Power, we do so with a Capital "P", so as to differentiate it from mere force or blind strength that have no common goals and objectives.  Power, in our view, is the true and concrete ability to plan, promote, organize, and carry out
actions, the result of which invariably lead to specific and desired Objectives and Goals in the short, medium and long terms.

This definition thus spans political, economic, industrial, financial, business, commercial, technological, cultural, psychological and (usually, in the last instance) military factors.   The exercise of Power requires coordinated and intelligent use of all resources at hand - whether they be plentiful or lean, physical or abstract, concrete or potential - with the view of  achieving those concrete Objectives and Goals.

It may very well happen that an individual, or an organization, or a Nation may have great Power at its disposal, and yet, if they do not know how to organize and wield it properly with a Vision for the future, they may spend it rashly and even end up quickly loosing it altogether.   Symmetriacally, it may also occur that an individual, organization or Nation may have little Power at hand, and yet know how to best organize and make efficient and creative use of it in a successful and forward-looking way, thus growing and concentrating such Power in a relatively short time.

In fact, Power is never permanently owned by any individual, organization or Nation.  At most, an individual, organization or Nation may have Power flow through their hands for a while until such time as some other individual, organization or Nation
proves more capable and creative, or is stronger-willed to use, develop, and consolidate such Power in their hands.  Then, like water, it will automatically flow to such new Powerholders having the talent and audacity to conquer  Power.  Because Power is never given as a gift; it is always won by conquest.   Often, such "conquest" merely consists in seeing a new circumstance or unexpected opportunity before others do, and understanding how to best take advantage of it and thus acting accordingly.  In such cases, conquering Power means being in the right place, at the right time, and doing the right thing: with calm, alert and ready to act.  It goes without saying that the conquest of Power is remarkably similar to the strategic mindset necessary to win a game of chess.

Power is elusive.  It fluxes and flows pretty much like sea waves or, better still, like ocean waves and tides.  Every Nation, organization or community can take advantage of these "waves" if they properly assess the opportunities they represent at different times and places and in varying circumstances.  If they mistakenly allow such opportunities to pass by, or if they do not understand the intrinsic dynamics and logic of Power, they may end up getting themselves drowned by a sudden wave not properly foreseen or, on the contrary, they may end up stranded high and dry during ebb tide.  It's like the difference between being at the railway station and boarding the train as it is about to leave, or arriving a mere 15 seconds too late when the train just left...  A mere 15 second time difference, but what a difference in the outcome!

Harnessing the flux of Power as its waves flow through the ocean of historical space and time, requires that we understand that even physical oceanic waves are, in actual fact, virtual:  although with each wave it is ocean water that rises, falls and breaks on the beach, the actual waves travelling upon the surface of the water are themselves, however, abstract and intangible - you cannot isolate a wave or hold one in your hand as you can with water.  This is something that all good surfers know... Come to think of it, the conquest and use of Power has a lot in common with surfing: a dangerous staying balanced, a perilous not falling off the board, a flexible controlling of speed, direction and pitch.  I.e., we need to literally "ride the wave" or, as Italian philosopher Julius Evola once said, "ride the tiger...".  Power also seems to have a feline, hunting style and gait to it.

Correspondingly, a key success factor seems to lie on know well we use whatever Power we have.  In an intelligent, proper, efficient and creative manner rather than just throwing its weight around in "bulk".  At times,. it may even happen that having too much Power can even become a handicap for a Nation, an organization or an individual, as this leads to complacency, sluggishness, inefficiency, mistakes and bad habits.  Too much Power made the Roman Emperors grow fat, greedy and soft-bellied; too much Power made the Nomenklatura become too cowardly to rise up and defend the Soviet State; and too much Power may end up making a half-witted US President irresponsibly misuse it to burn others to a crisp, and in the process, also burn his own house down. An old adagio says, "Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first turn mad..."

French philosopher Michel Foucault once observed that "Power is and must be assessed as something that flows and operates, to somehow say it, as a chain.  It is never localized here or there, it is never in the hands of  someone, it cannot be hoarded up as riches or as a personal asset.  Power functions and is exercised through networks and grids, the passageways of which not only force individuals to circulate but also lead them into situations where they must suffer Power and exercise Power; they are never Power's inert target or accomplice; rather, they are its element of re-composition.  In other words, Power does not apply to individuals; rather it flows through individuals."[2]


Rule No. 2 -

The quantity of Power in the hands of individuals, organizations and Nations is an important factor.  However:

The quality of Power - reflecting creativity, ability and knowledge on the part of those wielding it - is an even more important factor.


II.Carpe Diem! -  Seize the Day!

Today, the Argentine people and other peoples in our Region suffer serious and dangerous national circumstances which, in our case at least, force us to ask ourselves whether Argentina will survive as a sovereign Nation in the decades to come.  Irrespective of the fact that our Ruling Class - in Government, in the opposition, in the media and in our universities and corporate world - does not seem to properly acknowledge the seriousness of this situation - perhaps they all prefer to turn a blind eye to this - the truth is that today Argentina faces its "to be or not to be"; i.e., we run the risk of loosing our historical Destiny as a Nation.  In fact, whether we realize it or not, Argentina is deploying the pieces in what no doubt is the decisive - perhaps the last - "game of chess" that we have yet to play on the global geopolitical chessboard.  And this is happening right now!  Not tomorrow, nor the day after. As with all end games, it is absolutely essential for us that we win, because this time around we will not have a second chance.

Today, Argentina is a defeated Nation.  Whether we like it or not; and admit and accept it.  This is the raw truth: in the decades after World War II, we were defeated on the geopolitical battleground to become a powerful Regional Power; then in the seventies we were defeated on the political battleground by communist terrorist organizations; and, finally in 1982, we were defeated on the military battleground in the Malvinas-Falklands War by the combined forces of the capitalist plutocracy entrenched in the United Kingdom and the US.  Three lost battles, no doubt.  However, we have not yet lost the war...

Argentina's national crisis has much in common with the grave crises that other great nations of the world have had to face in modern times, irrespective of ideological considerations: Power has no ideology.   Two examples: Germany after the First World War in 1918 / 1919, and France when it was invaded and sliced-up by Germany in 1940.  Both countries had lost key battles, however neither had yet lost their wars.  It is enlightening to see how these two great nations recovered from temporary defeat and, like the mythical Phoenix, were re-born from their own ashes.

