OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The Hebrew media acknowledged that the massive Hamas rally held in the Gaza Strip on Saturday to commemorate the Movement's anniversary proved that Hamas was still strong and capable of controlling Gaza.

The 10th Israeli TV channel's correspondent said while commenting on the massive participation in the rally that apparently all the people of Gaza got out of their homes and participated in the rally.

The TV reporter advised the Tel Aviv government to negotiate with Hamas because there was no other option. All attempts to oust Hamas would not succeed in weakening its popularity whether cutting electricity, freezing salaries, closing crossings or killing its leaders, he opined.

Meanwhile, other Hebrew press sources said that Israeli premier Ehud Olmert was worried of the possible upgrading of the Palestinian locally made resistance missiles that might make them capable of reaching farther targets.

The press said that the Sderot settlement north of the Gaza Strip was hit by 2,200 of those home-made missiles in the course of one year