A Commentary And Critique On The Current State Of Nationalist Affairs


By Harrell Rhome, Ph.D.


(Colaboración para TSUNAMI POLITICO)


Hello again to all my readers.  My article is a modern history feature about an active nationalist group in Argentina, a large nation settled by Europeans, about which most Americans, nationalists or not, know very little.  This article is also, as you will see, a brief venture into nationalist political theory, an exercise in what I choose to call metaphysical politics. It appeared as an exclusive feature for the March 2006 issue of The Nationalist Times, a courageous newspaper, and I say “thanks” to Ed./Pub. Don Wassall and his staff.  To learn more, visit, and see a photo of the controversial symbol, described below.


These words are especially meaningful here in 2006, when a core cadre of revisionists -- Zundel, Rudolf, Irving, et al -- is imprisoned for thought crimes.  Thousands of words will be written about this tragedy, but I want to share a positive story about a nationalist, populist, politically revisionist movement.  Anti-globalist movements have already had tremendous impact in Venezuela and Bolivia, but their leadership and inspiration comes mostly from the Left.  The movement featured here is also a movement of the people, dedicated to progress and positivism for their nation.  But they are not inspired, by the weak and ineffective ideologies of the left, being solidly rooted in classic Western nationalist thought, a true Third Way between the equally destructive ravages of Capitalism and Communism.  This is a story of a seed that is growing into a beautiful plant, a story of progress and activism in the face of stern opposition from the Powers That Be.  While there are volumes about the nationalist movements of Europe, which are on the rise, our sole focus is on the Americas, both South and North.  I am not saying that what is presented here is any kind of “magic key”, but join me in a brief look at a dignified, dedicated and successful populist/nationalist movement.  This article is intended for anti-globalist, nationalist-minded readers all over the world, but especially those who do not read the Spanish language. 




            Some time ago, I discovered a colorful and useful web site with a name I really liked: The City Of Free Expression (Ciudad de Libre Opinion  Accompanied by my trusty and travel-worn Spanish dictionary, I began spending time in this virtual city.   Even if you don’t read very much Spanish, visit anyway to see photos and controversial party images (more below).   If the ever vigilant anti-anti-semitic groups are correct, the City of Free Expression is a portal to over 300 “nazi”, “fascist” and “extremist” (read “nationalist”, “patriotic”) Internet sites.  Indeed, it is a direct link to the subject of this article, the New Triumph Party (Partido Nuevo Triunfo), PNT.  If La Ciudad truly is the host to that many sites, this further demonstrates their positive, persevering political activism.   However, this was never limited to sending email and launching web sites.  Nationalist comrades began to meet together for positive change in Argentina, a nation with tremendous potential.  But, sadly, Argentina is also the perfect example of a victim nation in the clutches of the international monetary mafia.  In spite of this, a New Hope, a New Model, a New Way presents itself under the influence of an inspiring and dedicated movement.  A new political party was founded, with election campaigns, public meetings, parades and demonstrations soon to follow.




            Among the links at La Ciudad is the Red Kalki News Agency, with new postings each week, and a journalist by the same nom de plume.  As a student of ancient Indo-Aryan religions, I know that Kalki is to be the tenth and final Avatar of our present cosmic age.  Kalki, manifested as a great white horse carrying an angry Vishnu on his back, will sweep away the old corrupted and decayed order (Kaliyuga) and cleanse the world in preparation for a New Order, a New Age (Majayuga).  This is exactly what nationalists, today and yesterday, have always attempted, but alas, have not always succeeded.  This kind of creative and cataclysmic change is exactly what the Argentine Political Kalki, Alejandro Biondini, and the New Triumph Party have as their goal.  And, Christian readers: don’t get upset about the Kaliyuga and all of that.  That is merely my personal interest.  The principles of the PNT are solidly and traditionally Christian.       