Argentina has much in common with the German Social Democratic "Weimar" Republic[3] of 1919: a nation defeated, prostrated and raped by its enemies; a decadent, soft-bellied and battered country in the hands of a weak ruling class, trapped in the invisible chains of Usury.  Argentina also has a lot in common with France in 1940: invaded by the armed forces of its implacable German enemy.    Nevertheless, Germany and France, each in their own time and in their own ways, overcame circumstantial defeat.  Each did so with the very lean resources then at their disposal, and inspired by a clear Vision of what had to be done, how, when and why it had to be done, and who could do it - under very different circumstances, each finally got up on their own feet and had the courage to reconquer their lost National Power.  What they later did with it is another story; the fundamental point is how they conquered lost Power.

In order for that same invigorating effect to arise in Argentina, we first need to become fully aware of, cultivate and nurture a key factor that comes before a people can even begin to dream about National reconstruction and sovereignty.  That key factor is fundamentally emotional and even irrational and is having a clear collective will to Power.   This means the population needs to be shaken from its slumber.   In the words of Argentine political science professor Alberto Tandurella, "the will to Power is an essential and vital factor that projects... as a solid link spanning time and space over our thinking and cultural fibre.  When necessary - i.e., in times of grave emergency or danger challenging national survival - it is also the task of philosophers, thinkers, scientists, politicians, government officers and citizens as a whole.  This phenomenon generates, as a sort of existential seal, a specific world view when confronted with contingencies arising from the complex myriad of circumstances and factors affecting the life of a nation, and its interaction with other world players".[4]

Thus, Argentina still has a chance to recover that slice of Power that may be rightfully ours.  In actual fact, looking at our country's decadence over the past one hundred and fifty years, we can certainly say that this process entails a veritable re-conquest - i.e., more than just building national Power from scratch - because Argentina once did climb to loftier heights, from which we then collapsed to the depths where we lie today.

The first inevitable step that we need to take consists in understanding how and why we fell so badly.  It is all about once again becoming inspired by fundamental Values that so many Argentinians now seem to have forgotten and even lost.  It is all about recovering the sense of National Dignity that surges from deep love for one's Country, its People and Land.   As Argentine researcher and political science expert Dénes Martos eloquently states in his essay, Los Espartanos (The Spartans): "Nothing in life is given in any lasting manner if we do not fight to defend it.  And  in order to be able to fight with some degree of success, one must be organized for combat.  Otherwise, the enemy's first strike will generate a stampede amongst our own forces.  And there will always be an enemy.  Especially in politics.  This is just the way things are, and this is how things have always been, even though many people will try to deny it.  Today, there seems to be a veritable plague of people who think that in order not to have any enemies, all you need do is declare your sincere intention of not wanting to have any enemies.  That, however, is ridiculous.  More than ten thousand years of history contradict such fantasies.  It is like trying to stop urban crime by declaring your honest intention of not putting up a fight if you are mugged on the streets."[5]  

If we succeed in making this quantum leap of almost magical effects and awaken our Will to National strength, then we will not only be treading the road towards a promising future, but we will also be building a Recovery Model that might help other countries and peoples in our Region who are in a similar predicament.  This will undoubtedly entail strenuous efforts, generous sacrifice, and much "blood, sweat and tears" on our part as this all entails founding a new sovereign Republic to replace the quasi-colonial administration we presently suffer.  Once again, we have the example of France which in the mid-fifties overcame its grave national crisis when Charles De Gaulle cast the decadent post-war Fourth French Republic into History's garbage bin, and founded in its place today's very successful Fifth French Republic.  For us the time draws near when we too will have to break the bonds of domination and found a Second Argentine Republic, having true Sovereignty, Justice and Dignity.

Such a Second Argentine Republic would not be an end in itself.  Rather, it would represent an initial milestone on the road towards true continental integration and independence for the Central and South American countries. Even beyond our Region, we would set a good example for other suffering nations, in a world that is quickly slipping into an abyss of increasing violence, despair and injustice.  Inevitably, the half billion people living in Central and South America will need to come together as one Nation under a unified Sovereign State, if we are to defend our collective interest with sufficient Power to neutralize the New World Order's Global Leviathan set on world conquest.


Rule No. 3 - 

The Rule of Power  is a rule of  iron, hard and cold: Those having Power use it to promote their Objectives and Interests. 

Those not having Power have no choice but to suffer the consequences of the actions taken by those having the Power to promote their Objectives and Interests. 

To conclude: the roots of Argentina's dramatic situation lie not in the fact that we are not right or that what out People want is not correct. Rather, our predicament stems from the fact that, as a Nation, we lack the necessary Power, in its widest definition, to achieve what we need.  In other words, we need to build the Power necessary to achieve our collective Destiny.


III. Key Factors that Define World Power

Let us begin by identifying and defining Power in order to better understand its true nature, internal dynamics and logic:


1) Whence does Power come from?

Power shows itself in a myriad of ways, but there are four basic roots or foundations on which it rests:

·        Physical Force - I.e., the concrete ability to physically force and overcome another party's will or desire (i.e., "fists and guns").

Based on: Military and armed force, irrespective of whether legal/legitimate or not. This type of Power enables direct control over entire populations and their social structures.  Physical violence or the threat thereof, is used to achieve results and objectives and thus becomes a primary instrument of control and domination.

·        Money - I.e., the control and command of a Nation's economic, monetary and financial systems (i.e., "money makes the world go around...")

Based on:  Money, finance, banking, currency, usury and the legislation that turns the grossest financial and economic excesses into "legal procedure", even though morally wrong and ethically illegitimate.  This requires seizing a high degree of control over a Nation-State, its government and, most important, buying out its Ruling Class.   Money Power allows indirect control of all social life through the arbitrary management and distortion of republican institutions and organizations, which are commandeered to serve their interests.  The social fabric is eroded by promoting disproportionate greed for profit, and lack of social solidarity, through gross corruption and buying of key people's wills.  Money Power finances politicians, political parties, election campaigns, the media, lobbies and PAC's, and ends up controlling and literally acquiring a whole army of local players. 

·         Knowledge -  I.e., the control of ideas, paradigms and human motivation (i.e., "having brains").

Based on: Intellectual and cultural Power exercised through models of thought, language, history, philosophy, science and technology, culture and religion.  As a planning process, this means the ability to identify coming risks and threats, and taking advantage of opportunities.  It implies exercising psychological operations - Psyops -  in order to align its own "friendly" forces (i.e., "public opinion"), and weaken adversarial "enemy" forces.  Often, if no proper enemy is at hand, then one is suitably invented.

