by Madres de Negro


The crimes of the occupation forces haven't finished yet. Killing , shelling and firing at the civilians did not stop. After silence all the night , people thought that the occupation forces ended the incursion that was continued for five days leaving a great destruction in the city. Suddenly, after three shells fired from a Zionist tank at the civilians in the village, 20 martyrs and tens were injures , most of them were women and children, on Wednesday. Palestinian sources reported that these children and women were sleeping during the shell from the tank on them.   


The occupation forces claimed that the fire aimed at areas from which Qassam rockets were fired. However, the fire from the tank was at an area where innocent civilians living.  The distance between the target area and the area in which the shells landed  is one kilometer. Means that there is a big distance between the Zionist shells and the Qassam fire. The shells of the tank aimed to kill as large number as possible in the Palestinian civilians.


The Zionist preliminary  investigations said , simply that  it was not yet known whether the matter was a technical error or a human one.


Khaled Radi, Health Ministry official, said all the dead were civilians. He said seven children and four women were among the dead. Also medical reports  said at least 40 more were wounded, all civilians. Four hospitals are treating the wounded across Gaza.


The Palestinian cabinet , led by the Palestinian prime minister, Ismail Haniya ,   announced Wednesday morning , an emergency meeting to discuss the "massacre."  After the meeting , the cabinet delayed the decision  for the united government which expected to be ready in these few days. The Palestinian prime minister calls for a total strike in the Gaza Strip and that this day is for solidarity with the civilians in Beit Hanon.   


"It is the saddest scene and images I have ever seen," 22-year-old Attaf Hamad said. "I saw people coming out of a house covered in blood. I started screaming to wake up the neighbors."


"Remains of children's bodies and blood were in the streets and on the roofs of houses"  Some other witnesses said.


The crime came  after a night the occupation forces  ended a week-long military assault in which 56 Palestinian  civilians were martyred , mostly in Biet Hanon , and different parts in the Gaza Strip.


Four killed in West Bank

It is not only the Gaza Strip that was aimed but in the West Bank, the Zionist  troops ambushed a Jenin early Wednesday, killing four Palestinians.