by Adrian Salbuchi (*)

(Buenos Aires, Argentina – September 2006)


“Coming events cast their shadows forwards”

Johann W. von Goethe


The tragic conflict in the Middle East is far from being resolved in spite of the momentary cease-fire in force.  Most international observers agree that the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in recent weeks represents but a battle within a much larger war that will tend to worsen and spread to the whole of the Middle Eastern region, and that that battle has been won by Hezbollah.  London’s “The Economist” magazine put if very bluntly on one of its recent covers with the headline “Nasrallah won the war” [1], adding with foreboding that there are “black days ahead for the Middle East”.

Today’s challenge boils down to the fact that it seems that the Israeli Army does not know how to win this war, and the Israeli people do not know how to loose it.

Today, our newsletter El Traductor Grafico sets out certain aspects of this conflict which will enable us to better understand its complex roots; its possible development in the weeks and months to come; and its growing and potentially very dangerous impact on Argentina and South America. This expands on another article we published in issue No. 39 (9th May 2006) called “Israel atacará a Irán” (i.e., “Israel will attack Iran”) available in Spanish at www.eltraductorradial.com.ar  Today, Iran is clearly the main geopolitical target of the United States, the United Kingdom and the State of Israel in the Middle East.

Israel goes beyond the “point of no return”

United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 1701 sponsored by the United States imposing a ceasefire in Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, was absolutely necessary for the State of Israel because its armed forces were quickly loosing that war against Hezbollah.  They urgently needed some respite in order to rebuild their forces, redesign their clearly flawed military and diplomatic strategies, replace the war materiale lost in battle and, in general, dress their wounds.

The political effects of Israel’s defeat and Hezbollah’s victory are transcendental.  The facts indicate that Israel has shot its own foot.  Ehud Olmert’s clumsy Administration fumbled the handling of the war, thus significantly weakening the defence of Israel’s National Interest; in all likelihood, in an irreversible manner.

To traditional hatred Muslim peoples feel towards the State of  Israel - which they perceive as an aggressive intruder in their region, martirizing Palestinians and Lebanese - today we add the overwhelming condemnation of global public opinion against flagrant Israeli barbarism committed in Lebanon and Gaza.  They indiscriminately bombed, killed and maimed men, women and children, and used illegal weapons including thousands of banned cluster-bombs and white phosphorus explosives, as UN reports confirm.

It was foolish and contradictory that Israel showed-off saying they used precision bombs and “intelligent” weapons, when the plain truth is that they repeatedly and systematically bombed caravans of refugee-carrying motor vehicles, civilian apartment blocks, schools, hospitals, civilian-filled shelters, and even went so far as to repeatedly bomb UN watchposts in broad daylight, killing their personnel.  Either their bombs were not all that “intelligent”, far worse, these were purposely committed crimes against humanity perpetrated with the aim of spreading terror amongst Israel’s enemies, which is a traditional tactic of the Israeli Armed Forces and their predecessor guerrilla organizations.

Israel has destroyed Lebannon.   In doing so, they did not for a minute doubt killing thousands of their citizens with the excuse of releasing two Israeli soldiers who, after all the butchery perpetrated by the Israeli War Machine, are still in the hands of Hezbollah.  These truly absurd circumstances have led the international community to pose a clearly obvious question: Is an Israeli life worth the same as a Lebanese or Palestinian life? 

Already, the international community is asking similar questions regarding whether the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqui civilians killed and injured since the US and UK scandalously invaded Iraq in March 2003, are worth the same as the 3.500 US and UK military killed.   The ludicrous lies regarding Iraq’s inexistent Weapons of Mass Destruction were the necessary excuse to further Israel’s Zionist agenda in the region[2], sustained by the insolent hypocrisy and double standards of the US-UK-Israeli Empire, today blatantly evident.

Incredibly, one of the more obvious – and unsought – consequences of this Looting War unleashed by International Zionism against Lebanon in the past weeks is that the State of Isreal has gone beyond the point of no return in its brief and violent existence.  It seems that Israel has ceased to be a viable State, as it can no longer peacefully co-exist with its neighbours.  This means that, from now on, Israel must live in a state of perpetual war with its hundreds of millions of Islamic neighbours whilst, at the same time, global public opinion no longer perceives Israel as the underdog “victim of perscution”, but rather as an aggressive predator Terror State.  This is clearly a terrifying and bleak perspective for millions of Israelis who do not want war as a permanent way of life.

To put our assessment of the situation in the Middle East in its proper perspective, let us remember that over the past several centuries the Islamic peoples in that region have been systematically  attacked, invaded and exploited by the West.  First, it was Great Britain and France; then, the Soviet Union; today, it’s the United States, the major Western oil corporations, and of course the tiny but extremely powerful State of Israel with its 7 million citizens; an ominous “gift” left behind in their region by the Western colonial powers when they withdrew from their centuries-old Muslim lands.

Back in the forties, Israel was imposed upon the Region by a combination of Western arm-twisting diplomacy, coupled with Zionist guerrilla terrorism using the uglyest terrorist tactics against the Arabs, knowing full well that the right of Jews to claim the Holy Land was very weak, at best, if not blatantly untenable. 

Zionists thereupon based their claim on Ancient Tradition and Old Testament Scripture which tell of a vague “Promise by God” to the Hebrews as His allegedly “Chosen People”.  This was supposed to justify delivering up Palestine to Zionist Jews, who overwhelmingly came from Europe and the United States, and whose descent from the Biblical Hebrews is thus far from having been even remotely proven.