·        Charisma - I.e., the control of collective feeling based on emotional and intuitive factors emanating from "special" and irreplaceable individuals and leaders.  In the recent past, we have seen political, social and religious leaders exercise the Power of personal Charisma, irrespective of ideological considerations.  For example, Mahatma Gandhi, Charles De Gaulle, Benito Mussolini, Vladimir Lenin, Martin Luther King, Adolf Hitler, Ayattolah Khomeini, Winston Churchill, Mao Zedong, J. Nehru, Gamal Nasser, Fidel Castro, José Antonio Primo de Rivera, Juan Perón, and many others. 

      Based on:  The personalities of key individuals that seem to tap into collective unconscious forces, generating a Vision of a desirable and inspiring future, turning it into something not only possible, but necessary as well.  Strongly based on the inspiration of Hope and Faith.[6]    


2) Power Management

Power has two key coordinates that must be properly understood, controlled and managed: Power has a Space  coordinate and Power has a Time coordinate, reflected as territorial/physical control, and control of continuity in time. 

Space reflects the "here and now" of Power at any given moment.  For example, right now the United States is a powerful nation, Exxon is a powerful corporation and the Rockefellers are a powerful family.  However, this can all quickly change, for
better or for worse, in the Time coordinate as other challenging players appear on the scene which may result in other countries, corporations or families becoming powerful and even displacing the US, Exxon or the Rockefellers. 

The Time coordinate, in turn, is fundamental as it addresses the need to preserve, consolidate and increase Power, to which end not only do the direct interests of those in power need to be (pre)served (i.e., consolidate and grow corporate, family or national Power), but also medium and long term plans need to be implemented in order to guarantee a consistent, coherent and sequential continuity, irrespective of all imaginable contingencies, spanning decades, even centuries into the future.


3) The Different Dynamics of Power

Another key factor in Power Management lies in the ability to implement effective, far-reaching and lasting self-correcting processes in such areas as finance, economics, social sciences, geopolitics, geoeconomics, science & technology, and many other disciplines.  To a great extent, this can be achieved by introducing "embedded paradigms" [7] into the collective mind, in such a way that that when these processes interact, they automatically orient themselves towards the desired ends in a highly "spontaneous", automatic and self-correcting way.  Nowadays, the New World Order confronts us with a veritable System of Thought, as international law professor at Cambridge University Phillip Allott recently explained when he said that "democracy and capitalism are systems that contain their own values, which means that in order to participate in them, man must accept those values; even transcendental values on such matters as Justice, happiness and the like.  Citizens must therefore give up their minds to the system, which is not political or economic, but rather a system of consciousness.  Democracy and capitalism are systems of consciousness. People do not realize this but their minds are determined by these systems... This is why democracy and capitalism represent a totalitarian regime.  Totalitarianism means total control of Society... and there has never been a totalitarianism as strong as today's.  The totalitarianism of the democratic and capitalist systems is so sophisticated, that even our desires are determined by the System.  We desire that which Society wishes that we desire." (Interview in the Buenos Aires daily "La Nación" 20-Jun-07).

Within this scope, we need to further understand that financial, economic and social processes all have very different dynamics and development speeds.  This is one of the major causes of the violence, friction and conflict in today's world:

  1. Finance - Thanks to modern IT and Communications technologies, finance can move instantly, as financial operators and players the world over  speculate, invest, divest, migrate from one type of financial instrument to another, jump from one market to another one on the far side of the world, from one currency to another, using extremely powerful computers, softwares and telecom networks that span the entire planet.  This Financial Overworld today handles almost 3 trillion dollars (u$s!!) a day (yes, every day!).  97% of these funds serve that which Peter Drucker calls "the symbolic economy" [8], i.e., speculation and Usury, and not the True Economy of Work and Production.  If we annualize this financial turnover, we reach unimaginable figures of the order of 600 to 900 trillion dollars!  And yet, annual global Gross Domestic Product (i.e., the economies of all countries and players added up), give us a figure of only around 40 to 50 trillion dollars, i.e., ten to fifteen times less.  Therefore, Finance is ten to fifteen times greater than the real Economy which means it is far larger than what the economy actually needs.    Dynamics: The Virtual economy of Finance operates in terms of seconds or fractions of a second, and has become highly automated.  In today's financial markets, stocks, commodities and foreign exchange traders have computers that automatically buy and sell, based on minimum and maximum variation limits and levels programmed into their computers.  This instantaneous power of action and reaction, has allowed Finance to usurp a higher place than what it should legitimately have, enabling it to control the better part of all human activities in all corners of the world.  Today, Finance is king and reigns supreme.  However, it is a bastard and illegitimate king that reigns over us all... 

  2. The Economy - Economic processes run at a much slower pace than finance, because building cars, airplanes, and TV sets; manufacturing cookies and clothing; rendering services, erecting plants and factories; training and recruiting people (and later firing them!); purchasing raw materials, distributing products and services, and everything else generated by the Real Economy through Work and Production, takes time.  Much more time.     Dynamics:  Depending on what you are manufacturing or building, economic processes can take hours, days, weeks or even years to complete.  The Economy thus operates at a much slower speed than Finance.
  3. Society - Collective processes governing changes in mental paradigms, ethical values, social usage, customs, habits and styles, etc., are much slower still.   Today, we are experiencing unprecedented social and cultural "re-engineering" on an planetary scale geared on altering social and cultural behaviour patterns that affect fundamental Values, on which Family, Community, Religion, Nation and Culture have been based for untold thousands of years.  The two main instruments
used to promote this dramatic Social Change are:

          Schools - Elementary and high schools, and the University - where the educational content on social, cultural and political matters  has been  distorted, contaminated, dismembered, eroded, replaced, emptied out and even turned upside down, in all manners necessary to accommodate the Educational System to meet the goals, objectives, values and needs of the type of mental profile New World Order planners seek.

     The Media - Television, radio, op-ed editorials, mainstream press, the show business industry - which for the most part promotes a demoralizing, destructive, perverse and unnatural message - seem inspired by Age-old methods reminiscent of the latter days of the Roman Empire, with the "added value" of today's technologies: i.e., panem et circenses - bread and circus.  All of this is sustained by the proliferation of blood games. brutality, sexual orgies, drugs, gambling and an all-pervasive sense of collective emptiness, vulgarity and stupidity.  The media also serve to consume the population's free and unstructured time between work and sleep, so as to ensure that there is little truly creative social activity amongst the bulk of the people.