            Alejandro Biondini is not just a good writer, but also an orator and effective organizer.  He began his political activities in the 1980s, founding National Alert, (Alerta Nacional) in 1986.   After attracting numerous interested followers on the Internet, in 1990, he organized the Nationalist Workers Party (Partido Nacionalista de los Trabajadores) in 1990.  In 1996, he created the National Socialist Youth of Argentina (Juventud Nacionalsocialista Argentina – JNSA), attracting young folk between 18 and 30 years.  Among other controversial stands, the JNSA web site criticized the 1991 ban on the use of the Hakenkreuz symbol.  By 1998, the national campaign began in full force, later coalescing into the PNT and the now well-known City of Free Expression, a powerful Internet presence and nationalist resource.   The very up-to-date Red Kalki News Agency and the new party banner soon attracted new readers, members -- and attention.  In September 2000, the PNT held a conference in a Buenos Aires hotel.  The commercial TV channel, Crónica, broadcast the proceedings, including a speech by controversial Chilean nationalist leader Alexis López Tapia.  The party continued their activism during 2001 and 2002, including participation in municipal elections, getting ready for the 2003 presidential campaign.  While garnering only a few votes, Mr. Biondini was a very active and attractive candidate, gaining name recognition and media exposure for the PNT’s positions on issues vital to the Argentine people.  




            The party symbol is very politically incorrect, to say the least.  It now resembles a European style seven, but in the revolutionary red setting, one has little doubt of the origin.  In the beginning, it was not just a likeness, but the entire, bold, unabashed Hakenkreuz itself!  Mr. Biondini served a year and a half in prison in 1996 for displaying the old Indo-Aryan symbol on the cover of his Libre Opinion publication.  He was convicted under so-called anti-discrimination laws, even after presenting evidence that the hooked cross was nothing more than an ancient solar symbol – which, assuredly, it is.  While the PNT had the truth, once again, the enemy had the power – and they used it to oppress and silence Biondini.  This fortunately failed, but after that, the PNT adopted the new symbol.   Is there any connection with the number seven?  Maybe not, but I didn’t read everything.  Nonetheless, if you like numerical symbolism, then connect with the PNT’s seven principles for both spiritual and political enlightenment.  The following commentary and position statement is my own, and not necessarily that of the PNT.





Faith -- Discipline -- Loyalty -- Solidarity -- Discretion -- Patience -- and Joy.  

Fe – Disciplina – Lealtad – Solidaridad – Discrecion – Paciencia – y Alegria.


            As I meditated on these lofty themes, the Seven Virtues of the Nationalist Activist, I reflected on the words of Third Position theoretician, Derek Holland. "To the Political Soldier, it must be said:  we stand before the Apocalypse!  Gird yourself and prepare for battle! … The materialists and relativists, the tyrants of the modern world, fear Death because for them Death is the End. But for us, revolutionary warriors, Death is not the End, but the Beginning. It is the doorway through which the Political Soldier alone can pass, for it leads to the world of the Elect - of those who fought on the Way of Truth, who sacrificed and struggled, and who merited their Just Reward.”


These are truly inspirational words.  When operating on this level, we know that many of us have already met death, and that more are to follow.  Yet, even though strange in the eyes of the world, we are not really concerned!  At this level of awareness, we are liberated from the fear of death, knowing that the living ideas of our Light-Seeking Movement are eternal and forever.  Even if the Dark Forces kill all of us but one loyal comrade, the ideas live on.  The movement of Truth and Light never dies.  It recreates and renews itself over and over, always resurfacing at the proper times and places.  This is the Faith, the Discipline, the Loyalty, the Solidarity, based on Discretion and Patience, that leads to the genuine Joy of the final victory. 


It is the task of the Political Soldier to promote the Will to live by revealing the true nature of life – as opposed to the materialist nightmare of this century which is mistakenly taken to be ‘life’ – and by living this life.  In order to do this, the Political Soldier must undergo a Spiritual Revolution, an inner revolution which guides, directs and pervades his life.”  Philosopher Julius Evola said much the same thing.  “The only thing that matters today is the activity of those who can ride the wave and remain firm in their principles, unmoved by… the fevers, the convulsions, the superstitions, and the prostitutions that characterize modern generations.”  And, he recognized the crucial need for a spiritual foundation.  There is little hope that anything may be saved when, among the leaders of a new movement, there are no men capable of integrating the material struggle with a secret and inexorable knowledge, one that is not at the service of dark forces but stands instead on the side of the luminous principle of traditional spirituality.”  Even a few activists committed to these values can literally accomplish miracles.  Any successful nationalist movement must move forward from a solid spiritual base.  This is evident to almost anyone who studies the past.  A New Order of Spiritual Awareness is the first step toward ultimate victory for the nationalist activist, for the later doctrines and principles – and actions -- rise from this foundation.  While Julius Evola spurned partisan politics, is this part of what he meant by metaphysical politics (metafisica politica)?  I choose to believe so. 


