Iran summons five Argentineans for manipulate the scenario to imply in the attack of Amia 

Q: Recently the government of Iran cited five Argentine officials by manipulating the setting to imply it in the attack of Amia. You what thinks?

A: It seems me perfect that the RII have determined to carry out the international capture against these five individuals, because they have defamed to the RII accusing it for the facts occurred in Amia. Without any type of tests and handled by the United States and the Zionist state, evidently the government of Argentina and the justice Argentina is left to manipulate for these to accuse innocent people as are the diplomats of the RII. I am completely in agreement that the RII cause be worth its rights, very wise the decision of the Iranian justice seems me to ask the capture of these five individuals that itself responsible for accusing the RII.  We have always rejected the fact that be accused the Iranian diplomats and also to the Moslems. 

Q: Some Argentine leaders believe that this attitude of Iran is in response to the order of Argentina of the international capture of five Iranians, What do you think on this theme?

A: Not, evidently that here when the accusation on the part of Argentina without any test is done and also, like I said, influenced by the United States and by the Zionist state, some of them they utilized that as pretext, because they say, has been Argentina the one that asked captures international.  Besides we have to keep in mind something with regard to the voting of INTERPOL, the one that indicates that all the countries were not in agreement with the capture order that Argentina did by the Iranian citizens. There are countries as Brazil that abstained; the majority of the Latin-American countries they voted in against to the order of capture of the Iranian politicians.

If we do a little by memory, when stopped to mister Soleimanpour in England, they had also to leave it at liberty because there was not any type of test.

It is evident that this justice Argentina more than justice is a mess and to the Argentines leaves us very badly stopped on a worldwide basis.  I believe that the RII has all the right to ask the capture of these former officials and besides we recall something, the first judge of the cause of Amia, Juan José Galeano, as well as the president of DAIA in its moment, the Mister Rubén Beraja, and also the two previous public prosecutors have been processed and they will be judged by the Justice Argentina. Therefore, with more reason the RII should ask the international capture of these five individuals that truly served and they serve to the foreign interests and because nobody can defame to another country without any type of test. Besides the Fiscal one Nissman in this cause was a collaborator of Galeano, that is to say that all continues equal; nothing has changed.

Q: The justice Argentina believes that because the attack of Amia  occurred in its country, the judgment should be carried out in Argentina and qualified as meaningless the attitude of Iran, what do you think on this theme?

A: Do we know that the Argentina has been pressed from the first moment by U.S and Israel, do you notice, how is one able to trust the justice of Argentina when there have already been people that was detained for but of 10 years? When it leaves a resolution on the part of the Argentinean justice the first ones in applauding they are the USA and Israel. The center of Amia is the center of Israel, all those that are working there depend on Israel. 

Not only the Iranian citizens have fallen in this trap, but the Muslims we are also pursued by this fact.



*Religious Authority of the Islamic Argentinean Association (La Plata)

*Director of the Al-Imam Mosque (Cañuelas)

*Religious Representative of the Argentinean Arab Home (Berisso)

*Religious Representative of the Arab Syrian Society (Entre Ríos)