Dynamics: Social and cultural change is very slow indeed, and needs to be measured in terms of decades, generations and even centuries.


4) Who wields Power?

Firstly, a clear distinction must be made between Real Power and Formal Power:

·        Real Power - Centered on proactive structures and organizations driving concrete and effective political, economic and social decisions inside a Nation, a region, social class, or public or private institution, or a combination of these.  Its effectiveness is not so much given by the actual location of the Power base, but rather by its continuity in time, that allows it to perpetuate and increase its capacity for Domination.

Structures wielding Real Power are political, economic, financial, technological, cultural and psychological in nature, or a combination thereof. They can maintain a high or low public profile, depending on strategic convenience; i.e., they may involve a highly wealthy but elusive individual, such as a Rockefeller, or a highly powerful public figure like the president of the United States.

Real Power structures of the New World Order drive causes which, although not normally visible, nevertheless generate highly visible results

·        Formal Power - Centered on formal structures that through the years have become merely reactive executors of the strategies and decisions emanating from the Real Power  structures.  These include highly visible structures, such as major multinational corporations, transnational banks. multimedia monopolies, key universities and certain posts in the governments of all countries in the world (i.e., presidents, cabinet members, legislators, judges, governors and advisors).  Regarding the latter, this process reflects the gross erosion of the sovereignty of the modern Nation-State.

      Formal Power  structures of the New World Order implement high-profile visible effects that have their roots in the usually non-visible causes emanating from Real Power structures


Rule No. 4 -

Real Power structures of the New World Order drive causes which, although not normally visible, nevertheless generate highly visible results when implemented by Formal Power structures.  Symmetrically:

Formal Power  structures of the New World Order implement high-profile visible effects that have their roots in the usually non-visible causes emanating from Real Power structures.

We can thus conclude that on a worldwide basis Power has been, for the most part, "privatized", i.e., the reins of Control have migrated towards eminently economic and financial structures.  This is what Alvin Toffler back in 1990 described as a veritable Powershift.  Consequently, its structure and dynamics have great analogy with the structure and internal logic of private economic organizations, i.e., traditional private capitalist corporations - more specifically, British and US corporate structures[9] - where Power is distributed into three vertical and hierarchical levels:

·         Shareholders - They are the true owners and controllers of the Corporation, even if they seldom or ever become involved in its economic and administrative processes.  They may even be totally ignorant of fundamental aspects of the Corporation's inner workings because they seldom contribute anything of real value or work to the Corporation.  Rather, they focus on speculation and use of expected returns and evolution of their shareholdings in the stock markets.  I.e., they focus on and prioritize Finance, not Economic Production;

·         Directors - They are the people representing shareholders and supervising/overseeing the correct, efficient and proper operation of the Corporation in accordance with their interests and local legislation.  They are accountable for corporate strategic planning to ensure maximum growth of present and future stock yields, with minimum expenses.  This makes the capitalist corporation a basically antisocial structure.  Lastly,

·         Managers - They are accountable for the day-to-day running of the Corporation.  Normally, they are trained and hard working specialists, who add value to the Corporation through their talent and organizational skills and discipline affecting all employees, suppliers and business partners.

We can summarize these three hierarchical segments as follows:

Table 1 - Structure of the Private Capitalist Corporation

      Hierarchichal Level
     Chosen By
     Power Base
     Self-Appointed (they are the owners...)
     As shareholders, they own the Corporation and have the last word on all key strategic decisions.

      They are sovereign in the widest sense of the word.

      They focus on and prioritize Finance, not Economic Production;

      Loyalty: to themselves and their peers

     As legal owners of Company stock, their power is guaranteed by on-going legislation.

      Power emanates from the ownership of money (economic strength), bringing with it social prestige, often associated with certain segments and family dynasties. 

      In the US and Europe, Rockefeller, Hearst,  Rothschild, Morgan, Ford, Harriman, Warburg, Buffet, Soros, Carnegie, Rhodes, Agnelli, Ford;  in Argentina: Fortabat, Bemberg, Perez-Companc, Mitre, Bulgheroni, Rocca, Macri, Noble.
     They look after the interests of the Corporation with the objective of maximizing profits; 

      They approve Operational Plans (i.e., 1 year ahead) and Strategic Plans (i.e., 3 to 5 or more years ahead) sub-mitted to them by Manage-ment.

      They focus on both Finance and Economic Production, as they distribute profits; approve investments; supervise operations.

      Loyalty: to Shareholders and their peers
     Their power is delegated to them by shareholders. 

      They are intimately linked to shareholders'  economic and social interests. 

      Normally, majority shareholders are also members of the Board of Directors and hold top corporate offices. .

      All change in shareholder structure may immediately bring about a change in how the Board of Directors is made up
     They prepare and execute Strategic and Operational Plans once approved by the Board of Directors.

      They manage and run the Corporation on a day-to-day basis

      They focus on Economic Production.

      Loyalty: to the Market (i.e., whoever offers them the best Remuneration Package) 

     Their Power is delegated to them by the Board of Directors.

      Management skills, talent and know-how (i.e., markets, technologies, resources, business contacts, etc) give them power to successfully carry out Action Plans approved by the Board of Directors based on the Objectives of Shareholders. 

      Managers and their key staff may thus enjoy economic and social benefits (compensation, employee benefitrs, social prestige, job security, retirement plans, health plans and fringe benefits such as company cars, plush offices, secretaries, travel and entertainment expenses, etc). 

      Their results-linked income also gives them the opportunity of rising within the company hierarchy, through stock options, thus enabling them to become, themselves, directors and shareholders.

Rule No. 5 -

The greatest privatization of our time, is the Privatization of Power on planetary and national scales.

A good illustration of the Privatization of Power can be found in the way that the basic trappings of Private Power can be seen as structurally implicit in Government Power structures (i.e., in the public sector referring to the Nation-State). 

As indicated, we already live under a World Government which we do not, for the most part, recognize as such, simply because the characteristics we normally tend to associate with the concept of "government" are not immediately visible.  Rather, today's World Government has more in common with traditional Private Power structures. As Power has become essentially privatized, then it logically follows that the World Government we live under today is also of a private nature.  This is the basic ideology that forms the very foundations of Globalization, i.e., that Power is Private.


Rule No. 6 -

Today, we have World Government.  However, since World Power has been privatized, the corollary is that the World Government running our planet is also, basically, a private entity or system. 