Accordingly, by purposely confussing and mixing a Theological Divine Promise with concrete Political Action, Zionist forces have had no choice but to force matters by stressing the political legitimacy of such a “Promise by God” beyond all logic.  For even if that “promise” were to be accepted as an Act of Faith then, as enlightened citizens of the 21st Century, we should be asking what, exactly, has God allegedly chosen “His people” for...?

If we strictly abide by political criteria which in our opinion must be neither confused nor mixed with Religion, then one can understand the rationale which inspired Israel’s Founding Fathers - Chaim Weizmann, David Ben-Gurion, Menahem Beghin, Yitzakh Shamir, Levi Eshkol, Menahem Beghin, Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, amongst many other Zionists - who after World War II saw an excellent opportunity to force matters and twist the international community’s arm by imposing the “State of Israel” on the Middle East, without a worry over the ensuing geopolicical chaos it would trigger, something that the Middle East suffers til today.

The opportunity at that time, however, looked excellent to them.  At the end of the forties, World War II had just ended with the defeat of National Socialist Germany and its allies; Britain had taken over the “Mandate of Palestine” in 1919 as part of the World War I booty and was by then getting fed up with Zionist guerrilla terrorists which led Britain to wash its hands and throw the whole problem of Palestine to the then newly founded Unisted Nations[3]; the UN, in turn, did not quite know how to handle this complex matter and when then Secretary General Trygve Lie sent his mediator Count Folke Bernadotte to Palestine with a reasonable proposal for territorial partition among Palestinians and Jews, the Zionist terrorist group Stern led by guerrilla leader and later Israeli primer minister Yitzakh Shamir promptly assassinated him; and, lastly, the persecution of the European Jews in Europe was very fresh in the public eye, particularly with the burgeoning “Holocaust” dramatizations, all of which generated great currents of sympathy towards Jews in general.

The Founding Fathers of the Zionist State saw a wonderful “window of opportunity” and in 1948 made a bold strike, which enabled them to impose their State using Terrorism as their main tactical weapon in order to expel more than one million Palestinians (the masacre of thousands of civilians at the hands of Zionist terrorist guerrilla groups Stern and Irgun Zvai Leumi in the Palestinian township of Deir Yassin is but a symbol of the carnage unleashed in those sad days).  

With such a “birth certificate”, it should have been obvious to all that, for Israel, war with its Arab neighbours was inevitable; just as the grossly unfair, humilliating and short-sighted 1919 Treaty of Versailles imposed by Britain, France and the US on the defeated Germans, Austrians and Turks, would guarantee a new and even more terrible second world war, because the political situation that it generated in Germany became untenable and an ideal breeding ground for Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Movement which came to power just fourteen years later.  As George Santayana once said, “those who do not learn from history are condemned to re-live it”.

¿Quo vadis, Israel?

The next couple of months will be crucial for International Zionism.  Israeli reservist soldiers are enraged and on alert because they feel that they have been betrayed by the top military brass in the Olmert government which sent them into Lebanon to fight without being properly outfitted and without adequate logistics.  Latest polls show than 63% of Israeli public opiniondoes not approve the way the Israelí government handled the war against Lebanon[4], and the recent announcement by the Government that an inquiry will be et up to investigate military errors has little credibility as it will be led by the child’s very father, i.e., defense minister Amir Peretz[5].

The Olmert government will no doubt fall in the short term.  There will then be a call for new general elections which will, in all likelihood, enthrone the right-wing radical Likud Party once again in power and its leader, former primer minister Benjamín Netanyahu.  He will foreseeably promote renewed, more ambitious, vast and violent Israeli military expansionism in the region seeking to correct Israel’s military mistakes in Lebanon.  No doubt, this change in Israel’s Government will only take place after the up-coming US Congressional elections set for 7th November in which the Republican Party will probably loose some seats at the hands of the Democrats.  Although important for the overall US political scene, this will not however have any real impact for Israel because the unconditional support it gets from the US will not change considering that Democrats are just as pro-Israel as Republicans.

In short, over the next 60 or 70 days we will see the Olmert Government fall, elections being held in Israel and the United States and – unless a very unlikely victory of the Labour Party happens in Israel - a new ultra-right wing Likud Government will be formed allied with the Kadima party founded by Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert, and other right wing parties and forces, all of which promote military expansionism and fundamentalist Zionist idealogy aimed at recreating the Biblical imperial dream of Eretz Israel.

This clearly forebodes renewed violence between Israel and its neighbours; only this time not just Palestine and Lebanon, but also Syria and, most particularly, Iran, which today represents Zionism’s key geopolitical target in respect of which they count on the full support of the United States.  In our previous article on this subject written in May 2006 (“Israel atacará a Irán” – i.e., “Israel will attack Iran”), we described a possible war scenario in which Israel would trigger a “preventive” military attack against Iran, dragging the US into a major war with dramatic consequences as this time very powerful weapons supplied by the US to Israel will no doubt be used, notably powerful bunker buster bombs and nuclear artefacts.  The consequences this will have are very, very serious for the region and the world 

It goes without saying that a joint US-Israeli attack of this sort and magnitude against Iran would not be another mere military parade against populations with little or no defense and counter-attack capabilities, as we have become accustomed to see in places like Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Serbia, Panama and even Iraq. 

