Through the Looking Glass...
Buenos Aires, Argentina    -    15th February 2007
Published by MSRA - Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina (Argentine Second Republic Movement), 
a Political Action Group geared on recovering Argentina's Political Sovereignty, Economic Independence and Social Justice.
Editor and Secretary: Adrian Salbuchi  -  /
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“Nos, el Pueblo….”

(Preamble of the Constitution of the Argentine Republic)


“We the People…..”

(Preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America)



Half truths are often far more dangerous than outright lies.  Mainly, because outright lies can be quickly uncovered for what they are, whilst half-truths linger on often acquiring a certain solemnity enabling those who preach them to act as if outraged whenever someone tries to unmask them. Additionally, it often happens that the half that is true, though of little or no consequence, shrewdly serves to promote the great lie that makes up the other half, with huge consequences.

This is especially true in matters referring to Politics and History, where half-truths promote double-standards, blatant hypocrisy, understatements and all manner of lies so that one thing is said whilst another is done. Events, facts, ideas, people – even entire nations – are thus judged, compared and branded in arbitrary and subjective ways, adjusting truth and reality to the interests and objectives of those in power.

For instance, since over half a century now, political leaders, media moguls and academics in the industrialized world proclaim the absolute and unquestionable need for all countries without exception to adopt "democracy" as the sole admissible and sanctioned form of government in the “civilized world”.  Naturally, what they never tell us nor properly define is exactly what “democracy” is, turning its mandatory universal acceptance by all peoples into a religious-like Dogma, rather than a logically deduced conclusion.  In Argentina, we have borne the full brunt of the imposition of “democracy” over the past quarter century, ever since our country was defeated by the combined forces of the United Kingdom and the United States during the ill-fated and worsely planned 74-day South Atlantic War over the Falkland-Malvinas Islands.  As a consequence of this, although formal military operations against Argentina ceased in June 1982; Political and Psywar attacks against our country continue to this very day. 

Looking closely at present-day “democracy”, we quickly discover that it is not an intellectually consistent doctrine.  Rather, as with all Dogmas, it must be believed and must be universally accepted. Any resistance will automatically attract anhihilation against disbelievers by the powers that be who watch over the planet from their democratic Olympic heights...

Dogmas are never debated nor questioned: you either accept them unquestioningly or you don’t.  Thus, through a complex, subtle and drawn out labyrinth of half-truths, double standards and hypocritical lies, today True DEMOCRACY - that we will spell in capital letters throughout this short essay – is the political Doctrine that promotes and consolidates maximum Freedom, Independence and Quality of Life for the greatest number of people in each nation and in the world.  In recent decades, however, this Doctrine has steadily eroded into an incarcerating quasi-religious Dogma, becoming today the exact opposite of what it was born to be.  Dogmatic corpse-like “democracy” – that we will spell in lower case letters - is but a shadow and deformed parody of True DEMOCRACY.  It bears the same relationship to it, that the picture of a plate of food bears to real food itself: in the dark times we live, a picture of food may confuse the desperately hungry, and mad crowds wanting to placate their hunger might actually eat that picture thinking it is the real stuff, only to discover the bitter truth in their mouths and bellies.  Thus are things with today’s “democracy”.

We will address certain key issues that show that in today’s world – certainly in Argentina – True DEMOCRACY is long dead, in spite of the fact that its skeleton may still hold up the dead carcass of its lifeless institutions. Precisely, this formality gives corpse-like “democracy” its half-truth characteristic, making it so difficult for those who hunger after Freedom to understand why, even though we all live “in democracy”, our world has never been so unjust, violent, perverted and dangerous as it is today.  This is all consequence of the fact that “democracy” is nothing but a façade for gross dictatorship by the powerful few, who have risen to the top through the shrewd use of hypocrisy, double-standards, half-truths, when not cruel and blatant lies. 


True DEMOCRACY versus false “democracy”

True DEMOCRACY, as a Doctrine and Political System that guarantees Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for The People, through the institutions of the Sovereign State, must be clearly distinguished from the lifeless false “democracy” prevailing today.  The latter is nothing but a dead corpse; a vampire-like instrument of control and domination in the hands of parasitical interests that systematically work against the Common Good and the National Interest.

This is why, sadly, today we have to say that True DEMOCRACY is dead.   Every citizen in every country has an obligation of becoming aware of this terrible state of affairs.  The rotting corpse of “democracy” is making it increasingly impossible for noble Society to survive, not just in my country Argentina, but in all the countries in our Region; in the United States, in the Middle East, Africa, and throughout most of the world.  If the “air” has become increasingly unbreathable, that’s because True DEMOCRACY’s fresh “oxygen” promoting the Common Good for the majority of The People is being displaced by the poisonous sulphuric fumes of false “democracy”, working against that Common Good and serving the selfish interests of very powerful but small minorities. 

What should we then do, you ask?  Any medical doctor will tell you that the first step to cure a sick patient is to properly and correctly diagnose what ails his body – the “social body”, in our case.  I.e., what are the true causes of his ailment and illness.  They can be visible causes such as open wounds, or hidden causes like an infection that poisons the bloodstream or some unseen dread disease.  Only once a proper diagnosis has been done, can a good doctor prepare and implement a proper cure – i.e., therapeutic measures - that when correctly applied in a timely manner, will lead to a restoration of health.  More often than not, that entails strong medication, intensive care and even major surgery, but they are lesser evils necessary to achieve the greater Good.

Let us therefore start by comparing salient aspects of True DEMOCRACY and false “democracy”:




(today all but absent)

False “democracy”

(prevalent in today’s world)


(social, political and economic)

·    Emanates from The People (i.e., the Nation)

·    Controlled by The People

·      Emanates from tiny parasitical, usurping domestic and/or foreign minorities.

·      Controlled by “Big Money” interests

Formal Legal Structure

·    Law and Justice;

·    The Legal System promotes and protects the Common Good

·      Imposes those laws that promote the interests of the tiny usurping minorities.