If we observe the public Power structure in Argentina, for example, and compare and extrapolate it with the three-fold division of Power that governs modern private corporations and its hierarchical structure, then we can more easily understand where the true causes of Argentina's (and many another country's too!) decadence lie.  Table 2, below, describes the way Private Power has distorted public institutional structures so much out of shape, that it reflects and becomes functional to Private Power structures.

In other words, Real Power (i.e., private Power) more or less conditions and controls Formal Power structures (i.e., public Power), from where emanate today's dysfunctions referring to the "division of powers" on which "democracy" is allegedly based:

Table 2: Comparison of how National Public Power is based on Private Power Structures.

      Private Power Structure Levels
     Public Power Structure Levels
     Scope and Characteristics

     Upper Level Decisions

      (the "Owners"):

      ·     The  "Imperium" (Global) 

      ·     Private New World Order Power Structures.


      ·      Long-term planning;

      ·     Private (in its upper levels);

      ·     Anti-democratic.
     Medium Level Decisions

      (the "Deciders"):

      ·     "Potestas", i.e., traditionally, the  "Senate" (also Global)

      ·     Power centers making the "wheel of World Power" turn


      ·      Medium Term;

      ·      Private (mid-levels);

      ·      Non-democratic (i.e., neutral).
     Lower Level Decisions

      (day-to-day "Operators"):

      ·      "Auctoritas" -

      ·     Government and Branches of the Nation-state: Executive, Legislative,

      ·    "The President" as general manager

      ·    Short Term;

      ·      Public;

      ·      Formally, "democratic".

As we can see, National Power in a country such as Argentina only lies in Lower Level decisions (i.e., the President, Congress, etc).  Medium and Upper Level Decision levels lie outside of our country, and today we exert no control over them, even though they permanently affect us profoundly.  A similar structure can be found in the majority of countries throughout the world.

Let us further describe these concepts:

Upper Level Decisions (i.e., the "Owners" of  the world) In the private corporate world, these are in the hands of Shareholders.  In the public world under the New World Order, this is what is traditionally called Imperium  (in the imperial Roman sense of the word).  Except in industrialized nations like the US, UK, Russia, China and France, national governments have little or no access to this upper decision level where we find the true "owners of the world" wielding Real Power.  They are coordinated by and grouped around the following major axis:

·        Think Tanks - A small and highly sophisticated worldwide network of geostrategic planning centers or think tanks - the "Worlds Mastermind" as we have elsewhere described this - most notably, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, World Economic Forum, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Group of Thirty, Brookings Institution, The Heritage Foundation, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), Hudson Institution, Cato Institute, Tavistock Institute, Hoover Institute, amongst other think tank organizations [10].   In our Latin American Region in general, and in Argentina in
particular, we can also mention the Americas Society / Council of the Americas, Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales (CARI, Argentina), and the Inter-American Dialogue, amongst others.  They plan out the long-terms development of complex political, economic, financial, monetary, technological and cultural processes, integrating them within solid structures and complex models for domination on national, regional and global levels.

·       Dynastic Families, wielding immense economic, financial, social and industrial power for many generations and even centuries: (i.e., Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Schiff, Warburg, Weill, Lazard, Harriman, Mellon, Agnelli, Montefiore, Carnegie, Ben-Laden, Bush, and others).  In Argentina, Fortabat, Bemberg, Bunge, Noble, Alemann, Mitre, and Macri families.

·         Royal Dynasties and Noble bloodlines - the so-called "Black Nobility" who have wielded social, economic, religious and military Power for many centuries (the Crowns of Britain, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Monaco and the "uncrowned nobilities" in
republics like France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Portugal).  They closely tie in with their noble counterparts amongst Arabian sheikdoms and "uncrowned" nobilities in the United States and the Far East.

·        Religious Organizations - Political structures of certain religious organizations (i.e., the Church of England, the Lutheran and Calvinist Churches; in the US Evangelical and Pentecostal religious organizations, many of which are staunchly pro-Zionist for mostly religious reasons, the Jewish Sanhedrin, and certain key political structures within the Vatican State);

·         Supranational political structures: Freemasonry, International Zionism, International Social Democracy, International Christian Democracy.

·        Organized Crime - Although illegitimate and illegal, these are organizations with which legitimate Real Power Structures need to interact and reach "working agreements" with.  This encompasses various Maffias, arms dealers, drug cartels, money launderers, opium, cocaine and heroine producers (in such places as Bolivia, Colombia, Afghanistan and Thailand), and their respective financial dealers (located in major financial markets).  I.e., the New World Order power structure encompasses agreements and pacts made with major Organized Crime structures, which are willing to abide by and respect a set of "unwritten rules and guidelines".  When any such criminal organization runs amuck, then we see highly violent actions taken against them: e.g., Manuel Noriega taken out in Panama; the Medellin Cartel destroyed in Colombia; Slobodan Milosevich formally tried for "war crimes" although he was head of a major opium financial clearing house in Belgrade; or even Saddam Hussein who was until 1991 a functional New World Order organized crime player.  Maffia-like "codes of behaviour" must be agreed and respected.  We very emphatically point out that the natural interface between legitimate "legal" interests and "illegal" Organized Crime is to be found in the powerful "State within a State" intelligence services of the United States (i.e., the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency), Britain (i.e., MI6 - Military Intelligence 6, Foreign) and Israel (i.e., Mossad), amongst others, which by their very nature as secret organizations, have the necessary ambivalence, legal coverage and discretion to be able to deal covertly with organized crime, outside the media and press limelight and, more importantly, beyond the reach of on-going legislation.

      Not surprisingly, there are three very similar types of organizations under the New World Order in which, once you have become a member and insider, you are never allowed to leave (except inside a coffin): the Intelligence Agencies, Freemasonry and "Maffia" organizations.

Time frame:            Long term (i.e., 25, 50, even 100 years).

Scope:                    Geostrategic / Global.

Profile:                   Discrete and deeply un-democratic, even anti-democratic.

Power Base:           The New World Order Real Power Overworld.  They are above any and all law, legitimacy or justice; solely bound by the "unwritten rules, guidelines and codes of behaviour".  They are also above all nations, even the most powerful, whose Nation-States - notably the United States of America and the United Kingdom - have been literally commandeered by this extremely powerful supra-national overworld structure.


