Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina - (MSRA)

(Argentine Second Republic Movement)

English translation of our Press Releases Nos. 9 and 10 -  Buenos Aires, 12th November 2006


As described in our Press Release No. 8 of 25th October, Argentina's National Interest has been severely impaired by local State Prosecuters Alberto Nisman andMarcelo Martinez Burgos who formally accused top government officers of the Republic of Iran of having perpetrated the terrorist bomb attack on the AMIA Jewish Mutual Association's headquarters in July 1994 killing 85 persons.  In this way, they are irresponsibly implicating Argentina in a new stage in the vast imperial wars of aggression that the United States and Israel are about to unleash in the Middle East. 

The complex political manipulation leading to these false accusations  was planned abroad counting with the local support not only of both Argentine State Prosecuters Nisman and Martinez Burgos, but also of Rodolfo Canicoba Corral, the Argentine Federal judge hearing on this case who just ordered the international arrest of ten former Iranian government officers, including former president Ali Akbar Rafsanjani.

Argentina's Judiciary is thus acting on a requirement of the Bush Administraton and powerful international and local pro-Israel Zionist lobbying organizations on Argentine President Néstor Kirchner, demanding that he falsely accuse Iran for that terrorist attack.  Indications are that Mr. Kirchner bowed to this manipulation in spite of the fact (or rather because of the fact) that, after more than twelve years since that attack, the United States, Israel and key Zionist organizations have not been successful in fabricating sustainable proof of any involvement on the part of Syria, Iran or Hezbollah.  At the same time, Argentina's Judiciary and intelligence agencies have systematically ignored much more plausible circumstances and evidence which point to the fact that this criminal attack may very well have been the result of deeply embedded conflicts INSIDE of Israel, in particular, and of Zionist interests in general.

Now, all that is needed is for President Kirchner to give the final green light ordering the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support the Judiciary's decision of ordering the arrest of the accused Iranian officials, something that today appears not only very likely but practically guaranteed.  As the president of the Political Counsel of the World Jewish Congress, Rabbi Israel Singer eloquently described these maneouvers which are moving forward with clockwork precision, Argentina's accusations against Iran "ratify a COMMITMENT on the part of President Kirchner, his wife (First Lady and Senator for Buenos Aires Province, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner) and (Argentine Foreign Minister) Jorge Taiana" which they made during meetings held with major international Zionist organization top brass in New York City last September.

These are very grave times for Argentina.  Right under our noses, the Kirchner government and its "Judiciary" are dragging Argentina into the imperial wars of aggression that the United States and Israel are fighting in the Middle East. This will no doubt have very serious consequences for our country.   Whilst these maneouvers were being cooked with President Kirchner and his colleagues and relatives in New York, back home in Buenos Aires the AMIA and DAIA Zionist organizations and the local media were raising a hysterical fuss over alleged "Antisemitic Campaigns" (which never took place as we explain in our Press Release No. 3 of 18-Sept-06). 

Has the extremely powerful pro-Israeli Zionist lobby threatened to withdraw its support to Mr. Kirchner for his 2007 re-election ambitions?  Or is he being threatened about something far, far worse as we explain in our Press Release No. 8 of 25-Oct-06?

In order for local and international public opinion to better understand how this is all coming about and the grave dangers we will be facing in the weeks and months to come, we describe below the key milestones in this countdown to what can only be described as a new amd even more violent War in the Middle East which President Kirchner is dragging Argentina into:

Argentina’s countdown into war

Palestine – On 4th November, Israeli troops opened fire against women and children the Palestinian town of Beit Hanun killing two of them; then a few days later, an Israeli tank opened fire against houses in the same town killing another 14 women and 7 children, sparking worldwide condemnation and threats of retaliation from the Hamas Freedom Fighters and other Resistance groups.  The killing continues to this very day and reflects Israel's new campaign of military aggression against the Palestinians, similar to the one they began in June 2006 which immediately escalated into the all-out invasion of Lebanon in July.  Once again, Israel has started a war in the region.

