y Adrian Salbuchi

Strong pressure from international Zionist lobbies on the Argentine government has forced the country to bow down and align itself behind the imperial geopolitical objectives and imminent plans of the United States and Israel in the Middle East.

This is the obvious and shameful conclusion to be drawn from the fact that upon his return from Washington, D.C. on October 26, Mr. Alberto Nisman, the Argentine State Prosecutor investigating the 1994 bomb attack of the AMIA Jewish Mutual Association Headquarters in Buenos Aires, has blamed the Iranian government in power at the time for that attack which left almost a hundred people dead.

When making this announcement, the "evidence" submitted by Mr. Nisman basically boils down to so-called "intelligence" supplied by Israeli and U.S. sources (notably, the CIA, the Mossad, and the FBI), which is far from proven and clearly responds to Israeli and U.S. interests, and not Argentina's. Mr. Nisman is calling for the detention of former Iranian top government officials alleging that "we have proof that the decision to attack the AMIA building was taken in August 1993 by the top authorities of the government of Iran then in power, leaving it in the hands of Hezbollah to actually organize and carry out the bomb attack."

Accordingly, Mr. Nisman is calling for the international arrest of eight former Iranian government officials whom he considers responsible for the attack on the AMIA (Asociacion Mutua Israelita Argentina -- Argentine Israeli Mutual Association) headquarters building in Buenos Aires, allegedly carried out by the Lebanese freedom fighters organization Hezbollah, with the financial support of the Muslim community in the Triple Border Area (where the borders of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet and which has a sizeable and peaceful Muslim community).

In this way, Argentina is giving the United States and Israel an important excuse for them to move one step closer towards their common goal. Prosecutor Nisman's accusations have all the ingredients necessary for Israel and the U.S. to launch a global psychological operation (psyops) and an anti-Muslim campaign, showing Iran as a "rogue nation promoting terrorism", Hezbollah as a "terrorist organization", and the Triple Border Area as an Islamic terrorist hideout which must be destroyed by U.S.-UK-Israeli military forces. One can almost hear the hysterical global media frenzy crying out against Iran… "for having blown up the Jewish AMIA-DAIA-OSA headquarters in Argentina".

Clearly, this is all the result of Zionist pressure on the government of Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, which once again came to light during the recent meetings held in New York City by his influential wife, First Lady and Senator for Buenos Aires Province Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, with the main and most powerful Zionist lobbies and pressure groups: notably, the World Jewish Congress, the America Jewish Committee, the Jewish Masonic Lodge B’nai B’rith and its storm trooper unit ADL (the Anti-Defamation League), all of which are firmly aligned behind and subservient to the geopolitical objectives and interests of Israel. In Argentina, these international organizations operate, not surprisingly, through the AMIA and its sister organizations housed in their Buenos Aires headquarters: the DAIA (Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentina -- Delegation of Israeli Organizations in Argentina) and OSA (Organizacion Sionista Argentina -- Argentine Zionist Organization), which are also in the service of Israel.

President Kirchner’s government has taken a very dangerous step which directly implicates Argentina in the coming imperial plots of the United States and Israel.

The Argentine Second Republic Movement (MSRA -- Movimiento por la Segunda Republica Argentina) publicly asked President Kirchner to explain what preventive measures his government will take now that Argentina has become a political and even military target within the extremely complex framework of the so-called “Global War on Terrorism”, being waged by countries which themselves promote state terrorism: Israel and the United States?

In a previous Press Release (No. 5 dated 29th Sept. 2006), MSRA informed of the details of the lawsuit we recently filed with the Argentine court against these three Zionist organizations -- AMIA, DAIA and OSA -- on account of their blatant interference with Argentina’s foreign relations, considering they have harmed our good relationship with Islamic countries like Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Iran, whilst at the same time justifying the genocidal and criminal policies of Israel. We again see such interference reflected in recent declarations made by AMIA president Luis Grynwald, who told the official Argentine news agency Telam that the "ideological" planning and "financial" support of the 1994 bomb attack were made by "the Islamic State of Iran", adding that he was "optimistic" this case would soon be clarified once and for all.

