By Harrell Rhome, Ph.D.


This paper was first published in “The Barnes Review” historical journal, May-June 2003 issue, followed by The Revisionist Observer, and then on several Internet sites.  Readers are encouraged to circulate it.




In December 2002, this author received a unique and special “Christmas gift” from “Eagle Newsletter” columnist Yancy Ames.  Under the Freedom of Information Act, Ames obtained a number of formerly secret State Department documents dating from 1919-1920 (and some later ones as well) regarding the early 20th century Zionist movement.   Some of the keys items were only declassified as late as 28 December 2001.  As strange as it now seems under our current climate of political correctness, high officials in our government began an inquiry into (among other things) the connections between Zionism and the Bolshevik Russian Revolution of 1917.  The existence of these documents formed the basis for The Jewish Threat: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army, a book by Joseph Bendersky, published in 2000, and reviewed in the March-April 2002 Journal of Cultural Review.  Bendersky intended his book as a refutation, but as is the case with more than a few works of this nature, when all the material is presented, some readers may come to other conclusions.  As Ames said to me, three things quite are apparent, even to the casual reader of these documents:  Jews were most active in financing and staffing Communism; our government knew it and covered it up; the cover-up continues today.  Together with the various sources surveyed by the inquiry was the ever-controversial Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  This inquiry was before Henry Ford published his volume on the Protocols, and nothing in that still controversial book indicates that Ford’s research staff had access to any of this then-secret, which was then classified and unavailable.  But as intriguing as that subject may be, and though we shall refer to them, the Protocols themselves are not to focus of this paper.  


These formerly secret official documents are unique and fascinating pieces of history.  As an example, one is signed by J. Edgar Hoover, then Special Assistant to the Attorney General (he did not become F.B.I. Director until 1924).  Hoover said:  “I am in receipt of a communication from the Department of State advising me that there is to be held in Europe an International Zionist Conference.  It is not stated when or where this conference will be held, but I believe that it will be highly desirable to obtain some information concerning the same and I am communicating this information to you in order that you may possibly communicate with the Military Attaché abroad for obtaining definite information as to the transactions of this conference.”  Read on and see if you agree.


The documents provide clear evidence that the Zionist movement diligently and covertly sought to hijack the new Polish nation by creating a largely independent Zionist entity within the new state.  In many ways, they were up to the same tricks as today, following the dictum that if something is working, why change it?  “The recent emphasis in American public opinion placed on the part of the Jews have been taking in world events has seemed to warrant the State Department in undertaking a preliminary study of the particular matters in controversy and also the larger question of the scope of Jewish influence in world affairs today.  Among the more important points around which controversy has raged are: …The various phases of the Polish question: … (a) Whether the Jewish anti-Polish propaganda in the United States has been based on actual widespread Jewish pogroms in Poland, or (b) Whether, on the contrary, the stories of pogroms have been greatly exaggerated as a part of deliberate Zionist propaganda to get for the Jews in Poland minority rights which both factions of American Poles publicly denounce as amounting to the creation of a state within a state. … The important thing for us, however, is the fact that Americans in the main do not sense the situation nor appreciate its dangerous possibilities.”  (August 1919, declassified May 1973).  If all of this seems eerily familiar with the dazed, beguiled, blasé and preoccupied Americans of today, then you are entirely correct!  But before we explore the Zionist subversion in Poland, let’s take a quick look at the larger Communist revolutionary movement of the early 20th century.