Israel's aggression against Lebanon continues – At the same time, and ignoring requests from many countries including the US, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert intensified air incursions over Beirut and other places in Lebanon, in flagrant violation of the ceasefire ordered by the United Nations. It is clear that Israelis can continue doing whatever they please in the Middle East, where even more ambitious war operations - this time against Iran, Syria and once again, Lebanon - are being planned.  As always, the US gives Israel full and unqualified support to continue on the war path, as reflected in US National Director of Intelligence John Negroponte's visit to Israel on October 26 as official guest of MOSSAD (Israeli Intelligence Agency) Meir Dagan, to "maintain discussions on Iran and its nuclear plan, anticipating the next meeting between Olmert and Bush in Washington" which is taking place as we write.  (see Ha'aretz newspaper, Jerusalem, 03Nov06).   Significantly, it was recently made public thay Israel used new secret atomic weapons employing enriched Uranium during their invasion of Lebanon last July (see The Independent, London, 28-Oct-06, article "Mystery of Israel's Secret Uranium Bomb").  This is clearly in line with Israel's policy of launching thousands of banned cluster bombs during the last 72 hours of their invasion of Lebanon which today still cost hundreds of civilian victims every week, as well as banned phosphorus bombs. 

Ehud Olmert appoints an ultra-rightwing racist as Deputy Prime Minister of Israel – In the face of the crass military and diplomatic mistakes committed by Israel during their invasion of Lebanon in July, Ehud Olmert came out weakened and faced the probability of losing power.  To placate the far right, a few days ago Mr. Olmert appointed as new Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor Lieberman, a fanatical racist from the ultra-rightwing party Ysrael Beitenu ("Israel is Our Home"), who promotes the expulsion of all Arabs from Israel and the execution of all Arab members of the Knesset (Israeli parliament) who hold meetings with Hamas officials. Appointing Lieberman sent a very strong signal to war-mongering hawks in Israel and elsewhere, whetting their desire for total war against Iran.  Lieberman is a protegè of former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the far-right Likud party; voter intention polls show Netanyahu has twice as much support as Olmert, while Netanyahu himself leads all opinion polls in Israel, reflecting the fact that the majority of Israelis support the impending imperial war being planned against Israel's neighbors, notably, Iran. (see The Guardian, London, 02-Nov-06). 

Elections in the United States – The November 7th US Congressional elections lost the Bush Administration control over both Houses of Congress.  This will have an impact on US Foreign Policy and Israeli leaders know full well that - contrary to the 2003 attack on Saddam Hussein and invasion of Iraq where Bush had so much domestic support that Israel could just sit back and enjoy the "War in Irak Show" -  this time Israel will have to take an open and very risky lead, playing a crucial role in initiating the military attack against Iran.  The Republican Party's defeat in the elections surprised no one, which is why Zionist organizations began their global media campaign preparing the stage to justify imminent unilateral military action against Iran.  On-going attacks against the Palestinians are the first overtures in this process. (For more details, see our article War in the Middle East: a Warning for Argentina, September 2006 available in 

Israel will attack Iran – This will probably involve Israeli surgical surprise air attacks against Iran's seven main nuclear investigation and development facilities, using conventional bunker-buster bombs and other weapons provided by the United States.  There is a direct precedent to this type of incursion when in June 1981 then Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Beguin ordered a surprise arttack on Saddam Hussein’s Osirak nuclear reactor near Baghdad (an episode which CNN conveniently refreshed public opinion's memory on, in a recent news report that concluded that that Israeli sneak attack “delayed Saddam’s nuclear plans”).    An Israeli attack of this sort against Iran will spark a tough Iranian counterattack against key Israeli targets that will bring death and destruction to Israeli interests and which will then allow the New World Order mass media to quickly stage Psyops campaigns inside and outside of the United States, all geared on justifying immediate and full military support for Israel.  At that point, US public opinion will no doubt support a massive US military intervention against Iran and in the region as a whole, especially since unflinching support for Israel is an issue on which both the Republican and Democratic Parties fully agree.  Even North Korea's recent detonation of a nuclear artifact will be used as further justification alleging that "Israel and the United States cannot just sit around waiting for Iran to do the same thing North Korea did..."  In the coming war, it is very likely that Israel and/or the United States will use nuclear tactical weapons which will trigger incalculable political and military consequences that may even lead to an all-out regional war that could then escalate into a world war considering the options that countries like Rusia, China and India have.  And all of this global turmoil and destruction over “little Israel…”     In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, published 10th November, Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh declared that "Sanctions against Iran are unlikely to work, so Israel must be prepared to thwart Teheran's drive for a nuclear capability "at all costs," then adding "I am not advocating an Israeli preemptive military action against Iran, and I am aware of all of its possible repercussions," Sneh stressed. "I consider it a last resort. But even the last resort is sometimes the only resort."

