colaboration by Mujeres de Negro


Islamic resistance movement Hamas revealed yesterday secret documents and records. The documents affirmed that the preventive security and the intelligence services were cooperating with the Zionist entity. also they were weaving conspiracies on some Arab and Islamic countries.    

Dr. Khalil Al Hayya, the member of the political leadership of Hamas and deputy in the Palestinian Legislative Council, said at a press conference held yesterday evening in Gaza "The movement Fatah had serious files and recordings will be arranged and classified as a prelude to revealed on a Truth investigating committee".

He added "these files are full with complete information about Hamas leadership and Hamas members. And not just Hamas members but they collect information to the Zionist army on every thing related to the resistance and their men".

Al Hayya said "some these files delivered to the American intelligence (CIA) and to the Zionist intelligence about Arab and Islamic countries".

Also Al Hayya revealed that some documents approved that the two services put sensitive listening devices in the house of president Yaser Arafat and the house of Mahmoud Abbas. 

He revealed that when the Zionist entity released 100 million dollars, demanded the Palestinian Authority to send 2500 weapons and 5.2 million bullets in the West Bank. He said, "This document is written in Mohammed Dahlan's diary."

Al Hayya said that the documents appeared that these services' mission is chasing the mujahideen. He said "we found every call was the mujahideen done". All the documents and records was transferred to the Zionist intelligence.  

Also some documents revealed the place of the tunnels which prepared to resist the Zionist invasions. Al Hayya added that the preventive security draw a solid to sheik Ismail Haniya house to assassinate him.

Finally, Al Hayya said that Hamas didn't want to reveal these scandals and secrets but the arrogance of the traitors force the movement to do that.