During the clashes in Ein Beit Al-Ma'a refugee camp in Nablus city on Thursday at dawn, the Zionist forces opened fire on 7-months' pregnant Maha Qatuni, 29, as she was inside her house, causing serious injuries. Palestinian medical sources reported that a bullet penetrated her womb and directly hit the unborn baby's head.

The sources added that, the Zionist army prevent the Palestinian ambulance cars to relieve her. She was bleeding heavily. After long time she was transferred to Rafidia hospital in west Nablus in a critical condition. She underwent an immediate surgical operation.

Sources in Nablus reported that more than 30 Zionist military vehicles invaded Nablus after midnight on Wednesday. The resistance clashed with the Zionist army near 'Ein Beit Al-Ma' refugee camp; these clashes continued for more than four hours, during which one Israeli soldier was injured according to the Zionist media. The Zionist media claimed that two armed Palestinians were also injured, but the Palestinian medical sources have denied this.

Palestinian security sources told our Nablus correspondent that the Israeli army's operation focused on Ein Beit Al-Ma'a refugee camp, east of Nablus city. They said that the Zionist forces stormed several Palestinian houses and arrested two Palestinians from their homes. The Zionist radio reported that the Zionist forces arrested 15 under claiming that they are wanted. The radio added that the assault was  across the occupied West Bank.