Some readers are already familiar with the facts that the Bolshevik revolutionaries in Russia, Germany, Hungary, etc. were largely led by (at all levels, including the very top) and funded by Jews.  If there was any doubt, this same document amply confirms the truth of the matter.  “Of the German Commissaries (Commissars) … 25 out of 32 are Jews….  The early efforts of the Bolsheviki to get control in Russia were financed by the German [Imperial] government, largely through the German Jewish banking firm of M. N. Warburg and Company of Hamburg….  Practically all of the men who participated in the negotiations with the Bolsheviki in turning over these funds were Jews.”  (From the same document, with extractions from the confidential weekly report of the Division of Western European Affairs for 28 June 1919).  If there was any doubt, see if there is not also a parallel with today’s media climate which praises and never criticizes the Zionists:  “We have mentioned several times the disagreeable fact that the Russian Bolsheviks were Jews.  These Jews are at the present moment in control of the Russian government and they have powerful friends in all the Allied countries, who are helping them.  We have appealed to the British Jews, but appealed so far in vain, to disassociate themselves formally from a cause which is doing the Jewish people terrible harm in all parts of the world.  In reply, the Jewish press shower upon us not only abuse but threats.”   (London Morning Post, 06 April 1919, quoted in same document).  And it was not just in Britain.  In a report dated 20 May 1919, M. C. Keyes, a Secret Service Agent, stated:  “When Dr. Simons, formerly a resident of Russia made the statement that ‘90% of the Bolsheviks in New York were Jews’, the entire radical element … rose in arms and … vilified a man whose only crime was being too modest in his calculations.  I am satisfied that instead of 90% it should be nearer the actual amount to say that 95% of the Bolsheviks were Jews.  Only recently I had the opportunity to look over the records of one Soviet branch in New York.  Out of a membership of 700, 625 were Jews.”  Not only that, Vice Consul R. B. Dennis testified before Congress saying, “…a number of men in positions of power, commissars in the cities here and there in Russia, had lived in America.”  Without belaboring the point, many readers already know that Leon Trotsky (whose real name, was Bronstein) was one who was aided by the Imperial German government and the international financiers to pull off the 1917 Russian Revolution.


The foregoing material represents only a small portion of the documentation provided to and by the State Department, but clearly delineates the Zionist affiliations of the main conspirators.  Now let’s turn our attention to Poland.




The Slavic tribes were first united under the Plast dynasty in the 10th century who was succeeded by the Jagiello dynasty who ruled from 1386 to 1572.  A greater Polish-Lithuanian state was created in 1569, reaching from the Baltic to the Black Sea.  This was a “golden age” of artistic and scientific progress.  But in the 16th and 17th centuries, a large portion of territory was lost to Russia and Sweden.  In 1697, the Electors of Saxony became the kings of Poland, and national independence was virtually lost.  Eventually, Poland was partitioned between Prussia, the Austrian Empire and Russia, resulting in the disappearance of Poland from the maps of Europe.  Much of Poland became a part of the larger Russian Empire until the end of the First World War, but the spirit of Polish independence never died.  The Polish people had a great and unstoppable yearning for freedom as an independent nation.  In 1918, an independent Poland was proclaimed under the leadership of Joseph Pilsudski, and the maps of Europe were redrawn once again under the Treaty of Versailles.  It is this period of time that is referred to in the State Department documents, a time of formation and upheaval.  According to the authorities of the day, there were over 5,000,000 Jews in Poland, forming the most organized and significant minority group. 




Prominent Zionists of the day such as Louis Marshall, Jacob Schiff and more than a few others vehemently claimed that thousands of Jews were victims of Polish oppression.  But was this really the case?  Not according to Hugh Gibson, special U.S. envoy to Poland, who reported that the exaggerated stories were traceable to German [Weimar government] propaganda sent out by way of Copenhagen.  Nor were all Jews active in supporting the lies.  In the New York Herald of 02 July 1919 Polish-Jewish educator Professor Askenazy said: “It is true that there have been some outbreaks against the Jews, for special reasons, due to upset conditions, and tales about Jewish profiteering, particularly from Russian Bolshevik Jews, who are trying to upset the Polish national spirit.  I remark with wonder that the leaders of America’s greatest Jewish societies are lending themselves to this movement, for all the agitation in America is only helping Germany and Bolshevik Russia.  Whenever one Jew has been hurt in Poland, Jews say ten were killed and Germans say a thousand.  If a Jew is killed in conflict, like the Jews in Vilna [or Vilnius; Lithuania was then a part of Poland] who fought against the Bolsheviki, the press immediately spreads a tale of a Polish Pogrom….”  Does this sound familiar, like what is happening today in Israel/Palestine?  Palestinian women and children are killed every week by Israeli state terrorism, yet is hardly mentioned at all.  But when the oppressed strike back, it is monotonously repeated over all the American news media outlets.


