Iran's "WMD's" threaten to vaporize the US Dollar

Whilst the internal struggle in the United States continues unabated between "Pragmatics" and "Hawks" as we describe in previous reports, PsyWar (psychological war) between the US and Israel on the one side, and Iran, on the other, continues escalating.   The "Hawks" in the US (the Bush Administration) and in Israel (the Olmert Government) insist that they will not tolerate Iran having a nuclear energy program, thus openly threatening that country with pre-emptive unilateral military attack.  At least that is how this whole matter is being presented to world public opinion.

The key factors surrounding this showdown, however, are actually quite different.  The on-going "Crisis with Iran" is governed by other factors that are NOT being properly addressed and discussed in the mainstream global media, the main one being the implicit threat from Iran of triggering a grave crisis of the US Dollar when they finally decide to open the new Oil Bourse in Tehran they have been announcing over the past two years.  Because when that finally happens, an important part of the world's oil market (an estimated 30 to 40 percent of total world output) will cease being traded in US Dollars and will instead be done mainly in Euros, with supplementary bilateral deals in Roubles (with Russia), and Yuans (with China).  Other countries sensitive to US bullying will no doubt follow suit and join this new System (Venezuela? Nigeria? Malasia?).  The result will be that a huge slice of the world's oil market will stop trading in "Petro-Dollars" and begin trading in "Petro-Euros" instead. 

This will have a potentially devastating effect on the Dollar because there will be a sudden great demand for Euros and, symetrically, a great supply of US Dollars in global exchange and finacial markets.   Those freed-up Dollars will automatically tend to flow rapidly towards the United States and financial circuits centered in New York and London, flooding them with uncontrollable masses of "former Petro-Dollars", generating high inflation - maybe even hyper-inflation.  Last year, in an article called "Death and Resurrection of the US Dollar" (published by GlobalResearch, an up-dated version of which we will make available next week), we described how this whole potential monetary crisis of the US Dollar might occur.

The key aspect that we need to understand is that the immediate effect of such a monetary "run on the US Dollar" would be to force the US to limit - if not suspend - its war operations in the Middle East, in order to cope with the National Emergency inside the US that would explode from a generalized economic collapse and ensuing social crisis.  Such a National Emergency would arise from the aggregated effects of an uncontrolled flood of "former Petro-Dollars" triggering the collapse of the Real Estate and Stock markets, the bankruptcy of a large number of mega-corporations; all of which will be made worse by the, as yet, unresolved and potentially extremely volatile Racial and Ethnic Fracture Lines in US Society.   Clearly, the Bush Administration cannot allow the US to slide into the chaos of a generalized Social War.

Mission Accomplished?

George W. Bush's mounting threats against Iran began about three years ago when Iran announced it was considering setting up a non-US Dollar based Oil Bourse, to trade its oil exports.  On a vastly smaller scale, something similar happened in November 2002, when Iraq's Saddam Hussein switched the currency used in the Oil for Food Program allowed by UN Sanctions after the First Gulf War in 1991, from Dollars to Euros.  That involved a relatively small amount - around u$s 1 billion annually - but it was enough to set off alarms in Washington and immediately put Saddam - a former Bush family political partner - squarely in the dock of the accused, guilty of being part of the "Axis of Evil".  Thus Saddam became a target in the "War on Terrorism", irrespective of the fact that US intelligence agencies clearly determined that Saddam was in no way connected to either 9/11 nor Al-Qaeda.  Anyway, the Bush Administration fabricated the gross and shameful "Weapons of Mass Destruction" charade, which the mainstream world media joyfully backed at the time.

The result?  Just four months later, in March 2003, the United States and the United Kingdom illegally invaded Iraq, plunging that Martyr Nation into a chaotic war that has devastated it, and has so far cost 700.000 Iraqui lives.  The point that we should understand, however, is that no talk was ever heard again of Iraq selling its oil in any other currency but the US Dollar.  From this point of view, Bush can say without a doubt "Mission Accomplished!"

If today Iran were to decide to formally open its Oil Bourse trading in Euros, Roubles and Yuans competing with the world's three monopoly oil trading bourses in New York City (NYNEX- New York Mercantile Exchange), London (International Petroleum Exchange) and (soon to open) Dubai (Dubai Mercantile Exchange) all of which solely trade in "Petro-Dollars", then it should come as no surprise that the United States and its Ally / Overlords in Israel, are repeating the same threats against Iran as they did with Iraq, calling for a unilateral "pre-emprtive war" against Iran, again using a similar excuse: i.e., Iran's nuclear program allegedly bent on building "weapons of mass destruction".