Medium Level Decisions (the "Deciders")

In the private corporate world, these are in the hands of Directors.  In the public world under the New World Order, this is what is we could call the Traditional "Senate". or the Roman" Potestas", made up of major players: i.e., multinational corporations, trans-national financial institutions, multilateral financial entities, monopoly multimedia operators, major universities and specific sectors of all national governments (notably in the areas of foreign relations, the economy and defense), in the United States and in other countries.  In fact, except in industrialized nations like the US, UK, Russia, China and France, national governments have little or no access to this upper decision level where the "Deciders of the world" wield Real Power.

They direct and channel specific resources towards financing political election campaigns for the benefit of those political parties and candidates who have been screened, pre-selected and approved, maintaining a credible balance and image in order to ensure that the electorate always have the (albeit, false) impression that "the people elect those who govern them".  Major local and foreign corporations and trans-national financial institutions are the primary source of such electoral financing.  Monopolized multimedia organizations, in turn, execute intensive psychological action campaigns - Psyops and even Psyops Warfare - in the short term (e.g., right before an election), whilst the educational system executes medium and long term psychological action, in order to ensure that the population at large believe, accept and embrace the so-called "democratic system", and that they question little or nothing regarding its flagrant internal contradictions, imbalances and outright lies.

Time Frame:           Medium Term (i.e., 5, 10, 15 years).

Scope:                    Strategic.

Profile:                   Discrete, non-democratic or neutral regarding the democratic concept (they may hypocritically promote democracy in the public political stage, whilst they will staunchly resist all ideas of "democratic contagion" spilling over into the private world (e.g., democratization of Finance and the Economy).

Power Base:            The globalized financial structure; they promote and operate within the legislative systems that best suit their needs and enable them to promote their interests, irrespective of whether or not such interests are legitimate.  I.e., legality without legitimacy.

Lower Level Decisions (Day-to-day "Operators")

In the private Corporate world, these are in the hands of Managers.  In the public world under the New World Order, this can be described as "Autorictas" - i.e., "the authorities": governments, republican institutions, law enforcement, armed forces, security forces, controlling and supervisory entities and the like.  In our example, this would include The President as chief of the Executive Branch, and also applies to the Legislative and Judicial branches of public government.

A nation's president - whether it be George W Bush in the US or Nestor Kirchner in Argentina - is thus limited in his scope of action to short-term management decisions limited by their terms in office (usually, just four years with one possible re-election term, clearly too short a timespan for implementing solid continuity of Power).  His or her term in office arises from public election processes which, although formally "democratic", usually end up being "fought" amongst a small group - usually just two - pre-selected candidates who have been extensively canvassed, screened, investigated, and questioned until finally approved and accepted by the "Directors" and "Shareholders" of the New World Order.  For it is the latter who actually control the entire election process, by financing extremely costly election campaigns and managing media-based psychological operation campaigns.  This involves very well paid and duly "aligned" talk-show hosts, op-ed editors, journalists, authors, anchor newspeople and a whole army of polling offices, analysts, academics, and commentators, not to mention the major newspapers, radio and TV networks themselves.  The US-based Council on Foreign Relations once very candidly described this process referring to the two major political parties in the US - Republicans and Democrats - by stating that "irrespective of whoever wins the elections, it is we who govern"

Time Frame:           Short Term (i.e., 1 to 4 years).

Scope:                     Operational-Tactical.

Profile:                    High Public Profile; election-orientated (i.e.,
formally, "democratic").

Power Base:            "Popular Support" and "public opinion", which are manifested through carefully staged and directed - at times, even rigged - elections, controlled from more discrete Power levels controlled by the "Directors" and "Shareholders" of the New World Order.

Structure:                 Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches of Government.   National (Federal), Provincial (State) and Municipal (Local) levels of public government, all duly supplemented by an array of NGO's, trade unions, political lobbies (local and foreign), PAC's, think tanks and intermediate organizations of all sorts, shapes and kinds, in a veritable Power network that reaches out into almost every corner of social life.  Again, this encompasses criminal organizations, gangs and pressure groups. A good historical example of the latter were the joint efforts between the US Government and the domestic Italian Maffia organizations during the World War II, when they both worked together during the invasion of Italy.  The Maffia in the US opposed Benito Mussolini because he had banned them in Italy.


5) Where is Power located?

The Dialectic of Power

Three further dimensions of Power to be kept in mind:

·        The relationship that exists between Command and Obedience, which manifests as Order -

     This relationship specifically governs all military and militarized organizations where obedience is imposed based on hierarchical rank stemming from universaly accepted Codes of Law and Conduct.  The link between Command and Obedience may become more indirect when obedience implicitly arises from pure coersion (i.e., fear and punishment). 

An example of this is observed in the modern corporate world where employees necessarily accept and obey orders, rules and measures, irrespective of they fairness, because they know only too well that not doing so, will undoubtedly lead to no career growth, flat salaries and even termination of employment, with the ensuing serious consequences for the well-being of themselves and their families.  These "rules" govern not only individual companies but the "labour market" as a whole so anybody leaving one company knows that his next employer will be pretty much the same. 

This is explains why a permanent level of unemployment is structurally maintained, because fear of job loss is a powerful instrument of coersion to maintain social order and discipline amongst the work force.  In Society, there exist a series of Command and Obedience relationships in the family, in school, at work and in all public and private social behaviour.

·         The relationship that exists between Public and Private which manifests as Public Opinion - 

     We have described this when referring to the privatization of Power.  Whilst access to Public Power is achieved through various electoral mechanisms we described, that are based on "arithmetic" or quantitative results (i.e., the winner is whoever gets the highest number of votes), Private Power exerts domination through the generation of currents of public opinion and paradigms of a more qualitative nature, the propagation of which is based on the availability of economic and financial resources. 

      Additionally, the moment that certain social players have the ability and power to generate public opinion - which is in turn intimately linked with such factors as prestige, credibility and soundness of information sources - they can, if they so wish, tap into a surprising new and powerful Power level that is directly linked with lying.   I.e., within specific limits and guidelines (in space and time), these Power factors have the ability to promote their objectives and interests through astute and decided use of lies in matters referring to politics, finance, society, culture and the economy.  This is what is traditionally referred to as "propaganda".  If the objective sought happens to be sufficiently important, then Real Power may even risk being caught "red-handed" which is, in itself, a calculated risk as long as this happens after the objective sought has been achieved.  Real Power structures may even go so far as to try and "judge" those whom public opinion perceives as "liars" in any particular scandal or affaire, thus rendering the entire process more credible and respectable, leaving few trails behind and thus maintaining the whole process intact and ready.... for the next bout of lies.