·      The Legal System runs mostly against the interests of the Common Good

Legitimacy of the State (historical, culture-al, moral and ethical)

·    Legitimate and Genuine

·    Promotes the Traditions, Values and Well-being of The People

·      Illegitimate

·      Based on the abuse of Power and Hypocrisy through half-truths and double-standards

Goals and Objectives

·    Promote the Common Good of The People

·    Defend the National Interest of the country

·      Corrode and diminish the Common Good and National Interest;

·      Weaken the Sovereign State as sole instrument for the proper government of the Nation


·     To the Will of The People

·        To the interests and objectives of tiny usurping minorities, domestic and foreign

Access to the key Government posts

·     Guarantees that the best, brightest and most capable citizens access key government posts in all three branches of the Nation-State institutions: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches, and at the three levels of Government (Federal, State and Municipal)

·        Guarantees that the worst people rise to key government posts.

·        A key characteristic is gross opportunism irrespective of ideological considerations or partisanship.

·        This is reflected in today’s servile political class, whether “progressive”  “liberal” left-wingers; or “conservative”  “neo-con” right-wingers.

Key Social Institutions governing the country

Each and every publicly constituted organization representing legitimate social groups and interests, including but not limited to:

·    Professional and academic associations, universities and schools;

·    Chambers of commerce, business federations, mutual associations;

·    Trade unions; consumer protection  groups; housewives’ and student leagues,

·    Community and ethnic associations;

·    Political parties; neighbourhood political action groups; charities;  

·    Religious organizations; cultural associations;

·    Other

·      Formally, all political power is  monopolized by the political parties infrastructure which is, in turn, easily controlled by Big Money interests;

·      Heavily financed Political Action Committees and lobbies of different kinds, all working for private corporate interests, specific social sectors and  foreign powers, wielding enormous influence and leverage over Government and the electoral process (for example, in the US)

Channels of Social Communication

·    Balanced, fair, truly Democratic;

·    Responsible use of all Media instruments

·       Powerful and authoritarian information monopoly subordinated to Big Money interests

Functions of the State

·    Sovereign: i.e., represents and executes the Will of the People.

·       Managerial: i.e., the State is subordinated to Big Money Power (i.e., domestic corporate, as in the US, or foreign, as in Argentina)

Branches of State Power:

·    Executive

·    Legislative

·    Judiciary



·    Executes in the National Interest

·    Legislates for the Common Good

·    Justice is Independent and Fair



·    Manages in favour of Sectarian Interests

·    Legislates in favour of Big Money Power

·    Subordinated to Private Power Structure

Social Filters (i.e., how citizens advance in their quality of life)

·    Highly Objective.  I.e., citizens advance and access key Government posts based on their merits, talent, work, ethics and values, capabilities, background and experience.

·    Highly Arbitrary.  I.e., citizens advance and access key Government posts based on cronyism, money, contacts, nepotism, social standing, cowardice and their displayed alignment to on-going private power structures (e.g., membership in such organizations as the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group and other similar ones forming the global private power network)



…some are much more equal than others…

In “Animal Farm”, George Orwell has certain political swine utter the famous words “all animals are equal but some aniom als are more equal than others”.  This eloquently reflects one of the characteristics of the false “democracy” we live under nowadays-.  It tempts us with the half-truth that we all have the same “rights” – i.e., “one man=one vote” – but we all know full well from everyday experience that this is hypocrisy,  as those citizens with a lot of Power have the levers at their fingertips to change the social order, redirect  public interests and priorities, buy votes (i.e., “miscount” them in the States of Florida and Ohio), hire candidates, align the media and even invade whole countries (to bring them “democracy”, and “liberty”, of course).

It is therefore very important that we understand that the key element is not so much whether or not we have a legal right to vote every so many years, but rather whether we have the real right to ensure that the interests of the vast majority of The People will prevail, and this is intimately linked to how much real Power individuals, groups and entire nations have in order to ensure those rights and interests are well preserved.  So, whilst true DEMOCRACY serves the Common Good, false “democracy” serves those groups wielding  Power at any given moment. 

Because in today’s New World Order, Power is what counts and Power has its own inner rules and dynamics:


       The Rules of Power

Rule No. 1What drives the New World Order is neither Justice, nor the pursuit of the Common Good, nor International Law, nor Ethical Values, nor - much less so! - True Democracy.  The New World Order is driven by tiny minorities that wield huge Power.

Rule No. 2 The quantity of Power available to individuals, organizations and nations is a key and determining factor.  However, the quality of Power – which is determined by the capacity and knowledge of those wielding it –  is an even more important factor.

Rule No. 3The fundamental Law of Power is a Rule of Iron, ice-cold and very cruel: Those who wield Power use it to promote and drive their objectives and interests.  Those who do NOT wield sufficient Power must suffer the consequences of the actions of those who DO have the Power to promote and drive their objectives and interests.  

Rule No. 4 –  True or Real Power drives causes normally not immediately visible that generate highly visible effects, which are implemented by Formal Power.  Symmetrically, Formal Power – which is the type of power “democratic” governments normally have –  manifests visible effects which originate in causes normally not visible, i.e., from the sources of Real Power.

Rule No. 5The real and greatest “privatization” of all time in the world is the Privatization of Real Power on a global scale and at a national scale.    Consequently,

Rule No. 6World Government is already in place.  However, we do not immediately recognize it as such because it does not have the public institutions we are used to seeing in national governments.  This is because since Global Power has been extensively privatized, it thus follows that the New World Order is basically run by a Private World Government, having a more Corporate-like structure and chain of command.


Money Power

Who can today doubt even for one moment that the principal power factor in the world is Money Power?  The more money an individual or organization has, the easier it is for it to impose its own will and objectives upon others; the more power they have, the more they tend to concentrate it, acting as a feedback machine that makes money and power grow hand-in-hand, exponentially.  That is a key factor: concentration of money leads to concentration of power, and vice versa; one is the direct consequence of the other.  This is Big Money Power.

The New World Order is clearly fuelled by Money Power.  And what do you think is violent and greedy Money Power’s public enemy number one?  You guessed….True DEMOCRACY!!   I.e., genuine Democracy that is alive, powerful and solid permanently promoting and fighting for the Common Good and the National Interest against – you guessed again…: violent and greedy Money Power, and the tiny minorities wielding it.