“He who knows the truth and does not speak it is miserable and wretched.”

“Quien conoce la verdad y no la dice es un miserable!”, a related site.




            There is neither time nor space to do it justice here, but those who examine it will see that the PNT is a serious political party, with a carefully drafted thirty-four-point program for governing the nation.  A Kalki government?  Probably not, but with the way situations can change in the blink of an eye, I wouldn’t entirely rule it out either.  The PNT intends to thoroughly reconstruct Argentine society.  Universal military service would guarantee a strong nation, well able to defend itself.  American readers must remember that lack of military preparedness was greatly responsible for the Malvinas War defeat in the early 1980s.  For the Argentine patriot, this must never happen again.  Moreover, the program demands the return of ALL territory ever taken from Argentina, including of course, the Malvinas Islands.  The New Argentina would implement a completely pristine, non-usurious economic system, effectively freeing it from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) dictatorship that has maintained a stranglehold on this nation.  Naturally, like all forward thinking South Americans, the PNT also knows that the USA hegemony must end.  There is much, much more to this well constructed program.  Those who read Spanish may visit




            True independence, genuine personal and national sovereignty, is essentially based in economics.  If a nation cannot support itself, then it is, by necessity, compelled to make alliances and accept negative usurious debt terms.  Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world.  By all rights, it should be a prosperous state.  If the non-usurious economic reforms of the PNT were adopted, with a foreign policy independent of various hegemonies, it would be. There is no reason why the USA. (or certain regions within it) cannot be almost totally self-sufficient as well.  Ideally, such nation-states would achieve a currency that would be valuable on the world money market.  A totally non-usurious system would require complex logistics to implement, but the first step could be interest-free loans, within its borders.  Instead of the corrupt “foreign aid” system, an independent nation-state might decide to make a loan to another friendly nation in need.  Such loans, in country and out, could be more like loans from Islamic non-usurious banks.  They regard the outlay of funds, not as a loan, but as an investment, a partnership, intended to make money for the lender as well as the borrower, a true win-win model.  There are other ideas as well, but it is surely enough to say once again – there will never be a truly independent state without economic independence.  Ultimately, this means a non-usurious system. 




I know mail will come; telling me about other plans and groups.  An omission in no way implies disrespect or disdain for those not cited.  I truly wish them all well, but choose to limit my coverage (in this particular article, at least) to the ones below.  Not surprisingly, I hope that some of the models and concepts presented herein will inform and enlighten all nationalist-minded readers and writers, no matter what party or group or position they endorse.  Canada has a great activist model with Canadian Association For Expression (CAFE).  The Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP) continues its efforts, and the Northwest Homeland project in the USA also has Canadian sympathizers.  There probably are other groups and figures unknown to me, and we must note that there are still plenty of independence-minded folk in Quebec.  My comments about Canada are brief because our primary focus is on the USA. 


The good news is that there are several movements, some rather new.  The bad news is that, so far, they have had minimal impact, and, the most successful one has nothing to do with Euro-Americans at all!  I’m told that groups in Vermont have seceded, but heard little more. Christian activists are moving to South Carolina with plans for eventual politically impact, and the Free State movement has targeted New Hampshire, but again, I have not heard much more.  The Northwest Homeland project is still under way, but greatly deterred by lack of funds and actual feet on the ground.  If it, like the PNT, could go from the Internet, where it apparently has a number of followers, to settlers on the ground, this one might bear fruit.  On another part of the spectrum, the Nation of Islam continues their Black Nationalist separatist agenda, and they have plenty of feet on the ground.  Regardless of your view of the NOI, their operation is diligent, dedicated, and spiritual.  As did American nationalist George Lincoln Rockwell, I wish them well. 


The Republic of Texas is back, with a “capital” (a former hospital building), and other accoutrements of a state.  If you remember, the leaders of a former Republic of Texas group are serving long prison terms for an armed encounter with state police.   In reality, Texas is a very viable nation-state possibility, and there are some feet on the ground.  If the PNT model of demanding return of land that was seized or coerced away were successful, Texas would be one of the largest nations in the world.  But, like many other Americans, most Texans don’t really think regional independence is viable, nor is it desirable to the business community. Not to mention that as of 2004, Texas is a majority Mexican-American state.  This is not to say that a Republic of Texas cannot rise again, but the climate is not right -- at least not for Euro-Americans (see Aztlan, below). 


