by Sheikh Salah


DOHA, (PIC)-- Sheikh Ra'ed Salah, the head of the Islamic movement in the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948, described the Annapolis conference as "ominous" and aimed at decriminalizing Israeli occupation of Jerusalem.

The Annapolis conference also targets dividing the Aqsa Mosque and eliminating the right of return and the Palestinian cause, the Sheikh added.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera TV channel, Sheikh Salah stated that Israel aims through the conference to confer legitimacy on an immanent devastating attack on the Gaza Strip, which may be a prelude to a broader attack on Middle East countries including Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

Regarding the theories talking about exchanging lands with Israeli occupation, the head of the Islamic movement opined that it would be a "disaster in every sense of the word because it will legitimize the presence of Israeli colonialist settlements in the West Bank".

He described Israel's demand to recognize it as a "Jewish state" as a very hideous demand because it means that the 1948 Palestinians would be regarded as "temporary nationals" vulnerable to be expelled any moment and that the right of return would be waived.

In a related context, Fatah faction announced its rejection of the Anti-Annapolis conferences held by Palestinian factions and forces, alleging that the Annapolis conference is not for negotiations but for initiating a process of serious negotiations aimed at preserving the Palestinian constants.

In a statement received by the PIC, Hamas condemned the PA leadership's decision to ban holding any activity in the West Bank against the Annapolis conference, considering it a new evidence of the mentality of "individualism and alienation" that dominates the PA leadership's conduct and actions, and an evidence proving its fear of hearing the voices that reject their capitulation policy.