Iran, however is not Iraq: Iran's threat to trigger a run on the US Dollar is for amounts vastly larger than anything Saddam could ever muster, whilst Iran's
Foreign Policy is infinitely more consistent, solid and well thought out.  Today, Iran has political, trading and probably military alliances with Russia and China and, in the European Union counts with implicitly strong support from France and Germany.   Additionally, in spite of all the "bad press" Iran suffers in the Western media, they have acted most prudently as reflected in the fact that they repeatedly delayed the formal opening of the Tehran Oil Bourse, because they fully understand that this is a very high power "Weapon of Mass Destruction" they can wield against the United States and its key Imperial allies, and that Washington fears it infinitely more than any nuclear program which Iran might have.   So, they are acting very cautiously indeed

Iran's economy minister, Davoud Danesh-Ja'fari just announced that "Iran wants to cut its dollar-based transactions to minimum...and contracts for months have included a clause that allows the nation to seek payment in the euro and other currencies".  (see Tehran  Times, 08-Dic-06). Clearly, the Iranians are biding their time, waiting for the right moment and are doing so firmly and with calm. When the US Bloomberg news agency asked National Iranian Oil Company executive director for international affairs Hojatollah Ghanimifard whether his country would change its policy of trading its oil in Dollars, his poker-faced reply was "not yet...".  Clearly, a very intelligent war-of-nerves to see who blinks first, that is sending brats like Bush and Cheney climbing up the wall... It is no coincidence that the game of chess traces its roots back to the 7th Century Persian (Iranian) game of Chatrang....

In the Orwellian "Newspeak" that governs New World Order media, countries like Irak and Iran (and any other country not bowing immediately to  Imperial cues) will be immediately accussed of haboring "Weapons of Mass Destruction", which their "Mad and Rogue Leaders and Thugs" are set to use in order to unleash a "Nuclear Holocaust" upon the "Free World".  At the proper moment and heeding to the "Natural Clamour" of the "International Community" - just like in the Hollywood "Cowboys 'n Indians" movies of old - in come the US-Israeli-UK Rough-Riders, ready to save the day by destroying, one-by-one, these members of the "Axis of Evil". 

"They hate our Freedom" is what Orwellian BOB (Bush-Olmert-Blair) says, but - read their lips: what they are really saying is "we hate the fact that they want to be free from us"!  

Add to this, the fact that since 9/11 this process has accelerated at goose-stepping speed, with Imperial Storm Troppers stomping on Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine; doing much arm-twisting in Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt; whilst they have a go at a coup-d'Etat or two in Venezuela and Bolivia - naturally all in the name of the "Freedom" and "Democracy" - and then you have the stage set for Imperial Global Conquest, financed by tons and tons of paper US Dollars irresponsibly dumped on world markets by the Federal Reserve Bank.

So, in plain English, the message is clear: "if you mess around with the US Dollar and put it at risk as the Imperial Global Currency, then you're gonna find out the hard way that, in the last instance, the Dollar is backed by the fighter-bombers, missiles, aircraft carriers, destroyers and (last but not least) nuclear bombs of the Armed Forces of the United States". 

How else can it be explained that the US spends more than 50% of the world's entire arms and war spending (oops, sorry: "Defense" in Newspeak), and that includes Russia, China, Europe, Indian and Iran?.  In short: today the US Dollar is backed by the Armed Forces of the United States.    (A surprising new "financial factor" for MBA's to include in their curricula...),  Nevertheless, this cannot and should not be allowed to continue much longer. 

But the Imperial Leviathan has mud feet, and the free-thinking Peoples of the World are starting to realize that "King Dollar" is, in fact, naked...

Iran's "Holocaust" Conference

Whilst all of this takes place, Iran hosted an International Historical Revisionist Conference in Tehran, on the so-called Jewish "Holocaust", that brought together independent researchers, historians and religious leaders from the whole world, including Frenchman Robert Faurisson and the US Rabbis Against Israel group.  Iran's hosting of this Conference brought with it "fire and brimstone" ire from Israel, the global mainstream media, international Zionist organizartions and the US and UK governments.   However, in spite of all the hysterical press distortions and abuse, the facts are that this event had three clearly defined objectives which the world press has not properly informed, much less addressed:

1) Achieving a more balanced historial perspective on this issue  -

World War II cost more than 60 million lives on all the sides in Europe and Asia.  It seems, however, that mankind's attention is almost solely focused on the suffering of 10% of those victims - i.e., the alleged 6 million European Jews persecuted by the German National Socialist regime.   Non-Zionist Jewish researchers like Norman Finklestein have described this phenomen as the "Holocaust Industry", fabricated and used to generate political and public support inside the US and other countries, favourable to Israel (see "The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering" - New York, 2000).   Harvard University, in turn, last March published "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy", a paper co-authored by the Dean of the John F  Kennedy School of Government, Stephen Walt and Chicago University professor John Mearsheimer, in which they describe the excesive power, influence and leverage exerted by pro-Israeli Zionist lobbies like AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), which has been able to bend US Foreign Policy so that it prioritizes Israel's national interest over and above that of the United States itself.  This reflects the overriding power that "Israel First!" groups exert over US Foreign Policy.

Prestigous academics like Zbigniew Brzezinsksi have both welcomed and voiced their support for this key investigation (a summary version is available in London Review of Books (Vol. 28, No. 6, 23-Mar-2006) at www.lrb.co.uk).  In turn, former president Jimmy Carter, in a recent Los Angeles Times article ("Speaking Frankly about Israel and Palestine", LA Times, 08-Dec-06), said, "For the last 30 years, I have witnessed and experienced the severe restraints on any free and balanced discussion of the facts. This reluctance to criticize any policies of the Israeli government is because of the extraordinary lobbying efforts of the American-Israel Political Action Committee and the absence of any significant contrary voices. It would be almost politically suicidal for members of Congress to espouse a balanced position between Israel and Palestine, to suggest that Israel comply with international law or to speak in defense of justice or human rights for Palestinians. Very few would ever deign to visit the Palestinian cities of Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron, Gaza City or even Bethlehem and talk to the beleaguered residents. What is even more difficult to comprehend is why the editorial pages of the major newspapers and magazines in the United States exercise similar self-restraint, quite contrary to private assessments expressed quite forcefully by their correspondents in the Holy Land."

"The Holocaust" Myth is clearly an integral part of the Propaganda Machine wielded by Zionist lobbies to generate unconditional support for Israel in the United States.  This support includes huge financial and military transfers, unbending diplomatic backing and giving Israel hundreds of nuclear weapons, a fact which Israeli PM Olmert has just admitted is true.  The mass psychological impact of "The Holocaust" dramatizations through literally thousands upon thousands of very well financed "documentaries", "eyewitness reports", Hollywood movies, TV series, books, novels, plays, articles, monuments, anniversaries, cultural events, NGO's, lobbies, museums, school and university courses, news-clips and a myriad of other vehicles used to shove "The Holocaust" down the world's throat, has been so well orchestrated and stage-managed that, among all the horrific and cruel persecutions and genocides perpetrated in modern times, the persecution of European Jews by the National Socialist regime is the only one that has its own "Registered Trademark": "The Holocaust". 

Other genocides, many of which were far worse than the one suffered by the Jews, are thrown into History's waste bin: the massarcre of 3 million kulaks at the hands of Stalin in the thirties, the genocide of 2 million Armenians at the hands of the Turks in 1904, tens of millions of "disappeared" in the Soviet GULAG, 5 million killed in Cambodia by Pol-Pot's Khmer Rouge, 2 million killed by the US in Vietnam, and the now almost 2 million Iraquis killed by the Bush Family and their Associates since the First Gulf War in 1991 to date, to mention but a handful, are all tragic genocides where world public awareness is close to zero.  Clearly, "The Holocaust" is the only genocide-show playing on Broadway...

2) Distinguishing between Political Mystification and rigorous Historical Truth - 

History, as a discipline, requires permanent investigation of new sources, documents, data, information and analyses.  This means that any serious historical research must keep an open mind permeable to whatever "revisionism" such new data and documentation may warrant.  This applies to World History, Ancient History, National History and, of course, Modern History, as it allows us to have an increasingly correct view of the past.  This is actually notably important in the case of Modern History (which is when the persecution of European Jews took place), because the sources of "Modern History" are day-to-day politics and events that, as the years and decades go by, gradually become "history".  At least that is how it should be.  However "The Holocaust" refuses to become true "History" and, to this day, insists on remaining an autonomous Political System or creature, having clear political objectives.  

The key question then is why scientific, objective and serious historical research regarding "The Holocaust" is banned, even banned by law as is the case in countries like France, Canada, Germany and Austria.  This is why, for example, prestigious historians like David Irving from the United Kingdom and researchers like Germany's Ernst Zündel could not attend the Tehran Conference: both are presently in prison in Austria and Germany respectively, for having voiced their historical views on the subject.  Clearly, very eloquent examples of the true "Newspeak" definition of the "Right to Free Speech" in today's "Democracies". 