Iran is a totally different political, cultural and military organism altogether.  They are a legitimately proud and organized Nation, counting with powerful armed forces, which has forged solid geostrategic alliances with both Russia and China amongst other nations in the region.  It seems that many Western strategists have yet to properly assess this.  In this connection, an article published in the British newspaper London Sunday Telegraph last 27th August, is quite eloquent when it ways that “Israel has appointed a top general to oversee a war against Iran, prompting speculation that it is preparing for possible military action against Tehran’s nuclear program.   Mayor General Elyezer Shkedy, Israel’s air force chief, will be overall commander for the “Iran front”, military sources told the London Sunday Telegraph. News of the appointment comes just days before a United Nations deadline for Iran to give up its nuclear program”.  We now know that Iran has rightly refused to give up its Uranium enrichment program while Israel is allowed to keep its 400 US-supplied nuclear artefacts and continue ignoring the Nuclear Anti-proliferation Treaty.

The London Sunday Telegraph goes on to say that “General Shkedy, who was appointed to the role two months ago, will co-ordinate intelligence gathered by Israel’s foreign spy agency Mossad and military sources, in order to draw up battle plans. Then, during any war with Iran, he will command the campaign from a “hotseat” in the Israel army’s headquarters in Tel Aviv.  It’s natural that Shkedy is nominated to this role, because the air force is Israel’s only force that can reach and sustain a military operation against Iran,” said Uri Dromi, a former air force colonel and military analyst. “Everyone is playing with dates and timeframes, but the list of options is becoming shorter,” he added. “I think we have one year open [to launch military action]. Israel will have to decide.” The analysis ends on an ominous note when it says that“Officially, Israel stresses that it does not want to take the lead in tackling Iran, and that a massive campaign of air strikes would be best led by America, which has forces in Iraq that are much closer to Iranian targets.”

A clash between, on the one side, Israel, the US and Britain attacking Iran from Israel, Iraq and possibly Afganistán (with the Israelis triggering military actions), and on the other side, Iran, Syria and various Maslim countries, is highly likely.  As mentioned above, the State of Israel has placed itself in dire straits by going past the point of no return and becoming an unviable and unsustainable country which has only one option: to “flee forwards”, even if such “fleeing” implies  enormous sacrifices in terms of human life and material losses for Israel.

But what will the other Muslim countries do?  What about Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lybia…? Not only in military terms, but also in terms of sponsoring global terrorism against Western interests and objectives…?  More important, what will Russia and China do??  

Clearly, we have all the ingredients for a devastating war of global proportions.  Could it be that we are but a few months away from a major catastrophic war in the Middle East and the world – perhaps, the greatest in human history? – that will also have the effect of sharply dividing Israeli society as never before in its brief history?

A split within the State of Israel

When this new and more deadly war finally explodes in the Middle East, we will see the political and social split within Israel which has been growing over the past decades, become deeper still.  It will reveal the fact that there are two Israels: one, a warlike militarized and authoritarian society permanently at war or “offensive defensive”; and the other, yearning to live in peace with its neighbours and itself.

Warlike Israel is made up of fanatical Settlers; the ultra-right wing religious fundamentalists; Likud and Kadima party militants; followers of Sharon and Netanyaju supported by fighters inspired by the example of Baruj Goldstein[6] coming together in Israel from different parts of the world to build the dream of Eretz Israel; Mossad and Sin-Beth agents, and internal security forces.  These are modern-day Zealots who believe they are re-enacting the epic of Massada fighting Rome to the last man, but who today count with tanks, missiles, F16 fighter-bombers, Blackhawk helicopters and the artillery of the Israeli Defense Forces.  No doubt many like-minded Jews from all over the world – Argentina included – will go and fight for Israel, as they gallantly did in the 60’s and 70’s when the Six Day and Yom Kippur wars took place.

But by then, life in Israel will have become a real hell in permanent Total War, and we will then see another part of Israeli Society – half of it, perhaps? – rejecting such a state of affairs and whom we can call Peaceful Israel, which will find life in a permanent state of war intolerable. 

This sector of the population will prefer to seek a new life elsewhere, away from the Holy Land.  They are the more moderate part of Israeli Society: peaceloving, cultured and cosmopolitan men and women who reject most, if not all, of the aggresive policies of today’s Zionist leadership.  These two or three million Israeli citizens who yearn to live in peace but cannot do so in Israel, will be confronted with the painful option of either abandoning Israel or staying on in a country permanently at war – even nuclear war –, with its cities and towns under permanent attack from increasingly resourceful enemies.  No doubt, these Israelis will find that their ingrained need to live in peace and safety is greater than any Biblical mandate to remain in Palestine.

The option for them shall therefore be to emigrate, in which case the key question will then be where to?  To what land should they go?  A part of those millions of Israelis will surely choose to return to their relatives in the United States, Europe and elsewhere; but that will be only a relatively small part of the population.  For most of those two or three million Israeli citizens – many of them recently arrived from the former Soviet block – emigration from Israel will mean searching elsewhere for a new home.   Today, the vast and powerful global network of Zionist organizations has the challenging task of planning how to resolve this dilema, just as in the past they solved other complex issues affecting them.

