Ramadan differs in Palestine than any other area in the world. The occupation conditions put a footprint on every single point in the life of the Palestinian civilian. In Palestine , people struggle using all of their defense plans to be calm despite the many kinds of anxious and fight.

Without artistic tents for Ramadan and without feeling that life is beautiful, Palestinians spend Ramadan searching for a reason to live a normal life in non-normal time.

People here get up early , usually before two hours of their jobs or universities , to be able to cross the checkpoints and barricades.

Most of them leave their jobs early before having their breakfast after fasting. Al-Quds is faraway five minutes from Ramallah but with checkpoints took two or three hours. 

The lesson is 35 minutes in the Palestinian system to concentrate more at school but the university students are patient well because they are forced to pass the checkpoints two times.

People are silent at night , praying the "Isha'" and keeping at home because the occupation forces may have an attack here or there in the Gaza Strip.

The Resistance men are witnessing the movement of tanks and bulldozers to defend any expected attack to the Gaza Strip. They go to pray first ,then prepare themselves to go to their places on the borders around the Gaza Strip. They spend the night watching carefully and some other groups came to take their part in the day. Thus, day and night , the Mujahedeen are taking their part in defending the Palestinian civilians from being hacked by the Zionist army.

Resistance men are more eager and faithful to be martyrs in Ramadan as they are searching for martyrdom in each battle with the occupation forces.

The prisoners boast on the ritual of Ramadan month, and on the struggle trip to the prisoners movement in the Zionist jails. The prisoners succeeded to achieve many accomplishments as the Palestinian prisoners preparing their meals and sweets by themselves.

It is also noted that the Palestinians are not usually attracted to sing. They attracted to yelling, and trained their children on Joust instead of playing. The Palestinian children also prefer meals that are frequently full of rice , meat and consume bread. They love life if they were able to live it; they are laughing in loud voice and crying silently.


The Zionist entity and the month of Ramadan

The Zionist entity for more than twenty years feared of the Ramadan and impose comprehensive military siege on the Palestinian territories. The military analysists believe that the Muslims love sacrifice and martyrdom in Ramadan. Also, the Zionists are worry to open the doors of the Al-Aqsa Mosque for the worshiper prayers. The Zionist entity restrict the entry of prayers. The forces  prevent the people under the age of 45 years.

Thus,  Palestinians jump on the walls and the barriers, and pray in the middle of the streets of Jerusalem if the  Zionist police prevented them from reaching Al-Aqsa mosque courtyards, and praying in front of the bulldozers, and around settlements in a challenge to the occupation.