From this viewpoint, the great War that all Freedom-loving peoples the world over must wage is thus clearly defined: you either have a true and legitimate DEMOCRACY that gives priority to the Common Good, or a false “democracy” – legal but illegitimate – controlled by Big Money Power.  We can symbolically say that we are in an all-out war between the forces of Gold and Usury, and forces of The People, its toil, blood and suffering. 

Both are absolutely irreconcilable enemies.  The greatest enemy of The People are the tiny usurping  minorities controlling Big Money Power interest.  Symmetrically, the greatest enemy of those same minorities are The Peoples for the world; i.e., you and me…  


Money makes the world go around…

Big Money Power is profoundly anti-Democratic.  It has always surprised me the way politicians, the media, “intellectuals”, academics and opinion-formers speak mouthfuls about “democracy” insisting that it be applied on all politics and culture as it it were butter spread over toast, however we never hear a word about the urgent need of democratizing finance and the economy.   There appears to be a taboo surrounding the idea, even thought it is absolutely plain for all to see that finance and economy are governed by increasingly strict authoritarianism of a most undemocratic variety.  However, none of the people who should point this out to global public opinion – journalists, analysts, politicians, economists, government officers –  dare to point this out.

“Money is a Powerful Lord”, is a phrase Spanish poet Don Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas coined four hundred years ago.   And it is certainly sobering to see how this powerful gentleman, Lord Money, is walking in this terrible 21st Century…  For instance, we learn from the US magazine, “Forbes [1] – a publication belonging to the billionaire Forbes family that voices, precisely, the interests and whims of the world’s immensely rich – that today there are 793 “billionaires”, who have joint wealth and assets estimated in u$s 2.600.000.000.000 (i.e.,, two trillion six hundred billion US Dollars).  To have an idea of what this means in relative terms – the combined wealth of these 793 individuals equals 25% of the Gross National Product (GNP) of the United States, or 12% of the world’s GNP, or 20 times Argentina’s GNP.  This perverse and truly immoral concentration of wealth on our planet among such tiny minorities tends to increase year after year: only in 2005/6 the number of billionaires rose by 102 and their joint wealth rose by 18%.  In just one year!  

According to Forbes, a good share of this increase was due to the growth of stock prices which makes the rich become even richer, and the middle and lower classes become increasingly poor.  As an example of what we say, we can point out that one of the corporations that most contributed to this gigantic increase in the wealth of the filthy rich is the Rockefeller family’s oil giant ExxonMobil which in 2005 and 2006 generated the largest profits of any corporation in US economic history: u$s 36.400.000.000 in 2005, and u$s 39.560.000.000 in 2006…  in profits!!! 

Where has all that money come from?  From the “oil crisis”, of course, which sent the price of crude sky-high, which in turn made gasoline prices surge and that, in turn, made the price of transportation, air travel, food, plastics and the whole economy rise, thus fuelling inflation, etc.   All of this affects everybody in the whole world.  So, in other words, all that money to pay ExxonMobil shareholders is paid out every day by you and me and everyone else when we go to the gas station, the supermarket, travel on a bus, train or plane.  Because, its not just ExxonMobil reaping these unheard of profits but all the oil giants forming a worldwide monopoly cartel: Shell, Chevron, BP Amoco, Repsol-YPF, Total, Yukos, Texaco, Occidental, Halliburton…

We can thus see that the so-called “oil crisis” is not so bad after all… at least not if you’re a shareholder in ExxonMobil and if you invest those huge profits in the Rockefeller bank JP MorganChase or in every drug lord’s favourite bank, CitiGroup, which will then re-cycle them through the global economy cashing in on usury interests and financing all sorts of projects…  We all know that money begets more money which, in turn, begets more money in an ever-expanding spiral that only benefits… well, the people who have huge amount s of money, of course!!  And this is just one example: the same holds for the defence contractors’ industry which have reaped gigantic profits from the death, destruction and genocide perpetrated daily against Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine and – soon, no doubt – Iran and Syria: Boeing, North American, General Dynamics, Halliburton, General Electric…  And the same holds for pharmaceuticals, electronics and other industries.

To understand how this global machinery works, we need to first understand that none of this is a mere coincidence.  What we are seeing is a perfectly assembled and sustained global System, the purpose of which is to promote, consolidate and manage all of these interests, ensuring that it is not derailed by the titanic social, political, economic and financial forces it can trigger.

Because in order for these tiny minorities having enormous wealth and Power to conserve, consolidate and grow that Power, they naturally need to defend themselves against the huge majority of the people that do not have any such wealth and power.  To this end, nothing better than to keep the masses very busy working and working very hard; making sure they are increasingly concerned over loosing their jobs, nervously anxious to maintain a “lifestyle” that makes them “happy”, as defined by the “American way of life” model promoted and plugged by the global mainstream media controlled by those in power. 

In actual fact, this System is nothing less than a immensely powerful and highly complex War Machine – i.e., in psychological, economic, political and if, necessary, military terms – that is directed by a tiny powerful minority against the interests of the vast but confused and debilitated majority of the people.  This is how things are in the United States and in the United Kingdom; in Germany and in Russia; in Argentina and Chile; in Egypt and Spain; in Brazil and Botswana…

As part of this Global Power System, Argentina too suffers the same phenomenon of vast wealth concentrated in tiny minorities.  At present the wealthiest 10% of the population has 32 times more income than the poorest 10% and the gap keeps growing at an alarming pace.  In 2004 that gap was only 28 times; in 1994, only 18 times.  So, everywhere and in every country the rich are becoming richer and richer, while the poor are becoming poorer and poorer as they increase their multitudinous numbers.  Clearly this is no coincidence, but rather the result of a System with verifiable objectives.  If we project this tendency into the relatively near future, we realize that the whole System is suicidal and on a collision course where it will invariably collapse into social chaos, and financial and economic meltdown.