When former Israeli National Security Advisor Giora Eiland, recently spoke of Iran, he stated to the press that “Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is willing to sacrifice half of Iran in order to destroy Israel”[7]   These are no doubt interesting words which may perhaps help us to better understand the Zionist mind-set, which often seems to unconsciously project upon its enemies – today led by the demonized Iranians – deep sentiments and ideas embedded in their own collective psyche. So maybe it is now starting to dawn in the minds of Zionist leaders that they need to move half the Israeli population out of the country in order to save the entire State of Israel.   The rump Israeli Society that would be left after such “purification”, would then live on as a gigantic military organism, peopled by a doubtlessly very tough warrior caste.

Doubtlessly, International Zionism’s top priority consists in guaranteeing the survival of of the State of Israel in the Holy Land.  That is its very raison d’etre.  Without Israel, Zionism would disappear, and – in a chaotically “democratizad” 21st Century – if the international Zionist network were to disappear or become weakened and Jewish communities in the Diaspora or Shoa were to be left on their own, they would all then run the risk of being absorbed by the Gentile Nations where they dwell.  I.e., the feared Assimilation which is so hateful to Zionist leadership!!

Therefore, even if only as a worldwide symbol for mankind, the State of Israel must prevail against all odds, in spite of all enemies, and at any cost.  The blue and white flag with the Mogen David must forever wave over Palestine as a message to the whole world, repeated day after day, urbi et orbi.

Theodor Herzl’s Dream: creating TWO  Zionist States, one in Palestine and the other in Argentine

Has the time therefore come to activate an old and dormant – though not abandoned – plan to create a second Jewish State somewhere in the world?  The “State of practical posibilities” as Russian Zionist leader Leon Pinsker once called it back in the 19th Century, and as later formally proposed by Viennese lawyer Theodor Herzl, founding father of Zionism?

This second Jewish State would be located in Argentina, as Herzl explicitly proposes in his milestone book laying the foundations for the International Zionist Movement “A Jewish State”, published in 1896, one chapter of which has the significant title, ¿Palestine or Argentine?, which literally reads as follows:

“Palestine or Argentine?

Shall we choose Palestine or Argentina? We shall take what is given to us, and what is selected by Jewish public opinion.  The Society will determine both these points.

Argentina is one of the most fertile countries in the woprld, extends over a vast area, has a sparse population and a mild climate.  The Argentine Republic would derive considerable profit from the cession of a portion of its territory to us.  The present infiltration of Jews has certainly produced some discontents, and it would be necessary to enlighten the Republic on the intrinsic difference of our new movement.”[8] 

Creating a second Isrealite State is a long-term objective of International Zionism which is yet to be achieved.  Its purpose would be to bring refuge to the peace-loving sector of Israeli society when the time comes to flee the horrors of the increasingly violent Zionist Wars in the Middle East.  It would take form as a sort of State of Judea - New Judea or “Nai Judea” – which would be a Sister-state to the State of Israel; virtually, a contemporary counterpart of the thousand year old Biblical history of the Two Hebrew Realms: Israel and Judea. 

Has the time indeed come to give birth to this new Israelite State in Patagonia – both on its Argentine as well as Chilean sides – heeding Herzl’s century-old counsel?

From this viewpoint based on a wider geographical and historical stage, we can better understand certain events and circumstances which would seem to point to the existence of just such far-reaching geopolitical engineering, which is being applied since many decades over Argentina’s territory, centered on Patagonia and includes, amongst other factors, the following: 

·         The loss of military control over Patagonia as a consequence of the disastrous Malvinas-Falklands War in 1982, later in 1990 officially sealed on the political, economic and military front by the Capitulation Treaties signed with Britain by former president Carlos Menem and his then foreign ministery Domingo Cavallo, in Madrid and London[9]. Surprisingly, the great international press coverage that the Malvinas-Falklands War got in 1982 almost completely overshadowed the fact that during that war, Israeli forces commanded by Ariel Sharon invaded Lebanon, stating the decades-long occupation of that country which led, amongst other things, to the creation of Hezbollah and the massacres of Sabra and Shatillah.

·         Former president Raul Alfonsín’s dubiously inspired folly of enacting a law in 1985 to move Argentina’s Capital from Buenos Aires to the Patagonian township of Viedma.  Although this pipedream never actually materialized, it did serve to embed in the national psyche the idea that Argentina has “two capital cities” (today’s, in Buenos Aires, and tomorrow’s, in Viedma), as a prior step towards having two Argentina’s outright.  That law is formally in force.

·         The successive and increasingly serious Foregn Debt crises that Argentina has experienced over the past three decades, which tend to bring us closer and closer to a situation whereby we will be forced to swap “Debt for Territory”.  The international financial engineering blueprint for this is already on the table.

·         The uncontrolled sale of vast tracts of land, public and private - both in Argentina as well as in Chile – to so-called “foreign investors” and “environmental philathropists” who are thus gainging increasing private control of the Patagonian territory;

·         The almost complete inability and incapacity of successive Argentine governments to effectively occupy and populate the Patagonian region, by promoting coherent and consistent population growth programs. [10]

·         The rise of alleged “separatist movements” in Southern Argentina, suspiciously promoted from the New World Order’s major power centrers [11].


This series of political, military, economic, financial and demographic factors referring to the Patagonian region tie in almost perfectly with Herzl’s proposal of over a century ago based upon which Argentina may end up being forced by a complex set of factors and circumstances to “cede a part of its territory in exchange for finacial compensation”. 