      This is the time-honoured axiom of the powerful which they themselves describe as the consistent and intelligent use of "Force and Hypocrisy".  Notable recent examples are the invasions of Iraq in 2003 by the United States and the United Kingdom that was based on flagrant and outright lies and misinformation referring to inexistent "Weapons of Mass Destruction" which allegedly allowed Saddam Hussein to "attack London or Washington in 45 minutes", or the "smoking gun" that could become a "mushroom cloud", and other similar nonsense and childish lies. 

      A similar situation can be observed regarding the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, done to allegedly "capture Osama Bin-Laden and defeat Al-Qaeda" in some God forsaken cave in the mountains, when today it has become increasingly clear that the US is not really interested in capturing Osama (a member of the Bin-Laden family, close business partners of the Bush family in the Carlyle Group).


·         The relationship that exists between Ally and Adversary, which is manifested in Struggle - 

      As Politics refer to man's activities and those of his community regarding Power, its natural scope requires distinguishing between Friends or allies, on the one hand, and Enemies or adversaries on the other[11].  Such allies or adversaries may be of the most varied sort: individual persons, institutions, organizations, Nations and even symbols, ideologies and collective values.  One can thus understand the reason why Real Power structures so highly value having the ability of, amongst other things, writing - and even re-writing - history because, as George Orwell so clearly stated in his magnificent 1948 novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, "whoever controls the past, controls the present; whoever controls the present, controls the future".   

     Clearly, "Official History" is also a formidable instrument of Power and Domination which orients, teaches and intimidates public opinion by imposing an intellectual corset which often - especially in matters pertaining to contemporary universal history - take the shape of intellectual terrorism whereby certain historical investigations are banned by law.  Making such historical investigations in what the New World Order Establishment considers a "revisionist" frame of mind, could very well end up landing you in jail (at least such is the case in Canada, France, Germany and Austria where academics like British historian David Irving, German researcher Ernst Zuendel and French historian Robert Faurisson have been persecuted and even jailed).   We have also experienced this in our own local history in Argentina where president Kirchner himself willingly propagates outright lies referring to Argentina's attack by extreme left-wing guerrillas in the sixties and seventies, and the violent repression and backlash of the liberal right-wing military in the seventies and eighties. 

No doubt other alternative models of thought could be designed to describe and better understand the inner workings of World Power, where it lies, who wields it and how it is used.  We describe below a simplified schematic "Wheel of World Power" that merely serves to show where that wheel is taking us all today, and why it inexorably spins in the direction of the present model of "Globalization" or New world Order - with its gross injustices, genocide, frustration, suffering and hunger for untold millions of people throughout the world  - and not in other directions leading to more viable and just global systems.  For instance, systems geared on achieving the Common Good of Mankind, based on moral values promoted by all the great Religions of the world.  I.e., a truly "kindler, gentler world", so hypocritically expressed by today's New World Order Establishment.

To better describe this, we will split World Power into six major axes, although that in no way means that that is rigorously correct. The "Wheel of World Power" could just as well be described as consisting of many other numbers of axes, depending on the level of detail and prioritization of sectors one may wish to use.

The "Wheel" of World Power

The greater part of World Power in the New World Order's present global geopolitical architecture is centered on the following:

·       Major Multinational Industrial Corporations - The Fortune 500 in industry, services, distribution, energy, mining, research & development, "defence", electronics, aerospace, manufacturing, foodstuff, textile, chemical , oil & gas, construction, shipping, engineering, consulting, etc.

·        Private Financial Institutions - Commercial and investment inter-and transnational banks, financial consultants, risk-rating societies, stock exchanges, fund managers, insurance and reinsurance companies, pensions and investment funds, hedge funds, etc.

·         Multilateral national and supranational entities - The International Monetary Fund(IMF), World Bank (WB), Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), Bank of International Settlements, national central banks, i.e., the Federal Reserve Bank of the US, administrative, economic and monetary entities in the European Union; the United Nations, and other.

·         Universities and Academic Infrastructure - Notably, in the disciplines of political science, international and government relations, and social sciences (i.e., in the US: Harvard, MIT, Columbia, NYU, Princeton, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Chicago, Stanford, Georgetown, amongst others - In the UK: Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics).

·         Multimedia Monopolies - Newspapers such as The New York Times, Washington Post-Newsweek, International Herald Tribune, CNN-Time Warner, radio and TV networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, PBS, weekly magazines as The Economist, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, monthlies and quarterlies like Foreign Affairs, Commentary, The National Interest, Foreign Policy, news agencies like Reuters, Associated Press, Deutsche Presse Agentur, France Press, EFE and others

·         Government - Key posts in domestic and foreign policy and in economic, financial and monetary matters.  In the US, this would include: the President, Vice-President, secretaries of State, Defence, Treasury, Homeland Security, key embassies, the National Security Council, CIA, FBI, Director of National Intelligence, FEMA, key Congressional commissions, the Military commanders, and others. 

Central Axis: Private World Government

In order to serve New World Order goals and interests, this "wheel of power" must spin in a certain, specific direction and not go just anywhere.  Thus, its true power emanates from the forces steering it from the hub, and that hub is occupied by a discrete - though not secret - tight network of think-tanks and geopolitical planning centers, acting very flexibly and giving each of the major axes of power their specific "libretto", so to speak, so that each in its own space and time does what it needs to do within a much wider plan spanning the entire globe for decades to come:

As explained above, the most powerful of these think-tanks having a worldwide scope are the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, and a handful of others

Other similar but subordinated  entities with regional or more a specific scopes, include the Americas Society-Council of the Americas, Asia Society, Inter-American Dialogue, Consejo Chileno, Consejo Mexicano, Consejo de Estudios Brasileiros, Canadian Institute of International Affairs, and dozens of others.  This power structure is highly hierarchical and pyramid-structured. As its operators and players go further down the pyramid they also get further away from the "real picture" and from seeing and understanding what "the other side of the pyramid" is doing, and how that relates to their own actions within the greater scheme of things.  As in the intelligence community, the whole model ensures that each member operates on a "need to know" basis.  Only those at the pinnacle or very near the top of the pyramid, can have a full bird's eye view of what is happening, and how everything ties in neatly to a Master Plan.  For those having a taste for the symbolic, that's the Eye Symbol on your One-Dollar bill...