Forbes” mentions that for the 12th year in a row, the world’s richest person is Bill Gates, founder of software giant Microsoft, with a personal wealth to the tune of 50 billion dollars; Bill is followed in that ranking by speculator William Buffet with 42 billion, and personalities like  Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al Saud from Saudi Arabia (close business associates of the Bush, Baker, Cheney, Kissinger, Rumsfeld group), with 20 billion; various members of the Walton family (owners of the Fortune 500 number one company Wal-Mart) with a combined wealth of 60 billion (hmmm… perhaps Wal-Mart’s prices aren’t all that good after all…); Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi (11 billion dollars); multimedia mogul and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (5.1 billion Dollars); Venezuela media mogul and Chavez enemy Gustavo Cisneros (5 billion Dollars); South African diamonds magnate Nicky Oppenheimer (4.6 billion); Frenchman Gerard Louis Dreyfus (3.4 billion); Brazilian magnate (there are several Brazilians) Jorge Paulo Lemann (3.4 billion), “Spaniard” Esther Koplowitz (3.4 billion); scandal-ridden former chairman of AIG/American International Group,- Maurice Greenberg (3.2 billion); Edgar Bronfman Jr. (3.0 billion Dollar; owner of Seagram Distilleries and president of the World Jewish Congress), screen producer Steven Spielberg (u$s 2.8 billion); David Rockefeller (head of the Dynasty that owns ExxonMobil, JP MorganChase Bank, and lifelong president of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Americas Society/Council on the Americas) with 3.0 billion; Italian bothers Gilberto, Luciano and Carlo Benetton (with 7.5 billion, part of which they have invested in buying huge tracts of land in Argentina’s Patagonia region); Israeli businessman Steff Wertheimer (2.4 billion); Mortimer Zuckerman (owner of US magazine US News & World Report) with 2.0 billion; Hungarian-US speculator George Soros (7.2 billion); US businessman Ronald Perelman (6.1 billion…).  Argentina fares very poorly in the global billionaires ranking with just one innocuous member: oil magnate Gregorio Pérez Companc with a measly 1.7 billion dollars, dumping him on the 451st slot... 

It can be readily expected and surmised that:

(a) these 793 billionaires have lot’s of free time on their hands,

(b) they certainly get together often to discuss how to help ensure they will always remain immensely rich and powerful, and

(c) they take concrete measures to coordinate actions ensuring they always stay powerful. 

Naturally, they do not do this by themselves; rather they hire very intelligent and talented planners to do this for them.  Thus the interests of the immensely rich are coordinated through geopolitical planning centres – also known as “think tanks” – in which either they themselves and/or their key operators, managers, representatives and partners are members: most notably, organizations and gatherings such as the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission; the Council on Foreign Relations; the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the World Economic Forum (Davos), and other similar organizations that form a very tight, exclusive and highly effective global network managing real Power throughout the New World Order.  We have described this in greater detail in our article: The World’s Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization [2]

When 793 individuals own and control assets worth over 2.6 trillion dollars, a good part of which they use to promote and drive their industrial, financial, economic, political and cultural interests by paying key people in the media, universities, researchers, NGO’s, managers, presidents, ministers, congressmen, judges, governors, mayors and TV anchors – much of which is often disguised as “philanthropy” and “charity” – then, just what “democracy” are we talking about?   This is when we realize that True DEMOCRACY is dead - assassinated by Big Money Power - and that, in its place, the false “democracy” we suffer today has been thrust upon the world.   It’s a bit like those “living dead” Hollywood films, or the Count Dracula movies of old, showing the dark vampire thriving in the night by sucking the blood of the living.  If taken as a metaphor of modern society, perhaps this symbol hides a terrible truth…

This is the world that we have.  This is the “democracy” we have.  This is the tragedy of Mankind.

And there is no use in getting angry at the visible New World Order politicians, managers and players we see on TV: whether George Bush or Bill Clinton; Tony Blair or Margaret Thatcher; Néstor Kirchner, Carlos Menem or General Videla; Pedro Aznar or Rodríguez Zapatero; Collor de Melho or “Lula”… All of them, together with those who will win future “democratic” elections, are basically expendable.  In Argentina, if a De la Rúa [3] fails to perform as expected, they have a Duhalde [4] ready to take over; if a Duhalde does not consolidate properly what is expected of them, they’ll throw a Kirchner [5] at us…  And the same goes for the rest of Latin America, the US, the UK, the UE…

The point is that whether be Alfonsín, Videla, Menem, De la Rúa, Duhalde or Kirchner, Big Money Power ensures that all countries are run buy the worst individuals amongst them.  People who are docile with the powerful, easy to buy, weak, cowardly, controllable and malleable.  Basically, the type of perverse men and women who somehow always “make it to the top” filling powerful key posts.  In a way, these negative personality traits are almost a must for any politician hoping to someday become president or minister or congressman or judge or governor or mayor.  Whether in Argentina or Austria; New York or Seoul; Pakistan or Japan.  

If any head of State were to take seriously the fact that he is “president” or “prime minister”, the Powerful will quickly brand him a “rogue” or “thug” - even a “terrorist”! - and his whole country will be thrown into some lunatic “Axis of Evil” fantasy…  This all has little or nothing to do with ideology: the World Elite are way beyond any ideologies.  Nowadays all they need are trustworthy and obedient Satraps to manage things locally for them.   That’s why they cannot tolerate Iran’s independent government led by president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but they get along just fine with a docile Pakistani dictator like Musharraf.  That’s why they will support the self-perpetuating authoritarian Egyptian Hosni Mubarak but will resist Venezuela’s combatant Hugo Chávez.   They will hold hands with pathetic and obedient left-wingers like Argentina’s Néstor Kirchner and Brazil’s Lula da Silva; and permanently support and congratulate the autocratic feudal sheiks running Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, but will invade and destroy Saddam Hussein’s Iraq or Taliban Afghanistan.


Minorities run the World

It cannot be said too often: True DEMOCRACY is government by the majority for the Common Good of The People, whilst false “democracy” is authoritarian government by tiny minorities imposing their will and interests against the interest of The People.  Not to understand this means not to understand how the New World Order really works, which in turn means never being able to arrive at a correct diagnosis as to why things are going so badly in Argentina, in South America and in the world in general.