One can, for example, envision a future Foreign Debt crisis like the one engineered from abroad (with a little help from local friends like Cavallo) in 2001, which led to a banking meltdown that dragged Argentina to the verge of a civil and social war [11a], as a consequence of which we may have no choice but to accept some sort of “emergency debt reduction, condonement or restructuring” or waiver of some sort, in exchange for ceding partial or total control over the Patagonia.  

We should bear in mind that all reference to Argentina’s massive foreign debt has suspiciously disappeared from the local media, even though that enormous and unsustainable foreign public debt remain not only intact, but has grown and continues to hang as a Damocles’ Sword over our heads.  Argentina’s Foreign Debt remains structurally unpayable, particularly after the latest (financially deadly) Foreign Debt Bond Mega-Swap orchestrated by president Nestor Kirchner and his former economy minister Roberto Lavagna at the beginning of 2005.  This is very clearly explained in a recently published book “Problemática de la Deuda Pública Externa: I - la Deuda bajo la Administración Kirchner” [12], written by Argentine public debt specialist, Héctor Giuliano.

Additionally, we can also now better understand what really lies behind repeated incursions made by scores of so-called wandering Israeli “hippies” (mochileros, as they are called locally) throughout the Patagonia over the past decades, with the explicit purpose of surveying large parts of our territory.  This matter began being reported many years ago; for example, the Buenos Aires newspaper “La Nación” reported over twenty years ago that a group of “several hundred Jewish hippy wanderers (in the province of Santa Cruz) openly stated that they were surveying the region in order to study the climate, plants and animal life, and the potential resources in the area”, clarifying that “in their view... the survey had been completed with favourable results which recommended that settlements be made”, and concluding that “we can say that El Calafate has conditions that are ten times better than what Israel had when that country was founded.  Here we have gas, oil, fertile land, abundant water and a climate suitable to our needs except in winter, but even that is not a major problem”. [13]  Coincidentially, in 2001 a modern international airport was inaugurated in that same Patagonian township of El Calafate housing a runway long enough to accomodate intercontinental flights by Jumbo 747-type commercial airliners…

In a chapter in his book which has the title “The occupation of the land”, Theodor Herzl recommended Zionists that “as soon as we have secured the land, we shall send over…representatives….who will enter into possession at once.  These men will have three tasks to perform: (1) an accurate, scientific investigation of all natural resources of the country; (2) the organization of a strictly centralized administration; (3) the distribution of the land.”[14]

Today, we find that in the past twenty years, enormous tracts of land in Patagonia housing estancias, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, lagoons, and enormous areas in Southern Argentina and Chile are being purchased outright by foreigners, many of whom are declared Zionists or powerful magnates aligned with Zionist interests.  Such are the cases of the self-named “philanthropists” and “environmentalists” Douglas Tomkins, Ted Turner, Benetton, George Soros and Eduardo Elzstain, who are today amongst the largest landowners in Argentina.

At this point, the reader is referred to the author’s book“El Cerebro del Mundo: la cara oculta de la globalización”, the last chapter of which,“Argentina privatizada o el canje de deuda por  territorio”, describes a series of posible mecanisms which may be used to seize and control in practical terms the Argentine and Chilean territories in Paragonia – even if this is not yet formally and legally achieved. [15]  

Naturally, the success of this slow process of taking over this vast territory requires counting with unflinching support from local Argentine Governments, which must therefore be subordinated to these long-term policies, carrying them out from their positions of power within Government.  Such were these cases of former presidents Raúl Alfonsín and Carlos Menem who did so voluntarily and knowingly; of the Civilian-Military Regime which usurped power between 1976 and 1982 and of former president Fernando De la Rua, who did so in ignorance; or of president Nestor Kirchner who does so today in order to protect and promote personal and crony interests.

Be it as it may, they will always need a “president-manager” to act as a sort of local CEO to carry out the successive stages of this highly complex engineering, geared on disolving and eventually splitting the territory of the Argentina as described above, the main axis of which runs through the 40th Parallel.

Perhaps a particularly good example of what we say can be seen in the case of the Zionist financier Eduardo Elsztain, partner in Argentina of Zionist Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros.  Once again, we turn to the Buenos Aires newspaper “La  Nación” which in a noteworthy full page article published in its Sunday Edition of 3rd July 2005 under the eloquent title Eduardo  Elsztain: el dueño de la tierra(i.e., “Eduardo Elsztain: the owner of the land”[16]), described real estate business deals of IRSA, Mr. Elsztain’s holding company, and gave a detailed profile of him indicating he is a close associate of Edgar Bronfman, president of the World Jewish Congress (www.worldjewishcongress.org), a powerful supra-national pro-Zionist Jewish institution, which on its Website shows a large opening icon promoting that we should all “Support Israel”. 

We should bear in mind that at the beginning of the nineties, George Soros disembarked in Argentina under the guidance of Mr. Elsztain and after “doing good business” here during the notoriously infamous decade when Carlos Menem was president, pulled out of Argentina taking u$s 500 millones in profits from our  generous country.  Mr. Soros has also been mentor and protegée to Domingo Cavallo whose catastrophic eight months as economy minister for former president Fernando de la Rua (March to December 2001), led to Argentina’s worst financial collapse at the end of that year.  Edgar Bronfman, in turn, named Mr Elsztain treasurer of the World Jewish Congress [17]

One can see certain ominous and worrisome similarities between this process of gradual infiltration in our country over the past decades, and the process begun in Palestine in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s which led to the outright overpowering of the Palestinians in1948 and the seizure of their territory by International Zionism.