Another similar tactic also continues today.  Anyone in the government or otherwise prominent who disagrees with the Zionists is slandered and defamed.  Hugh Gibson, a very experienced and competent diplomat, was named as Ambassador to the new Polish state, but Mr. Gibson was not in lockstep with the Zionist’s insistence on the reality of the pogroms.  Louis Marshall parroted the party line about this “proto-holocaust”, saying “In its horror and system the acts recalled the worst epochs of the Middle Ages.”  This was followed with “a bitter and vituperative attack on Mr. Gibson, …charging that Gibson’s report is necessarily based on merest hearsay, parroting repetition of what has been told him in court circles.”  In another words, his mistake was listening to the Poles and what they had to say rather than solely relying on the Zionists.  “It seems quite possible that these Jewish leaders realized that an honest report would destroy the ammunition for their anti-Polish propaganda and show up more strikingly the utter unfairness of the attack on Mr. Gibson’s confirmation.”  But the Zionists weren’t as well-entrenched and successful as they are today.  Hugh Gibson was confirmed by the Senate, and served as U.S. Ambassador to Poland from 1919 to 1924.  But on another front, when the Zionists could not find surrogates to do their dirty work, they took it in their own hands to strike back at Polish-Americans who dared oppose them with a boycott.  In these early days before fair housing and employment laws “…Jewish employers in America have discharged Polish workmen and Jewish landlords have evicted Polish tenants.”




The 1919-20 State Department inquiry continues:  “Have the Jewish Zionists as a part of a definite propaganda [campaign] to get for the Jews of Poland minority rights, deliberately exaggerated the stories of Pogroms in Poland?  The Bill of Rights adopted at the American-Jewish Congress at Philadelphia on December 19, 1918, requested the Peace Conference to grant to the Jews in new or enlarged states to be created by the Conference, autonomous management of all Jewish communal institutions and insisted that such autonomy be a condition precedent to the creation of any such state.  Poland being the largest and most important new state thus to be formed, it was natural that Jews should center their efforts on establishing the principle there.  To quote from one of their own number, (Israel Cohen in The Washington Post, May 30, 1919):  ‘There is only one way in which the civil equality of the Jews can be preserved and that is by their being given the rights of a national minority.  The Jews should be given autonomy as far as the administration of their religious, cultural, social and charitable affairs are concerned, but they should also be constituted a separate electoral college with the right to proportional representation in the Polish Parliament.”  So what they wanted was not only full autonomy over their own affairs as a state-within-a-state, but they also wanted a Parliamentary presence to further influence the affairs of the new Polish republic.  Yet in spite of wanting a major role in the new Polish state, they did not want all the responsibilities that go with it – such as defending it.  The inquiry discovered that “The army is very largely composed of Poles.  Upon the passage of the draft law, 90% of the Jews of the country called for what is known as the blue ticket, which is an exemption certificate given to those who are aliens.  Incidentally this has an important political bearing as being an official announcement by 90% of the Polish Jews that they consider themselves not Poles but Jews per se.”


Just as Zionist propaganda campaigns today are never ceasing so it was over eighty years ago.  “A careful reading of the prominent articles concerning alleged atrocities …began appearing simultaneously in the leading American papers…, shows a striking similarity in form, in substance in form, in substance and in headlines, a similarity so striking as to have no other reasonable explanation than that of a thoroughly planned propaganda. … Confidential dispatches from Copenhagen describe a German inspired organization abroad to supply news of pogroms for publication in the American-Jewish press.”  At the same time, pogroms and outbreaks of violence in then-Bolshevik Russia were ignored.  But the State Department investigators were not fooled.  While the small numbers of victims in Poland were overblown, much larger atrocities were ignored.  “Contrast this with the statement of Rabbi Tittlebaum concerning the persecution of the Jews of Southern Russia, in which he tells of the killing and wounding of thousands, 5000 being killed in the town of Proscorof alone.  There has been little publicity about this in the United States, probably because it would defeat the purposes of the Zionist propaganda as showing the outbreaks against the Jews in Poland were more restrained and acceptable by much less loss of life than those in other places where chaotic conditions prevailed, such as Southern Russia.”  Moreover, none of the Zionist propaganda outlets reported that many of the Jewish casualties in Vilna were “…were killed in the house-to-house fighting by which the Poles took the city from the Bolsheviki.”  The report goes on to show the outright and barely hidden favoritism for Bolshevism by American Zionist groups.  “…It should be noted that both Judge Mack and Mr. Marshall, as well as Jacob Schiff, are all members of the Executive Committee of the Jewish Kehillah in New York, which committee has as its Chairman Rabbi Judah L. Magnus, …an open and avowed advocate of Bolshevism both in Russia and the United States.  As to the Kehillah itself, while it is ostensibly interested solely in Jewish community work, some question has been raised to its alleged …pro-Bolshevik tendencies.”  Other Jewish leaders such as Felix Warburg spoke the truth, saying the propaganda campaign was “…an attempt by the Jews to prejudice Americans against the new Polish government.”  Famous author of the day, G. K. Chesterton, also spoke plainly and without guile as to the real purpose of the propaganda campaign.  “…The fact is not that the Jews wish well to the new state, but that the Jews are at this moment using all their keen intellectual activity and their deep racial loyalty, working all over the world at high pressure, to prevent the new Polish state coming into existence at all.”  Compare this to the present-day demonization of Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority in an on-going and never-ceasing campaign to portray the Palestinian people as incapable of self-government in order to block and delay as long as possible the establishment of a free Palestinian state.




