Monthly summary  of Israeli violations - From 1 September 2007 to 30 September 2007

During the Sacred Month of the Ramadan   -  Of what peace the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert speaks???


Deaths 35: Including 5 children; 1 elderly female civilian run over by a illegal settler; 1 special needs civilian and 24 Palestinian of the resistance.

Injuries 172: Including 32 children (including 1 child injured by an illegal Israeli settler); 2 female civilians; 3 medics; 5 civilians attacked by Israeli settlers; 32 Palestinian of the resistance.

Attacks 229: The Occupation Israeli army carried out 116 attacks during raids into Palestinian residential areas, 42 attacks during confrontations between the Israeli army and Palestinians civilians, and 39 attacks from Israeli army military posts towards civilian houses and property. In addition, Israeli navy boats opened fire on 5 occasions and combat helicopters on 10 occasions. The Israeli air force also carried out 15 air attacks and Israeli settlers carried out 2 attacks.

Raids 720 : 24 in Jerusalem Capital; 91 in Ramallah; 106 in Jenin; 55 in Tulkarem; 45 in Qalqiliya; 100 in Nablus; 46 in Salfit; 6 in Jericho; 82 in Bethlehem; 121 in Hebron; 16 in Northern Gaza; 2 in Gaza; 9 in Central Gaza; 7 in Khan Yunis; 10 in Rafah.

Arrests and  K idnapped 414 : The Israeli army kidnapped 16 Palestinian civilians in Jerusalem Capital; 60 in Ramallah; 28 in Jenin; 31 in Tulkarem; 24 in Qalqiliya; 141 in Nablus; 6 in Salfit; 7 in Jericho; 32 in Bethlehem; 60 in Hebron; 4 in Northern Gaza; 3 in Gaza; 2 in Rafah. The arrested civilians

include 36 children; 2 injured civilians; 3 female civilians; 4 university students; 1 municipal council member; 24 Palestinian security officers; 2 Palestinian of the resistance.

House Demolitions 8: The Israeli army demolished 2 houses in the Jerusalem Capital District; 1 house in Nablus District; 5 houses in Khan Younis District.

House Occupations 39: In Tulkarem: (1); Nablus: ( 14); Salfit (4); Hebron: (1); Northern Gaza (3); Central Gaza ( 7); Khan Yunis: (7); Rafah: (2).

Curfews 6 : The Israeli army imposed curfews over residential areas in the districts of Ramallah ( 1); Tulkarem (1); Nablus (1).

Closure of Crossing Points 156 The Israeli army closed international crossing points on 60 occasions, and crossing points to Israel on 96 occasions.

Flying Checkpoints 445: Israel illegally has installed military points of control (Checkpoints) in Palestine: in the capital Jerusalem ( 70); in Ramallah (29); in Jenin (112); in Tulkarm ( 38); in Qalqiliya (40); in Nablus (41); in Salfit (34); in Jericho ( 7); in Bethlehem (12); in Hebron (62).

Attacks on Religious Sites : The Occupation Israeli army stormed into and surrounded 2 mosques in Nablus and Bethlehem Districts and closed the Ibrahimi Mosque in the old city of Hebron.

School Disruption: The Israeli army besieged a school in Nablus District.

Illegal Settlement Activity: The Israeli army confiscated 225 square meters from land in Wadi Hilweh to construct a military parking lot, and 329.1 dunums from land in the village of al-Khader and the village of Artas in Bethlehem District for the Apartheid Wall construction and the opening of a new settlement road for Israeli illegal Ephrat settlement.

Settler Violence: Israeli illegal settlers ran over and killed a Palestinian child; stabbed a civilian; ran over childrens and civilians, including a woman; attacked an ambulance driver; opened fire towards Palestinian civilians; attacked one civilian occupied roof of a mosque.