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Dear Friends,

Today I received another two page, single spaced, typed letter from the imprisoned Holocaust revisionist scientist, Germar Rudolf, dated August 3, 2007.  He has given me permission to publish the contents of the letter, for he wrote: "You may--after polishing my English--use my rantings for your GR updates, if you like."

Overall, he appears to be healthy, mentally sharp, and combative.  Let me summarize the main points, and I will begin with the most upsetting information. 

1.  As you may know, Germar's forensic study of the alleged "Auschwitz gas chambers" showed that they never existed, and the German authorities cannot refute his studies with reason, logic and evidence, so they have no recourse but to imprison him.  Now these German stooges of Jewish-Zionism are using oppressive tactics in an attempt to "reform" him.  Here is what he wrote: "A few weeks ago the prison authorities reinstated full mail censorship again, restricted my phone calls to close family members, and imposed surveillance for non-family visitors, because they figured out that I show no remorse, don't listen to their kind of 'reason,' and insist on my constitutional right of free speech and free science.  Now they try to keep away any influence from the outside world that could reinforce my recalcitrance.  Well, it just causes them a lot of work.  I myself could hardly care less." 

2.  I am Germar's physical fitness trainer "from a distance."  Therefore, I asked him to give me a thorough statement of his physical fitness routine so I can chart his progress and keep him motivated.  He did, and I won't burden you with all of the details. Let it suffice to say that he writes that he has "got a great scrub board belly now."   After all, he is doing numerous pushups, pull ups, sit ups, etc.  He is playing volleyball on Monday nights, and he injured his knee during a volleyball game.  His wife has sent him knee pads, so this should alleviate the knee injury.  He runs the 5k in about 30 minutes.  Obviously, he is keeping in good physical condition, and I will continue to monitor his progress.

3.  He has an injury in his right shoulder.  Here is what he wrote on this matter: "[Germar's shoulder injury] comes from sitting too often and too long at my desk typing, drawing, reading, solving puzzles and riddles, and so forth.  But originally I got it from the slave labor I was doing in Heidelberg, sorting out tiny automotive parts all day long, which required an awkward position for me as a tall person, the prison's chairs and tables not being adjustable to my height."

4.  In past letters, I inquired about his spiritual health.  Presumably, he is now an atheist or agnostic, for here is what he wrote: "As to my spiritual health: I read Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion and was absolutely thrilled by it.  Those who know the name and the work and who are religious my be unhappy about it, but yes, that's my kind of spirituality."

Germar Rudolf is an outstanding Holocaust revisionist that deserves your support.  You can write to Germar at this address:  Germar Rudolf

                         Herzogenriedstr. 111

                         D-68169  Mannheim


Please don't make any "politically incorrect" statements in your letters, as this could potentially harm Germar and make life more difficult for him.

Best Wishes,
Paul Grubach