For over twelve years, Argentina’s courts and Zionist organizations have been unsuccessfully trying to fabricate a clearly nonexistent "Iranian and Syrian connection". We feel that the time has now come to investigate a much more plausible ISRAELI Connection, not only regarding the 1994 AMIA attack, but also regarding a similar bomb attack perpetrated against the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in March 1992. Such an Israeli Connection is more credible and plausible when seen within the scope of the very complex and violent internal struggles that took place inside Israel during those years, which also reflected upon international Zionist organizations the world over, including Argentina.

That internal struggle came to a head on November 5, 1995 when Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in the streets of Tel Aviv, not by a "Muslim fundamentalist" nor by a neo-Nazi, but rather by one Yigal Amir: a young ultra-right-wing Zionist zealot linked to Israel's Shin Beth secret service and the fanatic Settler's Movement, allegedly in protest over Rabin's failed land for peace policies with the Palestinians.

Argentina's government, led by men and women who are quite ignorant of these matters and who respond cowardly when under Zionist pressure, has placed our country in the eye of the hurricane. No doubt, Argentina will suffer grave political -- even military --consequences on account of these irresponsible actions which will put us directly under even greater U.S., UK, and Israeli control and pressure.

We may ask why President Kirchner so readily succumbed to Zionist pressure. This is not an easy question to answer. However, we feel that there may very well be some sort of blackmail or threat on the part of international Zionist organizations and forces against Argentine President Kirchner, whose political past includes certain ominous "dark secrets" referring to hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds belonging to his native Province of Santa Cruz (in Patagonia), which "disappeared" when he was governor of that province over thirteen years ago, the whereabouts of which he has not been able to explain to the public.

We infer that Zionist blackmail against Mr. Kirchner may very well involve making public certain high-power banking information and documentation, which would prove beyond doubt that he and his cronies embezzled those Santa Cruz Province public funds, which today are still "disappeared" and unaccounted for, to the tune of more than U.S. $500 million.

As we describe in another recent Press Release (No. 6 of 11 Oct. 2006), for almost three years now, the MSRA has also been battling in our courts to bring proper information to light on this case, so that Argentine public opinion may better judge how Mr. Kirchner handled those public funds. For example, it is a well established fact that Mr. Kirchner took that money out of the country thirteen years ago, placed it in various offshore tax havens in different parts of the world and lately deposited it in the "Private Banking Dept." of major multinational banks like Credit Suisse and UBS AG in Switzerland.

Argentine public funds deposited in the Private Banking Departments of highly secretive multinational banks located in money-laundering offshore tax havens?? Clearly, Mr. Kirchner has much explaining to do, and the Zionist powers that be know this very well… Just as they also know how clumsy -- even ignorant -- Mr. Kirchner and his team can be when it comes to complex international finance and political matters. No doubt, they must have surely left their "fingerprints" all over the place…

As a recent Harvard University report prepared by top U.S. academics Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer eloquently shows, powerful Zionist lobbies like AIPAC have succeeded in controlling the foreign policy of the George W. Bush Administration, even bending it so that its top priority is Israel's national interest, over and above that of the U.S. Can there be any doubting that this same network of powerful international Zionist organizations can access select information, files, and documentation within Credit Suisse and UBS Banks, regarding those hundreds of millions of dollars of unaccounted for Santa Cruz Public Funds deposited with them for many long years? And that, if they so wished, they could have such information "leaked to the press" and published on the front page of, say, The Wall Street Journal or any other global media, immediately sending President Kirchner and his government cronies into a scandalous tailspin, putting an end to his government and political career, and probably landing him in jail?

No doubt, Nestor and Cristina Kirchner are probably only now awakening to the fact that they are playing with fire. Even worse, it seems that in order to save their own skins they are irresponsibly and criminally putting the entire country at risk.

It is therefore essential that Argentine and global public opinion should understand the perverse way in which this whole affair is being manipulated. How Argentina is being dragged into the Israeli-U.S. camp in their imperial wars of aggression against countries with which we have longstanding bonds of friendship, common interests, and common enemies. In short, Zionist influence is seriously harming Argentina's national interest.

Let us therefore awaken to these facts before it is too late and cruel violence reaches our shores.

Original version published in Spanish as Press Release No. 8 (October 25, 2006) of the Argentine Second Republic Movement (Movimiento por la Segunda Republica Argentina -- MSRA). Adrian Salbuchi is the founder of MSRA.