Will we be seeing some time in the not too distant future the “Palestinization of Argentina” with the ensuing enormous perils and danger of future conflict that that implies?

Putting the “Show” together

1)         The two terrorist bomb attacks in Buenos Aires in 1992 and 1994

From the above viewpoint, we should also address another matter which has very strongly affected Argentina and may have far-reaching consequence for us, as are the two terrible terrorst bomb attacks against the Israeli Embassy in March 1992 and AMIA-DAIA-OSA Headquarters in July 1994, which completely demolished both buildings and killed almost 150 people. 

Investigations and court proceedings involving both attacks have been very complex, drawn out and misleading.  They have been under undue pressure from foreign governments (i.e., the United States and the State of Israel), as well as from powerful pro-Israeli lobbies (i.e., AMIA, DAIA, OSA, Memoria Activa locally, and World Jewish Congress, World Zionist Organization, internationally, amonsgst others).   A huge number of irregularities were committed in the drive to find a clearly inexistent “Iranian Connection” via Hizbollah and Syria, that at one point went so far as having impreached Federal Judge Juan José Galeano actually give a u$s 400.000 bribe to a detainee - one Carlos Telleldín - so that he would agree to give false testimony incriminating the Buenos Aires Province Police, as that would have in turn led to the outright fabrication of the much sought for but inexistent “Iranian Connection”, as required by the local US and Israeli embassies. 

Both the US and Israel have spent the last ten years trying to get both attacks blamed on Hamas and Hezbollah in particular, and on “Islamic Fundamentalists”, Syria and Iran, in general, because if they could have such “proof” fabricated, then that would mean that Argentina would be contributing an important element to help further Zionist interests by giving the US and Israel yet another excuse for a preventive strike against Iran, at a time when world public opinion is increasingly dubious about this. 

As explained in Chapter Six of the author’s book “Bienvenidos a las Jungla: Dominio y Supervivencia en el Nuevo Orden Mundial”, the truth of the matter is that what we should be looking for is not an inexistent “Iranian Connection”, but rather a much more plausible Israeli Connection, especially considering that the early nineties marked a high point in the internal struggles within Israel between those who want peace and those who want war; i.e., the Warlike Israel and the Peaceful Israel. 

In 1992, Gral Yitzakh Rabin became prime minister of Israel and sought to make peace and amends with the Palestinians and his Arab neighbours, within the scope of the Oslo Agreements.  In 1994 Israel agreed a peace treaty with Jordan, Yasser Arafat was allowed back into Palestine, the Camp David accord was agreed, and peace seemed to be a true possibility in the Middle East.  It was then that both these explosions took place in Buenos Aires – notoriously the AMIA attack occurred in July 1994 - but the dramatic high point in this internal Israeli conflict was to come on 4th November 1995 when prime minister Rabin was assassinated in the streets of Tel Aviv, not by a Muslim Fundamentalist nor by a neonazi skinhead, but by one Amir Ygal, an ultra right-wing Zionist militant, close to the fanatical Settlers’ Movements and linked through his brother to the Internal Security Agency, Shin Beth.

Clearly an operation seems to be well underway to drag Argentina into the US and Israeli camp in the coming “preventive war” against Iran, Syria and other anti-Israel Muslim countries.

2)         The Triple Border Area (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay)

We were recently able to ascertain once again that local newspapers such as “La Nación” systematically misinform the public in their endeavour to please observers at the US and Israeli embassies.  For example, on 18th August 2006 they ran a dramatic headline which read “Hezbollah say that they receive money from Argentina: one of the gang leaders from this group informed La Nacion that money is sent by Lebanese Muslims and Christians but did not specify the mounts involved” 

Considering the hysteria that has been mounting amongst Zionists the world over, this headline has the obvious intent of implying that Argentina’s numerous and peaceful Syrian-Lebanese community (both Muslims and Maronite Christians) are financing the Katiushka missiles with which Hezbollah attacked the Israelies.  The truth of the matter, however, is quite different, in that what these sectors of the Syrian-Lebanese community in Argentina are doing is sending funds to rebuild Lebanon – the country of their forefathers – after the devastation brought about by the tens of thousands of bombs dropped on Lebanese cities during several terrible weeks by Israel.

The president of the AMIA requested that an investigation be launched into those remittances of monies made by the Syrian-Lebanese community in Argentina to reconstruct Lebanon.  No doubt, following the same train of thought and intentions, it would be much more important to also investigate the far, far larger amounts of monies remitted to the State of Israel and the global network of Zionist lobbies and organizations, by Jews residing in Argentina and by local Jewish Community organizations such as the AMIA, DAIA, OSA, Bet-El, Simon Wiesenthal Center and others.  No doubt, the billions of dollars which they have contributed directly or indirectly to the State of Israel in recent years have been used – in part at least – to finance the Israeli War Machine in the Middle East.

Finally, what is happening in the Middle East is definitely of transcendental importance to all of mankind, in that a war being fought by a very tiny part of mankind (total world Jewish population is officially less than 16 million people, i.e., 0.2% of the 6.5 billion people on this planet), threatens to set fire to the entire planet through an escalating war to which there seems to be no limit.  This unprecedented phenomenon is, amongst many other things, deeply antidemocratic in that it would seem that the interests of this small but most powerful minority has more sway than the combined interests and power of the remaining 99.8% of the humanity.  Naturally, this unheard of phenomenon will also impact on Argentina and our Region.