Additionally, the Tehran Conference never sought to deny that Jews were persecuted in Europe in the thirties and forties.  What it merely sought to do was to place this entire Historical episode in its proper perspective, determining its correct dimensions in what refers to: how many Jews were actually killed, how they were killed (as many died as a consequence of the hardship and destruction wrought by the Allied bombing campaigns) and by whom they were killed (especially, in what refers to the actions of the former Soviet Union).  Interestingly, the Zionist pro-Israeli mainstream media implicitly admits that any such investigation poses a grave danger to Zionism.  Amidst all the insults and threats from such newspapers like the Los Angeles Times, in their 13-Dec-06 issue however, they ran an article called "Holocaust denial can be dangerous" which concludes by saying that, "...attacking the legitimacy of the Holocaust allows....(attacking) the legitimacy of Israel, which was created by the United Nations as a result of the Holocaust. If the first act didn't happen, then the second act wasn't necessary."   

Now there's the rub!    If "The Holocaust" did not happen as Zionists say it did, then Israel should not have been created the way it was.

   The whole matter would then require being fully re-assessed and re-vamped, forcing all key players to the negotiating table to resolve the "Arab-Israeli conflict" in a balanced manner taking into account the interests of all the parts involved: Palestinians, the Muslim countries, all Jews and other players - and not just the Zionists' interests as is the case today.   If it were to be proven that "The Holocaust" has, in fact, been stage-managed for political reasons in order to promote Israeli interests, then the State of Israel and the United States as public players, and the global Zionist organizations as private lobbying entities would have to accept their share of responsbility for the damage, suffering and hardship they have wrought upon the Middle East and the world and, accordingly, they should be held accountable. 

3) Achieving a better understanding regarding the origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict -

Finally, and independently of the actual results of "The Holocaust" Conference, there still remains one key and fundamental issue: If European Jews were persecuted by certain European countries in the thirties and forties, why then should the Palestinians have had to pay for those injustices?  If there is one thing regarding which there is absolutely no doubt is the fact that the Palestinians had absolutely nothing to do with the persecution of European Jews and "The Holocaust".    The problem is that over the past seventy years, the powerful Allies of World War II supported International Zionism helping them steal Palestinian territory from its rightful inhabitants, who had been there for over a thousand years, and thus allowing Zionist guerrilla groups like The Stern Gang, Irgun Zwai Leumi and The Hagganah to displace millions of Palestinians using the most violent and perverse terrorist tactics since before the founding of the State of Israel, until today.  We have now seen more than six decades of Israeli Zionists persecuting, assassinating, discriminating, humilliating, torturing and maiming millions of Palestinian men, women and children and attacking all who try to help them.  They could not do this without superpower support. 

The key objective of "The Holocaust" Conference then, has been to show that the persecution of European Jews by Germany may not have occurred in the way Zionist propoganda insists that it did.  It would delegitimize the very act of creation of the State of Israel, which would only remain supported by a weak set of half-truths, blattant lies, distortions and rigging of reality, imposed through violence and coersion upon the peoples of the Region.  In other words, Israels "Birth Certificate" would be shown as being fraudulent. 

Within this context, president Ahmadinejad's proposal should be seriously considered: if it was the Germans who were responsible for the persecution of European Jews, then Germany should cede part of its territory to the Israeli Zionists for them to found a new sovereign Jewish State in Europe (which is where the present Israeli ruling class came from in the first place). 

This obvious conclusion would allow the whole problem of the Middle East to be quickly resolved once and for all.   It would allow rapid devolution of all of Palestine to the Palestinians.  Germany would take upon itself a good part of the economic cost of transferring the bulk of the Israeli population out of Palestine and into Germany (no doubt, wealthy Germany has more than enough money to do  that), and the United States would also give financial support (for sixty years they have giving away billions of Dollars to Israel, anyway).  This seems to be the true spirit of the much distorted and touted phrase of "whiping Israel off the map".  What the Muslim World needs is for Israel to be removed from their Lands. 

Re-founding Israel in Bavaria, for example, would give Zionist Israelis a privileged place in the world, and would at the same time bring rapid and lasting peace to the whole Middle East.  Naturally, the Western media and Western political leaders all react hysterically to such an idea, yelling  insults and threats.  However, none seem to have the courage nor the arguments to face this challenge and properly address these issues the way they are being presented.  It seems tobe much easier for Western leaders to slam the door shut, distort reality, and put their ostrich heads under the ground, instead of acting like True Statesmen, helping to resolve a problem that is so serious, that it could very well lead to a Third World War in the coming months. 

