Dear Harrel,

I just received a long, handwritten two page letter from Germar, dated June 13, 2007.  Let me summarize for you the main points.

1.  Overall, he seems to be a in a happy mood, at least this is my impression.

2.  He said that he had to be eligible for "open detention" to be permitted to go to Ulm.  But, according to the official line, he is a "risk to go on the run again," so he does not fulfill the criteria for "open detention."  Therefore, he is going to be transferred back to Mannheim, where he was told that he would be allowed to write English letters to correspondents abroad.

3.  He said that he will shipped to Mannheim on June 14, with a 5 or 6 day intermission in a prison half way to Mannheim. 

4.  He did receive my English letters from March 2007, but he was not allowed to respond.

5.  In regard to exercising to stay in shape, he said that he has a cell mate and it is hard to exercise under these conditions, but he does his best to stay in shape.

6.  His censorship has been "tightened."  And here is the most important point.  Do not make any "politically incorrect" statements to him, or make any Holocaust revisionist statements, because this will reduce his chances of getting a liberal prison regimen.

Paul Grubach