Because of their worldwide organization and unlimited financial resources, the Zionists achieved almost all their goals through this early “holocaust” propaganda.  “As a result of the publicity given these Jewish and [Weimar] German inspired anti-Polish protests, both in this country and abroad, the Poles were defeated and ‘The Combined Jewish Committee of the World’ headed by Mr. Louis Marshall were able to secure (1) the special provisions set out in …the Polish Treaty and (2) the general acquiescence in these provisions on the part of the American Press.  The American Poles, however, are more bitter than ever in their denouncement of these articles as undemocratic and un-American.”  Of course, they were correct, but effectively ignored.  In a report of 04 June 1919, the Foreign Language Bureau of the U.S. Treasury Department quite accurately stated: “The Poles privately maintain that the Jews are disappointed in the development of Poland into a free and independent nation as the situation of Jewish leaders for many generations has been to make of Poland a Jewish economic state commanding the commercial and financial channels of Eastern Europe….”  Polish-American organizations undertook a boycott of Jewish enterprises, but that eventually ceased and came to nothing. 


The Polish independent and free state, such as it was, did not last very long, perhaps because of flaws created by special rights for non-Polish minorities.  The republican constitution was fully adopted in 1921, but in 1926, Pilsudski assumed dictatorial powers.  When he died in 1935, power passed to an authoritarian military junta, which was the government in power when war broke out with Germany in September 1939.  The causes of this war are most often grossly misunderstood, but that is not our focus.




The answer is yes, but this must be qualified.  As previously stated, many more (along with uncounted millions of Christians) died under the Bolshevist commissars in Southern Russia and the Ukraine, but these casualties were ignored as they were of no value to the Zionist movement and its goals.  In comparison, the Polish-Jewish casualties (including those in Lithuania) were quite small.  The declassified documents included various statements from honest Jews attesting to this:  “That the treatment of the Jews by the Poles is liberal and humane and is proved not only by the dispatches of our representatives, but by the testimony of many Polish Jews themselves.  Only the other day we received a letter from a prominent Polish Jew warmly protesting against the anti-Polish propaganda – which we can assure those engaged it if is doing great injury to their Polish co-religionists.  He described how the [Imperial and later Weimar] Germans had for 100 years followed a policy of setting the Polish Jews against the Christian Poles, and had even gone so far as to force Polish Jews to take derisory German names, which are even now, he argues, a great obstacle in the way of assimilation.  He asserted that they Polish Jews desire to take Polish names and cooperate with the Christian Poles in creating a Polish nation.  But they cannot hope to do this as long as Jewish nationalists [Zionists] and German propagandists stir up the Jews against the Poles and the Poles against the Jews.  Those English Jews, therefore, who are carrying on a propaganda against Poland are doing very ill service to their kindred in that country. … The British Foreign Office is being used by these Jewish [Zionist] propagandists to harass and insult Poland at this most critical and dangerous time.” 


Polish Jews who favored a free and independent Polish state never really had a chance.  On 26 January 1921, the U.S. Military Attaché, Major E. E. Farman, reported that:  “During the Bolshevik advance (July-August 1920) all the parties except a small Communist group rallied to the support of the Polish government.  The Communist Party is believed, probably with much right, to be led by younger Jewish elements, especially by the Russian Jews as opposed to those who have lived for centuries in Poland.  The preponderant role of the Jew in Bolshevik Russia is realized even by the most ignorant Polish peasant….  During the critical days of July and August, military gendarmes patrolled the streets of Warsaw all day and night….  Those not having the proper papers were arrested, formed into squads and marched out to work on the trenches.  If they appeared to be deserters, they were sent to prison.  Anyone who saw these squads could not fail to remark that 90% were Jews. … Undoubtedly there were many Jews …who joined the Polish Army and fought as Poles [but] the fact remains that to the Polish soldier and to the Polish population, the small percentage of Jews at the front to those who were not there was evident on every side. … As to stories of wholesale pillaging of the Jews, they are often true.  The Pole, and all other soldiers in this part of the world live as in medieval times largely by pillaging.  But the Jew was probably less pillaged than the peasant. … From all evidence at hand, it is my belief that, in general, the Jews at first welcomed the Bolsheviks. … In some cases, they went out to meet the invader with bands.”


