A Zionist soldier, Ben Kobani, 20, from Hadera, was killed during an attack  in the Gaza Strip yesterday. The occupation forces faced a heavy resistance by the Palestinian factions as a big number of missiles and mortars were fired at the attacker soldiers.  

The incident is not expected to affect the type of operations being conducted by the Zionist army in the Strip, at least until after the Annapolis summit scheduled for late November.

Kobani, of the Golani Brigade, was killed when his unit came under gunfire from close range during an operation east of Khan Yunis, supported by armor and military engineers.

The Occupation forces attacked  the Gaza Strip several hours earlier and pushed about one kilometer into the Strip from the border fence. The haarets newspaper " a Zionist newspaper on the internet" reported that the Zionist soldiers "faced heavy resistance."

During the exchanges of fire, the Golani unit managed to kill one of the Hamas gunmen and fired at him after firing anti-tank missile. The Qassam fighter killed the soldier and was killed by the Zionist soldiers.

Around noon, a Zionist attack helicopter fired missiles at a group of Palestinians , wounding some of them. Palestinian sources said 10 were injured, most of them are civilians.

Kobani is the second soldier to be killed  this year for Battalion 51 of the Golani Brigade, which in recent months has carried out most of the offensive ground attacks in the Gaza Strip.

The Zionist operation in the Gaza Strip has been ended after having a heavy resistance from the Palestinian resistance factions. Surely the forces failed to achieve their goal to complete their attack.

Palestinians expected to have a heavy attack after the killing of the Zionist soldier but they were astonished of their retreat after 12 hours of fight with the occupation forces.