QALQILIA, (PIC)-- IOF troops detained two Palestinian mothers at dawn Tuesday in the West Bank city of Qalqilia to pressure their sons and rounded up two other young men in the city.

The Nafha society defending human and prisoners' rights condemned the IOF arrest of Firdous Al-Samman, the mother of a wanted Palestinian activist, and Kawther Abu Dhiab, the mother of two young men held in Israeli occupation jails for more than six months.

In Arka village, west of Jenin city, IOF soldiers launched a large-scale arrest campaign in the small village after storming it at dawn in 20 armored vehicles.

The troops tightly besieged the 4,000 inhabitants' village for several hours and kidnapped ten of its youths, all in their twenties, before retreating, later in the morning.

The occupation forces on Monday arrested five other citizens in Seelat Al-Harthia village, also in the Jenin district.

In Nablus district, inhabitants of Deir Al-Hatab village were shocked to witness all their olive trees dying after settlers in nearby settlement of Alon Moreh, east of Nablus city, drowned the village's cultivated lands with sewage water.

The villagers said they were not allowed by IOF soldiers to cultivate their olive trees for six years and when they were allowed this year they were shocked to find the sewage waters flooding their fields and destroying the olive trees.