There are pages and pages of similar statements, but in the interest of brevity, there is nothing to gain by belaboring the point through repetition.  The conclusion is clear and unavoidable – in this crucial time at the beginning of the new Polish state, it never really had a fair chance.  It was beset on all sides by ill-intentioned and hostile forces, not the least of which were the Zionist nationalists who wanted to co-opt and hijack the whole enterprise for their own selfish aims.




Earlier I told you that the State Department committee of inquiry also examined the documents known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  Today, it is most often said that the Protocols were a “forgery” or were written much earlier, but the investigators evidently did not think so.  As a matter of fact, the researchers produced page after page, not just of the Protocols (hitherto published only in limited editions and by and large known only to a few), but also paralleled with statements by Zionist leaders, where much the same things were said.  Even though Henry Ford published the Protocols only a few years after these reports, neither he nor his research staff has access to these official documents.   They were classified as secret and thus were unavailable, most of them not to be declassified until December of 2001.  Moreover, I have purposely not included any of this material on the Protocols as it will eventually form the basis of another article.  But one excerpt is too graphic to ignore, and has direct bearing on the Jewish casualties in Poland.  More importantly, it has direct bearing on the Jewish casualties of violence in Israel/Palestine today.  Last Summer at the Third Annual Conference on Authentic History and the First Amendment, journalist Nita Renfrew gave personal testimony how Kibbutz leaders allowed volunteers to be harmed by land mines – mines they already knew were present.  Why?  Because every casualty meant that even more American dollars would be given to “protect” the Israeli ministate.  Have you ever wondered how it is that Palestinian extremists can infiltrate exclusively Jewish neighborhoods and nightclubs or how it is that they can obtain Israeli Army uniforms?  Could it be that the attacks are sometimes allowed to happen, and that Mossad or the Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency infiltrates some of the Palestinian groups?  For a moment, just consider the possibility as you read from Protocol 15 as cited in the investigative documents:  “How far sighted were our wise men of old when they said that to attain a serious object one must not stop at the means, nor should one count the victims sacrificed to the cause.  We have not counted the victims from among the Goys, those seeds of cattle.  Although we have sacrificed many of our own we have already given them in return an undreamed of position on earth.  The comparatively small number of victims from among our own people has been a guarantee from destruction.”




It is certainly no surprise that this official inquiry was classified and kept under wraps for almost a century.  Since Zionists and Zionist sympathizers now control the State Department, perhaps the biggest shock is that it was declassified at all.  Yet one can only suppose that the report is now considered irrelevant and unimportant after so long a time.  Who remembers such “ancient” history, anyway; right?  More to the point, the “average American” is the product of a purposefully dumbed-down educational system, poorly grounded in history, and thus considered incapable of making the proper connections.  I can but hope that they are wrong, and it is in this spirit of truth and openness that I have capsulated and presented these findings for you.  The parallels with today’s Zionist tactics are shocking, frightening and appalling.  So then, if you believe this article is enlightening -- and especially if you agree with my conclusions -- don’t just read it and lay it aside.  Share it with another.  One of the many reports in this collection was one dated 30 November 1918.  It ended with words that are as appropriate now as they were then:  “Who has ears to hear -- let him hear.”


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Dr. Harrell Rhome is a researcher and writer living in Texas, and a Contributing Editor for The Barnes Review historical journal.  He also publishes The Revisionist Observer, a print newsletter and on-line magazine, seen at http://hometown.aol.com/eaglerevisionist, and has contributed to several other print newspapers and journals.  He has a book on Islam, The New Jihad, plus a number of papers posted on Internet sites, including the on-line magazine, Political Tsunami, seen at www.tsunamipolitico.com, where he is currently the only English-language columnist.  Also visit The Eagle Newsletter On-Line, A Nationalist News Nexus at http://hometown.aol.com/eaglenewstips.  Rhome enjoys hearing from readers. EagleRevisionist@aol.com