Argentina’s political leadership inside and outside Government, and in the mass media, do not seem to properly understand and grasp the full significance of what is occurring and thus completely ignore what urgent measures Argentina should be taking in order to defend our National Interest in preparation for coming events and battles, as we briefly summarize in this paper.

Part of the problem surely lies with the fact that local multimedia are monopolized and controlled by the very same financial interests of the New World Order power structure and, consequently, are for the most part aligned and naturally atuned to the interests and objectives of International Zionism.  So much so, that instead of helping to clarify and understand these complex events, we can observe how they fall silent or give very distorted and subjective images of reality when that best suits them.

Consequently, the sole option that Argentina and regional public opinion have is to awaken to these facts, to start thinking with our own brains and not through the minds of our adversaries and enemies, to start calling things by their real names, and to begin taking control over our Destiny as a Nation and as a Region.

Lastly, and as a corrolary of what we describe herein, we set out below a series of key initial questions that need to be openly addressed and debated in order that we may all have a clearer view of what is truly happening in the world, and how this will impact upon all our lives in the very near future.


(*) Adrian Salbuchi - Argentine Researcher, Author, Journalist and International Consultant, specializing in the political, economic and financial power structures of the so-called New World Order.  Founder of the political movement MSRA - Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina (Argentine Second Republic Movement).  Author of various books on Geopolitics, notably: “El Cerebro del Mundo: la Cara Oculta de la Globalización” (Ediciones el Copista, Córdoba, Argentina, Cuarta Edición 2003; 1st Colombian Edition, Editorial Solar, Bogotá, 2004, 470 pages.), “Bienvenidos a la Jungla….Dominio y Supervivencia en el Nuevo Orden Mundial” (Ediciones Anábasis, Córdoba, Argentina, 2005, 252 pages); “Argentina: ¿Colonia Financiera?” (Ediciones del Copista, Córdoba, Argentina, 2002, 136 pages), “La Segunda República Argentina: el Hito Fundacional del Siglo XXI” (La Editorial Virtual, Buenos Aires, 2001, 24 pages).   Appears regularly on television and radio programmes in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario and other Argentine cities.  Conducts the Radio Talk-show “El Traductor Radial” in Buenos Aires.    Together with lawyer Juan Gabriel Labaké and journalist Enrique Romero, Mr. Salbuchi filed a law-suit against Argentine President Nestor Kirchner and his closest associates over alleged mismanagement and possible fraud involving over 500 million US Dollars in Public Funds belonging to the Province of Santa Cruz during Mr. Kirchner’s tenure as Governor of that Southerly Argentine Province from 1993 to 2003 (Federal Case No. 6662/04 filed on 05-May-2004 in the Buenos Aires District Federal Economic Crimes Court No. 7).


([1]) “Nasrallah wins the war” reads the sign held by a young Lebanese man standing over the rubble of a bombed out Beirut apartment block on the cover of London weekly news magazine The Economist of 19/25 August  2006.  In their analysis, they say “Hassan Nasrallah and Ehud Olmert both say they won. But in asymmetrical warfare, the test of victory is asymmetrical too. Israel’s prime minister set himself an absurd aim – the complete demolition of Hilzbollah’s power in Lebanon- and failed to achieve it. The shrewder Mr. Nasrallah said victory would consist merely of surviving; and  Hizbollah, however battered, did survive.  On the last day it was not just standing, it also fired a record 246 missiles into Israel”   

([2])  Through the Project for a New American  Century, a geopolitical plan that prioritizes the Israeli Nacional Interest over that of the United States and which became oficial US policy when George W. Bush became president in 2001 as described in our book “Bienvenidos a la Jungla: Dominio y Supervivencia en el Nuevo Orden Mundial” (Editorial Anábasis, Córdoba,  2005, 252 págs.), Chap. V (“El Imperio: Estados Unidos, Reino Unido y Estado de  Israel” – The Empire: the US, Britain and the State of Israel”)

([3]) When the First World war ended in 1918, the Allies not only defeated Germany and Austro-Hungary but also the Ottoman Empire, after which Britain took over Palestine and Jordan as “Protectorates” in the Middle East.  A short time before, in 1917, the British Governement had issued its well-known Belfour Declaration to Lord Rothschild, in which HM Government said it would favour creating a Jewish State in Palestine, and thus triggering mass emigration of European Jews to Palestine, which was generously financied by the Jewish Agency in London.  Needless to say, Britain had no right nor titles to deliver Palestine over to the European Zionists, although centuries of historical evidence point to the fact that this kind “divide and conquer” tactic on the part of Britain was part of its Empire Building strategy.

([4]) Report on BBC World Television, 29-Aug-06. 

([5]) See The Wall Street Journal, 22-Aug-06, article“Israeli Reservists Lead Growing Protest Movement”.

([6]) Jewish-American ultra right-wing fundamentalist medic who on 25th February 1994 opened fire with a machine gun against Muslims praying in the Cave of the Patriarchs Mosque in Hebron, killing more than  40 civilians.  To date, no one can properly explain how this fully armed man could have penetrated the security controles of the Israeli Army in Hebron.  Goldstein acted as a “suicide assassin” by carrying out this attack and, to this day, his tomb in Israel is a place of pilgrimage for extreme Right wing radical Israelis.

([7]) The London Sunday Telegraph,27-Aug-06.  Article by Harry de Quetteville.