US Navy War Fleets – The United States has deployed dozens of warships in the Persian Gulf War Theatre, notably, the Navy fleets headed by the aircraft carriers "USS Enterprise" and "USS Einsenhower", as well as the powerful Strike Force Five, with the excuse of conducting “war games” in the region together with their British allies and other symbolic military contingents from around twenty other  European nations.  Clearly, we are witnessing the countdown to a large-scale military action in the region.

Fabricating an Excuse - the "Cassus Belli" -  There can be no doubt that Iran's nuclear program is the official excuse for the imminent military attack by Israel and the US.  They seek to convince global public opinion that Iran is a "threat to world peace" and a "rogue State" forming part of an "Axis of Evil" as George W. Bush insultingly described them.   This is clearly ludicrous and false as modern history proves that Iran is a peace-loving nation.  In modern times, not only has Iran never been aggressive towards any country but, quite the contrary, Iran was repeatedly and unjustifyable attacked and invaded by Western nations.  First, Britain and the former Soviet Union invaded Iran in 1941 during the Second World War grabbing its oil fields for their war against Germany and Japan; then in 1953 the United States had the CIA orchestrate a coup against the democratically elected president Mohammed Mossadeg replacing him with the authoritarian regime of Shah Reza Pahlevi after Mr. Mossadeg nationalized Iran's oil industry.  Finally, from 1981 to 1988 with the military support of the US, Iraq made war against Iran when Saddam Hussein was the “god guy” allied to the US.  All these facts should be carefully weighed by Argentine public opinion as State Prosecutors Nisman's and Martínez Burgos's maneouvers accusing Iran for the AMIA Building terrorist attack have the obvious intention of giving the US and Israel a further reason – a convenient "cassus belli" – for launching their much wanted and needed military attack against Iran.  "Intelligence" leading to this gross accusation was supplied to the Argentine government by the United States and Israel (i.e., the CIA and the Mossad, amongst other sources), and forms part of these two countries' continuing twelve-year pattern of behaviour of trying to fabricate a, by now clearly inexistent and false, Syrian and Iranian connection involving Hezbollah as responsible parties for that terrorst attack.    Even more, in order for this farse to be complete, both prosecutors went so far as to say that that the AMIA attack was decided by Iranian authorities in August 1993 because then Argentine president Carlos Menem suspended an Argentine-Iranian Nuclear Technology Transfer Treaty with Tehran  dating back to the 80's, which is also false since that Treaty was not suspended until after the AMIA attack.  This all shows that Nisman and Martinez Burgos received very sloppy information, as part of an ill-prepared libretto for a grotesque operetta-style show framing Iran, tailor-made  to suit George W Bush's and Ehud Olmert's needs and interests.  This all points to Messrs Nisman's, Martinez Burgos's, Canicoba Corral's and – very soon now - Kirchner's base loyalty to their Zionist Masters.

Argentina is being dangerously dragged into a war on the side of the US and Israel – In short: first Israel and, later, the United States, will soon attack Iran.  To Argentina's great shame, this will automatically and squarely place us in the US-Israeli camp against the noble people of  Iran and its allies.   President Kirchner has just a few more days to consider what his Government's final position on this farse being staged over the AMIA terrorist bomb attack will be.  If he bows down to Bush, Olmert and the Zionist lobby, then he will be personally responsible for involving Argentina in an international war of unforeseeable consequences and scale.

At this juncture, it is vital for Argentina's National Interest that we fully understand and grasp the very grave situation we have been placed in.  This entails no less than a conspiracy among these Argentine Government officials and president Néstor Kirchner himself.    To add insult to injury, this is taking place against the backdrop of a veritable "thundering silence" in Argentina's Congress; in the so-called local "Opposition" - from Ms. Elisa Carrió on the left, to Messrs López Murphy, Macri and Sobisch on the right - whilst the local mass media for the most part are helping to stir up anti-Iranian, anti-Islamic and pro-Israeli fenzies. 

As always, the key Zionist lobbying  organizations - notably the AMIA, DAIA and OSA (Organizacion Sionista Argentina) - continue exerting very intense local and international pressure in favour of two foreign powers - the US and Israel - and against Argentina's National Interest.   The MSRA will continue monitoring this grave situation and informing local and international public opinion accordingly.

Argentine Second Republic Movement

(Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina - (MSRA)

Adrian Salbuchi


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