Therefore, all citizens - irrespective of where they live - should be alert to those signs that clearly point to a minority wielding more – much more – Real Power than what they should justly and democratically have in their hands.  Even though they may hold that Power legally (after all, they do make the laws of the land), we must be very alert to the fact that this legality is, to a great extent, the result of their Money Power used to buy presidents, minister, judges, senators, representatives and deputies, journalists and academics so that - following age-old mafia tactics - the laws in force in every country are those laws that protect their interests. 

Just a small example: in May 2002 Argentina’s National Congress repealed Law No. 20.840 “Against Economic Subversion” that criminalized white-glove crimes, that had been sanctioned under the democratic Perón government in September 1974.  They repealed it bowing to pressure from the International Monetary Fund, the Banker’s cabal and key journalists, in order to ensure that local and foreign bankers directly responsible for Argentina’s catastrophic financial meltdown in 2001 and 2002, which vaporized the savings and wealth of the middle class would not be tried under that 1974 law [6].  This benefited bankers like José Rohm who had been formally charged with fraud but who at that time sat on David Rockefeller’s and William Rhodes’ Americas Society, and who has since then quietly and discretely disappeared into oblivion. 

The mainstream media were so helpful to Anne Krueger from the IMF and others lobbying Congress to repeal that excellent law, that they went so far as to distort the facts falsely insinuating that this law had been sanctioned during the Military Dictatorship that usurped power in our country in 1976 in order to give it very bad press with local public opinion, when in actual fact it had been sanction by the democratically elected government the military coup later ousted in march 1976.

Money always seems to find a way of getting the laws it want and getting rid of the laws it does not like, in order to be able to perpetrate all sorts of mischief “legally” under the protection of all sorts of Psywar euphemisms and understatements: thus we hear in the press talk about “labour flexibilization” to refer to massive redundancies and job losses; “privatization of the pension system” to hide the outright robbery of decades-long savings by Argentina’s workers; “outsourcing” to hide more massive job cuts; “expatriation of provincial funds” to cover up the scandalous robbery of hundred of millions of dollars of public funds by Argentine president Nestor Kirchner.  Alas, it’s all a question of semantics and of ensuring all these felonies, crimes and misdeeds are done “legally”, so that an army of very well-paid lawyers, judges, legislators and journalists can then cover up anything and everything, presenting a nicely groomed half-truth or outright lie to public opinion.  Yes, no doubt about it: Money is a powerful Lord…

Clearly, if The People wish to recover their freedom in order that the legitimate interests of the Majority should prevail over the arbitrary interests of tiny minorities, then the first step consists in becoming aware of the problem and identifying those tiny minorities, who they are, what they want, and how they are getting what they want.  In other words, we need to unmask their undemocratic activities.  In “The Worlds Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization” and other articles, we described the instruments  created and deployed by the supranational private power structure running the New World Order to manage and control their World Government.  There is much excellent literature on the subject published by the best independent-thinking minds from many countries: Alan Jones, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Noam Chomsky, Michael Ruppert, William Greider, Walter Graciano, Norman Finkelstein, Daniel Estulín, Patricio Randle, Carroll Quigley, Israel Shamir, William Cooper, Greg Palast, Holly Sklar, Israel Shamir, David Icke, James Petras, among many others.


The Zionist Question

Additionally, and at the risk of being unjustly branded and attacked, the special case involving International Zionism, which is an even smaller minority within the New World Order, that wields enormous Power on a global scale, must be addressed.  International Zionist lobbies and organizations systematically support the State of Israel, without which that State would not survive.  International Zionism is thus directly responsible for up-holding the major cause for war and violence in the Middle East, that today threatens to lead to a veritable worldwide conflict, as the on-going wars and crises in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iran and Syria continue to worsen. 

Elsewhere, we described the way Zionism has practically taken over the Bush–Cheney Administration, as a proxy to perpetrate horrendous genocide – through flagrant lies and brute force – against the martyred peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq, whilst rendering Israel unconditional economic, military and political support to do the same against the Palestinians.

The problem posed today by Zionism is an absolutely key global issue.  It must be addressed.   

If this is not properly, equitably and intelligently done, then it becomes impossible to understand why the world is in such a sorry state.  The Zionist Question must be addressed even though the vast majority of the mainstream global media, academics and analysts systematically prefer to ignore it, mostly through self-censorship thus avoiding the great risks involved.  Very slowly, though, high level voices are coming out as the recent examples of the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University March 2006 paper by Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer  called “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy[7], and former president Jimmy Carter’s candid comments on Zionism clearly show.

In an interview in the pro-Zionist Los Angeles Times on 08-Dec-2006, commenting his recently published book “Palestine: Peace not Apartheid”, president Carter said among other things that “many controversial issues concerning Palestine and the path to peace for Israel are intensely debated among Israelis and throughout other nations — but not in the United States. For the last 30 years, I have witnessed and experienced the severe restraints on any free and balanced discussion of the facts. This reluctance to criticize any policies of the Israeli government is because of the extraordinary lobbying efforts of the American-Israel Political Action Committee and the absence of any significant contrary voices. It would be almost politically suicidal for members of Congress to espouse a balanced position between Israel and Palestine, to suggest that Israel comply with international law or to speak in defense of justice or human rights for Palestinians….What is even more difficult to comprehend is why the editorial pages of the major newspapers and magazines in the United States exercise similar self-restraint, quite contrary to private assessments expressed quite forcefully by their correspondents in the Holy Land.”

Referring to Israeli policies in occupied Palestine, he added that his book describes “the abominable oppression and persecution in the occupied Palestinian territories, with a rigid system of required passes and strict segregation between Palestine's citizens and Jewish settlers in the West Bank. An enormous imprisonment wall is now under construction, snaking through what is left of Palestine to encompass more and more land for Israeli settlers. In many ways, this is more oppressive than what blacks lived under in South Africa during apartheid. I have made it clear that the motivation is not racism but the desire of a minority of Israelis to confiscate and colonize choice sites in Palestine, and then to forcefully suppress any objections from the displaced citizens. Obviously, I condemn any acts of terrorism or violence against innocent civilians, and I present information about the terrible casualties on both sides.”