([8]) Originally published in German in Vienna as “Der Judenstaat”, later translated into dozens of languages.  For this article we used an English language version, “The Jewish  State”, published by American Zionist Emergency Council, New York, Doubleday Publications, 1988. 

([9])  Described in detail and very completely by Julio C. González, the former Legal Secretary in the last democratic government under president Juan Domingo Perón, in his book “Los tratados de paz por la guerra de las Malvinas: desocupación y hambre para  los Argentinos” (Ediciones del Copista, Córdoba, 2004 – i.e., “The peace treaties over the Malvinas War: unemployment and hunger for Argentinians”) 

([10]) The five huge Patagonian provinces in Argentinas – Río Negro, Neuquén, Chubut, Santa  Cruz y Tierra del Fuego – have a combined population of only 1.600.000  habitantes; incomparison, the tiny La Matanza County in the heavily populated Greater Buenos Aires City Area – a mere dot on the map of Argentina – also has a population of 1.600.000 people.  One can hardly imagine greater demographic asymmetry, which is the result of the total lack of a truly comprehensive National Strategy in Argentina since many decades

([11])  See article Some in Argentina See  Secession as the Answer to Economic Peril by Larry Rohter in The New York  Times, 27th August 2002. 

([11a]) See article Argentina Didn’t Fall on Its Own: Wall Street Pushed Debt Till the Last by Paul Blustein, in The Washington Post, 3rd August  2003.   

([12]) Héctor Giuliano, Grupo Editor del Encuentro, Buenos Aires, 2006.

([13])  See “La Nación”, 5th January 1986,  Secc. 3, Provincias, Page 6.  

([14])  See Herzl, The Jewish State, op. Cit., pages 141 y  142

([15])  See also www.eltraductorradial.com.ar or a copy can be made available upon request by writing to eltraductorradial@fibertel.com.ar.

([16])  See La Nación, 03-Jul-2005, Section 7, “Enfoques”, page. 6; article written by Alfredo Sainz.

([17])  Below are some details on these individuals and several of their organizations

·          Edgar  Bronfman -  president of the World  Jewish Congress, member of the powerful Council on Foreign  Relations; member of the Zionist militant group Anti-Difamation League run by the Jewish Masonic Lodge, B´Nai B´Rith.   Chairman & CEO,e Warner  Music Group, Former Chairman until 1994 and main shareholder of The Seagram  Company, Vivendi Music, Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer  and Universal  Studios.

·          George  Soros- member of the Council on  Foreign Relations, Trilateral  Commission; founder of mega investment funds The Quantum Fund, The Soros Fund, The Dolphin  Fund (together with Argentine Marcelo Midlin), protector to Domingo Felipe Cavallo (See “El Traductor Grafico” No. 26). 

·          IRSA- Real Estate company founded by the Elsztain family in 1943.  PresidentEduardo ElsztainGeneral Manager: Alejandro Elsztain; Shopping Centers DirectorDaniel ElzstainReal Estate Director: Fernando ElsztainCounsel: Saúl Zang; Vicepresident until 2003: Marcelo Midlin (now president of the Dolphin Fund founded by Soros and shareholders of the largest electricity utility in the country, Edenor).

·          Banco HipotecarioControlled by IRSA through Elzstain’s partner, Clarisa Lifsic de Estol president of the Bank in which Elsztain is vicepresidente.  Amongst its directors we find Jacobo  Dreizzen (who together with Domingo Cavallo helped implement the faudulent Debt Bond Mega-Swap of June 2001 which led to Argentina’s financial meltdown in 2001/2002) and Daniel Marx  (partner to Nicholas  Brady – former Treasurty Secretary under George H W Bush and creator of the Debt Bonds that bear his name)

·          Fundacion Endeavour  - President in Argentina: Eduardo ElsztainPresident in the USA: Linda Rottenberg (member of the Council on Foreign Relations).  Elsztain is joined in Argentina by Woods Staton (Vicepresident and representative of McDonalds), Lisandro  Bril (Treasurer and member of the Group of Fifty), Oscar  Toppelberg (Secretary and former director of The Dolphin Fund), María  Eugenia Estenssoro (board member), Santiago  Bilinkis (board member).   Elsztain is also Global Advisor in The Endeavour Foundation, New York together with Ariel  Aisiks (Executive Director, Morgan Stanley), Edward  Misrahi (Director, Goldman, Sachs &  Co. – Latin America Area), Francisco  de Narvaez (CEO, Next International), Juan Peirano (Grupo Velox) Alvaro Saieh (Chilean businessman and present of Corp Group International Ltd; member of the Americas Society); Susan L. Segal (Chase Capital Partners Lat.Am.Division and president of  Americas Society), Fredrick  E. Steck (managing director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.) and Martin Varsavsky (alleged “investor” and speculator who financed Southern  Winds Airlines, shut down alter a drug scandal in 1995, and of the Educ.ar website together with Antonio de la Rúa, notorious son of former president De la Rua). 

·          The Dolphin Fund  Management –Founded in 1990 by Elsztain to manage investment portfolios in emerging markets and, especially, in Latin America. Dolphin manages Dolphin Latin America, an investment fund for the Argentine Market and the Dolphin Fund, an investment vehicle for international investors run by Marcelo  Mindlin, partner to Elsztain at IRSA.  We describe but a small part of this  complex and interlocking local and international business network