And, there is a healthy and active movement of those following the model of the Confederate States of America, some regarding the CSA as still in legal existence.  That’s fine, but exactly how such a nation state can be reconstituted is a major logistical problem, given the new population of the South, not nearly so white and “southern” as it once was.  On a positive note, CSA has feet on the ground that turn out for rallies demanding respect for the old flag and related patriotic issues, tune in to radio shows, support candidates and causes, and participate at CSA-related web sites.  There is a lot of enthusiasm, and spiritual underpinning, for this activist group.  The CSA constitution is an important model nationalist document.  Now, as to the original CSA:  it was far from perfect, having enslaved itself from the beginning to the world banking and trade cartel, then chiefly manifested in the powerful banking houses of Europe.  Moreover, they allowed Judah P. Benjamin (a Rothschild agent) to hold the purse strings!  We all know Confederate money was a sad joke, but are we “shocked and surprised”?  Even if they had won the war, the CSA would have been even deeper in Rothschild debt.  The new CSA will have to do better than this – and I think they will.  Following the PNT model of just saying “no” to usury (perhaps getting Southern bankers to make some exploratory no-interest loans?) might give even more thrust to this movement.  CSA has supporters in several states, including some outside the Old South.  A courageous and creative alternative to the usury monster might just do the trick.  Could we someday have Confederate money that is actually worth something?  It’s not impossible, you know.


And now last, but surely not least, we look at the most successful new nation project in North America, that of Aztlan, the aggressive and well planned movement of the “Chicanos” (mostly Mexicans and Mexican-Americans) to dominate the states that once were part of Mexico until 1848, after an imperialistic war displaced them.  But they are displaced no more, having succeeded by birth rate and immigration where their more thinly spread ancestors were overcome.  If successful (and it very well could be!), it would claim most of the American West, up into the Northwest as well.  It would be both a new nation, and an ancient nation finally restored to La Raza, the brown race.  Aztlan has taken several bold in-your-face stands against oppressive government here in the states, and oppression in Palestine, and stands solidly against the Iraq War.  Moreover, they clearly and bravely recognize and expose the dark forces for who and what they are.  As far as activist followers, they have them, but mostly in Los Angeles – for right now.  This is surely a movement to watch, with both a strong Internet presence and feet on the ground -- eventually it could be tens of millions.  There is an Aztlan governmental structure already in place.  If Euro-Americans had such a network, the future might look a lot brighter!  Check it all out at with numerous articles in English.




While parts of the PNT model are not applicable in all places, others are quite useful and inspirational.  Intense and sincere spiritually based patriotism combined with a workable program has attracted a growing number of followers.  Sadly, nothing like this has happened in the USA in over seventy years.  The day of the old patriot right wing, which was never very successful anyway, has come and gone.  Are Argentineans more patriotic than Americans?  Yes, I think so.  Argentineans are, fundamentally, part of a homogenous population with origins in Europe.  This is no longer true in the USA.  A New Patriotism, based on new and creative ideas for a viable nation-state, will have to arise here, but it will never sweep the whole country.  Just don’t expect that the essentially de-Europeanized USA to respond that way, except in certain marked regional exceptions.  If the doomsayers are correct about an oncoming economic collapse (and they probably are), then the opportunity may be at hand for nationalist groups to once again rise to the challenge.  They can be the catalyst that causes the world to shake off the chains of oppression that the dark forces have placed upon us.  Devolution and Revolution are on the horizon, and a New Nationalism will come forth in the crucial phase.   True and brave leaders will arise when the people are ready to sweep away the old corrupt order and usher in the New.  Aztlan and other non-Euro-Americans, such as over 6,000,000 American Muslims and assorted other ethnic enclaves, are preparing for pivotal events in a rapidly devolving USA. I have no doubt that the PNT is ready in their homeland.  Will Euro-American nationalists be ready when that decisive moment comes?  I hope so.


# # #


Dr. Harrell Rhome is a researcher and writer living in Texas.  He publishes The Revisionist Observer, an in-print newsletter and on-line magazine, seen at, and has contributed to several in-print newspapers and journals.  He has a book on Islam, The New Jihad, plus a number of papers posted on Internet sites, including the on-line magazine, Political Tsunami (Jan. 2006 issue) seen at  Also visit The Eagle Newsletter On-Line, A Nationalist News Nexus at  Rhome enjoys hearing from readers.