Similarly, Mearsheimer and Walt in their paper state: For the past several decades, and especially since the Six-Day War in 1967, the centrepiece of US Middle Eastern policy has been its relationship with Israel. The combination of unwavering support for Israel and the related effort to spread ‘democracy’ throughout the region has inflamed Arab and Islamic opinion and jeopardised not only US security but that of much of the rest of the world. This situation has no equal in American political history…. The thrust of US policy in the region derives almost entirely from domestic politics, and especially the activities of the ‘Israel Lobby’….  no lobby has managed to divert ¨(US Foreign Policy) as far from what the national interest would suggest, while simultaneously convincing Americans that US interests and those of the other country – in this case, Israel – are essentially identical…. Saying that Israel and the US are united by a shared terrorist threat has the causal relationship backwards: the US has a terrorism problem in good part because it is so closely allied with Israel, not the other way around. Support for Israel is not the only source of anti-American terrorism, but it is an important one, and it makes winning the war on terror more difficult.”

Additionally, Jimmy Carter’s former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski went public with similar statements. For now, these are isolated but nevertheless most authoritative voices which are certainly pointing in the right direction.  International Zionists are a very tiny, immensely powerful and fundamentally very undemocratic minority. 

We must thus stress the obvious: Zionists are a very small minority, and to put things in their proper perspective, we need to understand the relevant demographic data as given by official Israeli and Zionist sources, showing in actual numbers just how vastly powerful Zionists really are, how the huge Power they wield is totally and unjustly out of proportion with their numbers, and how immensely dangerous this all is for True DEMOCRACY.


True DEMOCRACY versus usurping minorities

It often occurs that the best way to hide something is to just…. leave it out in the open for all to see!!  It’s like those mystery novels where the murderer returns to the crime scene acting as if he had nothing to do with it, even showing complete “surprise” and actually shedding tears for the dead person that he himself killed.  This trick is as old as mankind and is reflected in countless stories, legends, novels and plays.

Anyone trying to uncover the inner workings of the New World Order runs the risk of being accused of voicing “conspiracy theories”, while anyone criticizing Zionism and Israel is branded an “anti-Semite”.  This despicable slur has even fallen on President Carter in recent weeks.  In their essay, Mearsheimer and Walt refer to the difficulty in addressing the Zionist Question, saying that “no discussion of the Lobby would be complete without an examination of one of its most powerful weapons: the charge of anti-semitism. Anyone who criticises Israel’s actions or argues that pro-Israel groups have significant influence over US Middle Eastern policy – an influence AIPAC celebrates – stands a good chance of being labelled an anti-semite. Indeed, anyone who merely claims that there is an Israel Lobby runs the risk of being charged with anti-semitism, even though the Israeli media refer to America’s ‘Jewish Lobby’. In other words, the Lobby first boasts of its influence and then attacks anyone who calls attention to it. It’s a very effective tactic: anti-semitism is something no one wants to be accused of.”

Irrespective of all these risks, Freedom-loving citizens need to call things by their true names and address all issues no matter how sensitive and difficult they may be.  It is always far better to address such difficult issues whilst still manageable than to allow them to worsen until they go out of control.  Such is the case with Zionism as the crucial issue regarding the New World Order and its destructive impact upon True DEMOCRACY. 

Information available from official Zionist entities are very eloquent regarding the enormous power of certain individuals supporting Zionist Messianic and Racist ideology.  Through complex mechanisms, International Zionism takes advantage of Jewish communities around the world, often dangerously hiding in their midst and improperly blending in with all Jews.  This brings us to a key issued necessary when addressing the Zionist Question: “Not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists”  This is clearly reflected in the two Bush Administrations whose top figures – Bush, Cheney, Rice, Snow, Negroponte, Rumsfeld, Powell, Gates – though not Jewish are definitely Zionists supporting Israel unconditionally.

According to the Zionist Education Department of The Jewish Agency for Israel (, global Jewish population in 2002 was 13.296.000 people, of which 37.8% (5.025.000 people) live in the State of Israel and the remaining 62.2% (8.271.100 people) live in the Diaspora, in dozens of countries throughout the world.. From this total Diaspora population, 5.700.000 reside in the United States (i.e., Jews make up approximately 2% of US population which just reached 300 million people in all); a sizeable number live in the European Union and 2,7%  – i.e., 369.800 people – live in South America.  These official population figures also indicate that there are 195.000 Jews living in Argentina (of which 175.000 live in Buenos Aires City); i.e., Jews make up 0.52% of Argentine’s population of 39 million people.

We consider these population figures to be surprisingly low – at least as far as those indicated for Argentina are concerned – but we think we know why this is so, and will deal with this matter at length elsewhere [8].  Checking these figures with another Zionist entity, the Jewish Virtual Library [9] of the United States we found different population figures for Argentina (395.379 persons, i.e., 1% of total Argentine population).  This same source states that out of total world population of 6.43 billion people, 14.596.017 are Jews, i.e., Jews make up only 0,227% of the world’s population. 

Thus, we see that Jews account for around 0.25% (one fourth of one percent) of the world’s total population; 2% of US population; and 0.5% of Argentina’s population.  This obviously begs the question as to whether it is legitimate and healthy for such a tiny minority (0.25% of the world’s population) to wield so much power over the remaining 99.75% of the world’s population, especially in countries like th US, Britain, France and Argentina.   No doubt a very delicate question that must be addressed if we are to avoid greater woes in the future.