Amongst the subordinated secondary organizations in this network, in Argentina we find the Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales (CARI), CEMA, FIEL, Fundación Mediterránea, Centro de Estabilización Financiera (CEF),[12] and the economics and political science faculties in almost all major public and private universities throughout the country, whose job it is to ensure that students become docile gears in this Global Model, and that they never identify the true purpose and inner workings of the New World Order machinery.

Not surprisingly, in these Power centers the same names, institutions and organizations appear time and again.  Thus, in spite of the great dispersion and multiplicity of organizations, we fnd certain key individuals in all of them, notably, the Rockefellers, Kissingers, Rothschilds, Soros, Rhodes, Brzezinskis, Greenbergs, and their associates.  All of them involve men and women allied by common paradigms, objectives and interests.  This guarantees that in spire of this conveniently engineered dispersion, the network itself will always operate in a solid, flexible, coherent and consistent manner, generating powerful results whilst maintaining an elusive and discrete profile.

6) Where is Power going?

We conclude this essay by saying that the New World Order Power Structure we describe, and its effects upon countries in the so-called "Third World" - i.e., throughout Africa, Asia, Central and South America, including Argentina - should be understood as a Global Model maintaining a permanent state of Total War against these regions and countries.  This Total War is waged from the Global Power Centers on political, economic, financial, natural resources, technological, military, intellectual and cultural fronts.  Above all, it is waged as Psychological Warfare, which is truly the "mother of all wars", because it represents the ability that the powerful have, of acting upon the collective psyche, both of the groups favourable
to their interests, as well as of  adversarial or potentially adversarial groups.

Clearly, the Total War we describe has been waged for decades with special intensity against Argentina, due to our country's recurrent "insubordination" to the needs and wishes of global imperial power in our Region.  As far as Argentina is concerned, we thus have two basic options:

·         Either we surrender unconditionally, which means that the growing violence against Argentina through swarm-like attacks by the New World Order Power Structure on  all fronts will subside, but at the cost of the disappearance of Argentina as a sovereign nation in the medium term (not more than 10 to 15 years from now).  Unconditional surrender always carries with it a "ceasefire", however the ensuing "peace" may turn out to be far worse than the turmoil we presently live in 13], or

·         We can organize a true and all-encompassing Defence & Resistance Movement against this Total War being waged against us. This implies bringing together all our creativity, will-power, resources, instruments, intelligence and arms to neutralize and mitigate its adverse effects..


Rule No. 7 -

For there to be Peace,  all nations and global players must be sincerely willing to resolve problems and conflicts through non-violent means.  However:

For there to be War, you only need one Nation or global player deciding to impose its will on others through violent means.

Argentina is a peace-loving country.  For decades, we have been systematically attacked by the forces driving the New World Order using a strategy of Total War, because those forces require free access to the immense natural resources inside our territory.

Argentina thus has only two options: Defence or Surrender.   The same holds true for most countries in the world.

What we have described regarding Argentina in this brief essay is, no doubt, also applicable to most other countries in our Region and beyond.  Each with its own specific set of circumstances, problems, strengths and weaknesses. 

The goal of this essay is to describe how the New World Order Power System works, showing that it is based on War, Usury and Lies, and that countries under fire like Argentina may yet find legitimate ways to defend themselves.


[1] "Historia de la Guerra del Peloponeso", Edit. Alianza, Madrid 1989, Libro V., párrafo 89, pág. 447.  Quoted by Alberto Tandurella in "Globalizacion: su impacto en la evolucion socioeconomica de las naciones" -  (Boletín de Lecturas Sociales y Economicas, Universidad Católica Argentina, Año 7, No. 33, oct. 2000).  

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[6] This ties in with the doctrine of the Archetypes of the Collective Unconcious developed by Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung, who describes the "incarnation" of certain collective archetypes in exceptional individuals who thus become vehicles for a certain Common Wisdom of incredible power: the Vox Populi; or voice of the people, which the Hindus described as the Avatara....   German philosopher Georg Friedrich Hegel in turn spoke of "World Historical personalities", who have an "intuition regarding the next step in the collective development of a People" and, like Alexander, Caesar or Napoleon, lead their peoples towards their inexorable Destiny (See "The Philosophy of History").

[7] We define "Paradigm" as a system of thought and/or values which can trigger specific, subjective and often automatic visions or models regarding a discipline or specialization.  Paradigms also form a specific World View - Weltanschauung - and even conform religious dogmas.  Often, Paradigms behave more like religious dogmas than rational doctrines.

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[12] Founded by local economists and political players Miguel Kiegel andDaniel Marx.  Marx, in turn, is a founding member together with former US Treasury Secretary (under the Bush Senior Administration) Nicholas Brady, mentor of the so-called "Brady Bonds" mega-swap of the nineties.  In addition, then Treasury Under-Secretary David Mulford, is a partner and protector of former economy minister Domingo Cavallo.  Cavallo and Marx were two key players in Argentina's financial meltdown in 2001.

[13] Argentina was militarily defeated by the combined forces of the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1982 Malvinas-Falklands War.  Two treaties were signed by former president Carlos Menem and his then Foreign Secretary Domingo Cavallo in Madrid and London in 1990, which can be interpreted as a veritable "Treaty of Versailles" by which Argentina formally surrendered to the US and the UK.  These treaties bear great similarity to the obnoxious Treaty of Versailles imposed by the US, Britain and France on a vanquished Germany in 1919.  See "Los tratados de paz por la guerra de Malvinas. Hambre y desocupación para los Argentinos", Julio C. González, Ediciones del Copista, Córdoba, Argentina, 2004.


(*) Adrian Salbuchi  is researcher, author and speaker; host of the Buenos Aires talk-show "El Traductor Radial" and founder of the Argentine Second Republic Movement (Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina)  Also   He is author of various books in Spanish on international politics, notably, "El Cerebro del Mundo: la cara oculta de la Globalización" (Córdoba, Argentina, 4th Edition, 2003, 472 pages - which translates as "The World's Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization" - synopsis available at and "Bienvenidos a la Jungla: Dominio y Supervivencia en el Nuevo Orden Mundial" (Ediciones Anábasis, Córdoba, Argentina, 2005, 252 pags - translates as "Welcome to the Jungle: Domination and Survival in the New World Order)".  He lives and works in Buenos Aires.  Please direct all inquiries to       

This essay is a translation of Chapter One of his book "Bienvenidos a la Jungla: Dominio y Supervivencia en el Nuevo Orden Mundial" (Ediciones Anábasis, Córdoba, Argentina, 2005, 252 pags);

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