OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The Hebrew Haaretz news paper has unveiled Thursday that PA chief Mahmoud Abbas was forming at least five military brigades with direct assistance and supervision from the USA purposely to confront Hamas Movement.

The paper quoted Israeli political sources as revealing that that the USA had decided to form those brigades under the direct command of Abbas, and that the plan was underway before the Americans finally present it to the Israeli government that, according to the plan, will equip those brigades with the needed military weapons.

The plan was designed and concocted by Kieth Dayton, the US security coordinator in the PA land, and the proposed brigades will be deployed in the West Bank, the paper furthermore unmasked.

Earlier, the US Congress had endorsed the release of 80 million dollars to be placed under Dayton's discretion in a bid to boost military capabilities of Abbas's security forces.

During his meeting with Israeli premier Ehud Olmert in the occupied city of Jerusalem Tuesday, Abbas strived hard to convince Olmert to agree to the Dayton's military plan in the West Bank, the paper revealed.

But the paper quoted an Israeli politician as saying that Olmert was cautious and promised Abbas to look into the plan and its details before taking any action on it.

The Dayton's plan was mainly designed to bolster Abbas's security forces capabilities in order to fight Palestinian resistance factions in the West Bank, especially after Hamas's military wing succeeded in routing elements of the mutiny trend in the PA security apparatuses out of Gaza Strip.

In a related matter, Hamas Movement denounced the incessant IOF troops' aggressions in the West Bank city of Qalqilia, urging the Arab League and human rights organizations to immediately intervene to and expose those atrocities.

The Movement also affirmed that the IOF military escalation against the city came only one day after Abbas-Olmert meeting on Tuesday, affirming the futility of those meetings that "produce intensified IOF military campaigns in Gaza Strip and the West Bank".

"The governorate of Qalqilia was and still is experiencing a vicious IOF military campaign where tens of Hamas's cadres and political leaders were kidnapped in an obvious Israeli attempt to strangle the honorable resistance in the West Bank at a time Abbas's security forces were relentlessly arresting more Hamas members", the Movement underlined in a statement it issued Thursday.

But the Movement vowed not to foreswear the resistance option "despite the pains" , urging all resistance factions in the Palestinian arena to join hands and efforts in order to block the IOF troops' aggressions and to defend the unarmed Palestinian people in both Gaza Strip and the West Bank.