Forbes” magazine and various sources indicate that a significant portion of the world’s 793 multi-billionaires – in fact, a whooping 40%, i.e., around 300 multibillionaires - are Jews.  As a sample of those 300, 18 live in New York City (i.e., Samuel Newhouse, George Soros, Carl Icahn, Michael R. Bloomberg, Leonard Lauder, Samuel Lefrak, Ronald Perelman, Edgar Bronfman, Maurice Greenberg, Preston T. Tisch, Ronald S. Lauder,  Leonard Stern, Lawrence Tisch, Leona Helmsley, Ralph Lauren, Staneley Druckenmiller, Bruce Kovner, and Henry Kravis); many others live in other cities in the US (i.e., S. Daniel Abraham, Neil Bluhm, Eli Broad, Matthew Bucksbaum, Steven Cohen, Barry Diller, Malcolm Glazer, Christopher Goldsbury, Ronald Lauder, Edward Lampert, Bernard Marcus, Michael Milken and Jerry Zucker); 8 multibillionaires are Israeli citizens (Shari Arison Dorsman, Arnon Milchan, Lev Leviev, Stef Wertheimer, Yitzhak Tshuva, Morris Kahn, Gil Schwed y Sammy Ofers); 9 reside in Russia (which includes arrested Yukos oil magnate Mikhail Khodorovsky, Roman Abrahamovich, and Víctor Vekselberg, which according to The Jewish Review has created much concern in Russian Jewish circles due to the bad press this gives them) [10]0; 3 are “Spaniards” (Alicia and Esther Koplowitz and Isak Andic); and 4 are Australian and New Zealanders (Frank Lowy, Richard Pratt, John Gandel and Harry Triguboff) [11].  

Clearly this seems to point to a recurrent pattern in the world’s most powerful countries, that sems totally out or proportion with official population figures available.  Considering the very high and intensely emotional identification, solidarity and loyalty voiced by a large portion of the world’s Jewish Communities towards the State of Israel, and that the United States’ foreign policy is systematically aligned with, and subordinated to, the interests of Israel, it is reasonable to suppose that an important part of global Big Money Power described above is channelled by these super-rich personalities and groups, to finance – whether directly or indirectly – Zionism’s global agenda centered on putting Israel first.  This has led to unprecedented injustice, suffering and the destruction of several Nations in the Middle East, notably Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Present estimates regarding the civilian death toll in Iraq since the US-led and Zionist-inspired invasion of Iraq began in March 2003 now stand at more than 650.000 and rising daily. [12]

We should add to this the well-known fact that major international and trans-national financial institutions and banks, multilateral agencies such as the IMF and World Bank, major global media monopolies and key government posts the world over are systematically in the hands of members of the Jewish Community, whether in the United States, or in the United Kingdom, France, Mexico or Argentina.

In the US an estimated 25% of reporters and media analysts, 17% of major political action groups and more than 15% of high ranking government officers are members of the Jewish community and yet Jews only represent 2% of US population. In a recent interview, Stephen Steinlight, former director for national affairs at the powerful American Jewish Committee, said that “our disproportionate political power (pound for pound the greatest of any ethnic/cultural group in America)  adding that “Jewish economic influence and power are disproportionately concentrated in Hollywood, television and in the news industry, theoretically a boon in terms of the formation of favorable public images of Jews and sensitizing the American people to issues of concern to Jews.”[13].

Seymour Lipset and Earl Raab, in turn point out in a book published in 1995 that “In the last three decades, Jews in the United States have numbered 50% of the 200 main intellectuals... 20% of the most prestigious university professors... 40% of the main attorney partnerships in New York and Washington... and 59% of directors, writers and producers in two or more top audience television series.”. [14]  In some circles, especially in Israel and in the United States, this disproportionately high Jewish participation in key areas of great power has been explained away by saying that Jews are exceptionally talented and educated and that this explains their great power and clout.

If this is to be taken as a viable explanation, then it would be necessary to open a public debate regarding the scientific bases for believing that certain communities may be culturally – even genetically – superior to the rest of Mankind. The better part of enlightened public opinion would, no doubt, reject such a racist proposal reminiscent of Nazi Germany, however it often occurs that certain Jewish academic and religious figures voice precisely that view.  During a Congress held in Jerusalem in 1998, Israeli Rabbi Adin Steinsalz said that in his view, Jews are especially intelligent thanks to their specific genetic capital, because “one hundred generations of “natural selection” have genetically incorporated amongst the Jewish people the necessary characteristics for survival in a hostile environment.  Amongst those characteristics we can point out strong intelligence and a certain indescretion bordering on aggressiveness” [15]

Thirty years ago in a book called The Zionist Connection, US Jewish researcher Alfred M. Lilienthal asked “How could Zionist’s will be imposed on the American people?... That was achievable thanks to Jewish connections, tribal solidarity amongst them and the incredible attraction they have over Gentiles, which has molded unprecedented major metropolitan areas, the Jewish-Zionist connection completely pervades financial, business, social, entertainment and artistic circles” [16]  No doubt, a thorough public debate on the Zionist Question is necessary to assess whether the fact that such a tiny minority holds such sway over key posts of World Power and National Power in certain countries, is healthy, justifiable, and democratic, and whether it preserves the Common Good of the Peoples of these lands and the National Interest in each of their countries. 

Such debate cannot tolerate repressive police State tactics such as those used against revisionists historians like Germany’s Ernst Zundel and Britain’s David Irving for having committed the “thought crime” of casting legitimate doubt on the unproven dimensions that the New World Order media and academia have conveyed on the so-called Jewish “Holocaust”.  When English novelist George Orwell predicted in his “1984” that the grossest legal travesty would be legally punishing “thought crimes”, he clearly foresaw the kind of intellectual terrorism which any person not accepting official history and official “truth” imposed by the powerful, suffers today.   Especially when those same powerful people show incredible capacity to lie scandalously, as the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom do since 2003, to justify their criminal and genocidal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, or as Israel does to justify the outright theft of Palestinian territories, or as the Argentine government does when propagating unsustainable and gross lies regarding who was responsible for the terror bomb attacks in Buenos Aires against the Israeli Embassy in March 1992 and the Jewish Mutual Association AMIA in July 1994.

The least that is required of truly Democratic citizens is that they have the courage to think with our own minds and not with the minds of the New World Order masters, who are geared on imposing intellectual strait-jackets to govern this dark and sad world.  Clearly, we do not see any such intellectual courage amongst today’s puppet presidents, ministers, congressmen, judges and star-journalists who co-opt the public stage.  It is precisely they who permanently feed this “living dead” creature, false “democracy”.  Few, if any, countries actually promote defend or encourage True DEMOCRACY.