Finally, there is also a clear moral side to this whole issue: a solution as described above would resolve one of the greatest collective crimes commited in modern times, which is the outright robbery and looting of Palestine by Zionist forces backed by the Allies of World War II. 

The Argentine Second Republic Movement (MSRA - Movimiento por la Segunda Republica Argentina), also feels that these complex issues need to be openly and publicly debated in Argentina, so that our own populace may fully understand what this is all really about.  This is particularly important for Argentina, considering that international and local Zionist organizations, and the governments of the United States and Israel have succeeded in dragging Argentine president Néstor Kirchner to falsely accuse Iran over the terrorist bombing of the AMIA Jewish Mutual Association in July 1994, thus giving Israel and the US yet another "good excuse" to launch a pre-emptive military strike against Iran.

The stakes for us are very high, because if that were to happen, then Argentina will bear clear responsibility for helping Israel and the US in carrying out their Imperial Wars of Conquest in the Middle East.   We have described this in detail in many of our recent Press Releases (some, like Nos. 9 and 10 of 12-November-2006, are available in English at www.m2ra.com). 

 Misinformation and propaganda in the local Argentine press

The undersigned just had his first hand experiences of how the Zionist Propaganda Machine works when local TV talk-show host "Mauro Viale" (a.k.a., Mauricio Goldfarb) invited me to discuss "The Holocaust" on his program.  Only minutes after the interview began, Mr. Viale interrupted to put through a telephone call from a lady alleging that she was "an 82 year old Holocaust survivor", whereupon she immediately began shrieking, screaming and crying whilst Mr.Viale gave her all the TV time in the world to express her drama.  It goes without saying that it was not possible to even begin discussing Iran's "The Holocaust" Conference in a serious and mutually respectful manner.

In a way, these grotesque episodes are "good news" because they show that International Zionists have completely run out of all arguments to support, justify and explain the crimes, lies and suffering perpetrated by the State of Israel.  They are therefore left with no option but to insult, threaten, yell, interrupt, cry, wail, not listen, not answer, change the subject, become histerical, shrove away, laugh at.... In short, they will do ANYTHING in order not to face the issues and answer the questions they are chellenged with by independetly thinking people.  

Naturally, they can (for the time being) continue doing this because every "politically correct" journalist, political analyst and government officer knows full well that they are backed by the immensely powerful Voice of International Zionism, lavishly financed by tens of billions of dollars generated by their huge worldwide Political, Economic, Military, Media and Propaganda Machine

But time is quickly catching up with them: the day draws nigh when the peoples of the world will see for themselves that, no matter how loud you scream, a lie remains always just that: a lie.

Ushering in a much-needed Public Debate in Argentina

Lastly, the Argentine Second Republic Movement proposes that a Multi-disciplinary International Conference be organized in Buenos Aires next year, promoting an Open and Public Debate amongst all opinion sectors, with the view of establishing the true nature of power and leverage exerted by International and Local Zionists organizations and interests in our country. 

This is particularly important considering that many of these Zionist lobbies active in Argentina, heed the "Israel First" cue emanating from global Zionist lobbies and the Israeli Government, and thus permanently promote the interests of that Foreign Power - presently at war -, over the interests of the Argentine Republic, a fact reflected in the Argentine Government's siding with US and Israeli "Hawks" (Bush & Olmert) in their imminent unilateral pre-emptive war against Iran.

Such an Open Public Debate should focus on two key factors affecting Argentina, but which are also applicable to just about any country in the world:

Identify the true nature, extent and sources of financing of Zionist lobbies and leveraging over puiblic affairs in Government, among politicians, in universities, and in the Media.

Design checks and balances to ensure that no minority group can acquire excessive power and then use it against the National Interest.  If we truly value Democracy, then we must be alert against any minority group acquiring excessive power.  After all, Democracy is supposed to be "Government by the MAJORITY of the People", not by a minority.   Correspondingly, all illegitimate machinations, maneuvering and lobbying on the part of miniorities - whether domestic or foreign - geared on imposing their MINORITY interests and objectives on the MAJORITY of the People, is clearly Un-Democratic.  This becomes especially vital when such minorities are aligned with the interests of foreign warring powers.

Argentine Second Republic Movement

(Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina - (MSRA)

Adrian Salbuchi


Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina - (MSRA) - Buenos Aires - Córdoba - Rosario - La Plata - m2ra@fibertel.com.ar

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