The International journalists Association condemned Israeli for attacking journalists, and demanded a full investigation of the case of severely injuring a Palestinian camera man in the Thursday invasion into Gaza.

Imad Ghanem, a Palestinian cameraman who works for a Palestinian TV station affiliated with Hamas was injured during the Thursday military offinsive in Al Burieg refugee camp in Gaza city. According to footage released by Al Jazeera TV Ghanem was injured and while he was on the ground, Israeli tanks opened fire at him several times, medical sources in Gaza said that he was critical wounded and both of his legs had to be amputated.

Moreover the invading troops opened fire at Reuters crew covering the invasion., no injuries were reported.

During Thursday invasion the Israeli army killed nine Palestinian resistance fighters and two civilians, also at least 30 were injured among them children.

Eden Wight, the secretary general of the International journalists Association, said that" this is an example of the brutality and deliberate targeting of Journalists" adding that" the Israeli authorities must investigate this incident and to bring those responsible for justice."

The International journalists Association refused that Israeli army allegations that Ghanim was not caring a press card and that his photos my be used in Hamas media campaigns and not for news. Another source in the army said that any journalist working for Hamas the Israeli army will not recognize as a journalist.

"The man was caring a camera not a machinegun, he was not casing any threat on the Israeli troops, it looks like Israeli thinks that it can kill any journalist and escape with impunity, if Israeli says that they were fake journalists." Mr. Wight responded.

Mr. Wight also stated that this attack was against international law and it's a clear violation to the international Security Council diction adopted last year which calls to left Immunity of those who attack journalists.