For Harrel Rhome from Paul Grubach





I received another letter, dated July 17, 2007, from Germar Rudolf, the imprisoned German scientist and Holocaust revisionist scholar.  His forensic studies of the so-called "Auschwitz gas chambers" proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they never existed.  The current German government cannot disprove his thesis with contrary evidence and logic, so they had no recourse but to put him into prison.  By their oppressive behavior, the current German rulers have shown themselves to be a Jewish-Zionist inspired, totalitarian despotism, masquerading as a "democracy."

Anyhow, here are some of the contents of the letter.  Overall, he appears to be in a good mood, albeit somewhat justifiably hostile and combative.

1.  In regard to his physical fitness issues, he writes that "things look bright right now."  His wife sent him a pair of running shoes, and he feels good running to stay in good physical condition.

2.  Despite the fact that he keeps his cell meticulously clean, he has "to kill a cockroach a day," because the other inmates do not have his habits of cleanliness.

3.  He is justifiably angry at the prison authorities.  I quote directly from the letter: "Last week the prison authorities forbade me to call the residence of a lady at the Lake Constance...Some clerk in this...[prison]...found an entry on a Wikepedia site claiming that some ancestor of that lady had some official position during the years 1933-1945, and this was reason enough for the prison head to declare that this lady endangers my resocialization...On top of it, that lady was banned from visiting me for the same reasons."

4.  The prison authorities put the same bans upon a supporter of his, because some clerk found out that he is a member of some unspecified organization.

5.  In a short, justifiable denunciation of the current German authorities, he mentions the "chemical residues in the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz." 

6.  After experiencing these problems, he had a talk with the prison psychologist.  I quote directly from his letter: "I had it and told the psychologist, who had an interview with me today in order to assess how my prospects for social reintegration would be, to pack his stuff and get off my back with his pack of hypocrisy and lies.  Which is equivalent to saying that I won't get an early release."

7.  He states that he has two remaining years left on his sentence, and he refuses to be brain washed.  Again I quote directly from his letter: "Well, I'll wing those two remaining years--exactly on this very day [July 17, 2007]--somehow.  Worse things could happen.  At least I'm going to be in one piece, healthy, and still the old guy, with backbone unbroken and brain unwashed.  That's more important than a few months sooner out of here."

8.  He gave me permission to spread the information in this letter over the Internet.  I quote directly from his letter: "Of course you can spread this message far and wide.  Serves them well the world knows what a nuthouse Germany has become." 

Germar Rudolf is a fine human being.  It is a great honor for me to be his friend and colleague.

You too can write to him at Germar Rudolf

                                         Herzogenriedstr.  111

                                         D-68169  Mannheim


Paul Grubach