by Mujeres de Negro


GAZA, (PIC)-- The Hamas Movement on Tuesday called on all Palestinian factions to unite the resistance against the "criminal" incursion into Gaza to repel aggressors and to stop its repeated "crimes against the Palestinian people".

Fawzi Barhoum, the Hamas spokesman, said in a press release that the Zionist operation fell in line with the Hebrew state's decision to tighten the noose on the Strip and to direct a military blow to the Palestinian resistance.

He underlined that the IOA was exploiting the international cover it ensured at the Annapolis conference and the PA leadership's commitment to the security section of the roadmap plan to eliminate resistance in Gaza and to starve the Palestinian people using all "criminal and terrorist" means so as to accept any solutions that compromise their rights and constants.

Barhoum stressed, "We have to go ahead in the battle for the defense of the land and the Palestinian people regardless of the price and to stick to the Palestinian people's choice of resistance as its strategic option to attain Palestinian rights".

In a bid to justify IOF crimes, the Israeli minister of internal security, Avi Dichter, said that the Palestinian home made resistance missiles could soon endanger the lives of 250,000 settlers.

He told a Kadima party meeting that the resistance missiles could soon reach Ashkelon and other nearby cities.

Dichter, who is a resident of Ashkelon, said that the Israeli government should deal with the matter before it was too late.