Some Conclusions

Argentina’s Constitution –as do most nations’ constitutions - supposedly guarantees its citizens life under  True DEMOCRACY.  The real situation, however, is far, far from this.  Quickly browsing our Constitution shows just how completely it is breached by Governments in power, regarding its most fundamental and basic rights, guarantees and tenets.  Our Constitution makes it mandatory for all citizens to take concrete action “in order to defend Country and Constitution” (Art. 21 of Argentina’s Constitution).  Of course politicians in power and the well-paid journalists working shoulder-to-shoulder with them, do everything they can to lead us astray into an intricate labyrinth of half-truths, distortions and outright lies regarding what True DEMOCRACY is really all about, and thus force us into accepting its deadly counterpart, false “democracy”, as sole option.  They can do this, amongst other reasons, because nowhere in our Constitution does the word “Democracy” even appear nor, much less, is it properly defined anywhere.

Correspondingly, a national debate should be promoted in all countries to:

·        Define what are the basic and inalienable tenets of legitimate and True DEMOCRACY, so that The People may be aware when those basic tenets are breached or attacked, whether it be by internal or external forces, or by their own governments.

·         Promote awareness in schools, universities, the workplace and in the public media, so that The People may always know where the Common Good lies.  This is a crucial issue in our contemporary history which gives us so many examples – whether in Argentina or elsewhere – that the main enemies of True DEMOCRACY are, precisely, the elected and non-elected Government officials occupying the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of Government.  In this veritable war, True DEMOCRACY is weakened, broken apart, disarticulated and eroded until it falls vanquished and lifeless and becomes false “democracy”.  In Argentina, their willing executioners since thirty years have been and are the presidents, ministers, judges and congressmen and women who systematically count with full  media support, and who are generously financed by local and international Big Money interests.  To this we may add the leverage and pressures of a handful of key Embassies – especially those of the United States, Israel and Britain -, always ready to meddle in the internal affairs of weaker states..

·         Recover True DEMOCRACY through an awareness campaign amongst The People, so that they may be properly informed as to the key rules of Politics and History, in order to do away with the myths of “official history” with its “good guys”, “bad guys” and “emotion-ridden Holocausts”.  In truth, for today’s false “democracy” to prevail, all that is needed is to maintain the populace at large as uncultured, ignorant, “entertained”, and busy as possible.  The consequences of this are there for all to see.  National Independence thus starts with making the People aware of what is truly happening around them.  I.e., first and foremost, Freedom is a State of Mind.

In this brief essay, we have just touched upon some of these fundamental tenets necessary to be able to exercise every Citizen’s Rights as well as for them to meet their obligations.  This requires a high degree of Intellectual Independence, Will Power and Love of Country.  Recovering True DEMOCRACY wont be an easy task because insidious, false “democracy” will not easily let go its strangle-hold on the world.  It wont just give up without a fight.  It will counter-attack with terrible ferocity and ire against all that which is healthy, good, productive and positive in Life. 

But we must remember that only when today’s decrepit false “democracy” is finally dead and buried, can the free Peoples of the world then raise our voices with joy and Faith to the cry of “Long live DEMOCRACY!”.


Buenos Aires, February 2007. 


(*) Adrian Salbuchi is researcher, author and speaker; host of the Buenos Aires talk-show “El Traductor Radial” and founder of the Argentine Second Republic Movement (Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina)  He is author of various books in Spanish on international politics, notably, “El Cerebro del Mundo: la cara oculta de la Globalización” (Córdoba, Argentina, 4th Edition, 2003, 472 pages – which translates as “The World’s Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization” - synopsis available at and “Bienvenidos a la Jungla: Dominio y Supervivencia en el Nuevo Orden Mundial” (Ediciones Anábasis, Córdoba, Argentina, 2005, 252 pags – translates as “Welcome to the Jungle: Domination and Survival in the New World Order)”.  He lives and works in Buenos Aires.  Please direct all inquiries to       


This article is a translation and revision of the original in Spanish – “La Democracia--- ha muerto” - published in “El Traductor Gráfico”, No. 37, 19th March 2006, Buenos Aires, Argentina.   © Adrian Salbuchi; El Traductor Gráfico; Through the Looking Glass… – COPYLEFT - Copying allowed if the source is indicated.


End Notes:


(2) See Through the Looking Glass… – No. 3 of 30th November 2006, available in and in sites like This article is based on our treatise in Spanish, “El cerebro del mundo: la cara oculta de la globalización” (Ediciones del Copista, Córdoba, Argentina, 4th Edition, 2003, 472 pages.; also 1st Colombian edition,.Editorial Solar, Bogotá, 2004)

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(8) Let it be briefly said that Jewish organizations seem to downplay their own present-day population figures because, otherwise, the official Holocaust figure does not tally, i.e., the 6.000.000 Jews allegedly killed under the Nazi regime between 1933 and 1945.  The 6.000.000 Holocaust figure is a myth that is not based on historical documentation and serious research.  I has taken on exceptional power after the Arab-Israeli Six Day War in 1967, as Norman Finkelstein explains in his book “The Holocaust Industry”.  During the Cold War, official history had it that of the six million Holocaust Jews, four million had been gassed / murdered at Auschwitz-Birkenau, which conveniently lay in Communist Poland and their records were not open to historical scrutiny.  This changed after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the fall of the Soviet Union and the liberation of Poland in 1989/91.  Historical research and access to Auschwitz is since then more open and the official figures of “Auschwitz dead” have been quietly brought down to “between 1.100.000 and 1.500.00 persons”.  The Auschwitz Museum’s web site,, says that “at least 1.100.000 Jews from all over Occupied Europe were sent to Auschwitz, together with 140.000 Poles (mostly political prisoners), approximately 20,000 Gypsies from various European countries, more than 10.000 Soviet prisoners of war and around 10.000 people of other nationalities.”  Just from this, the Six Million mythical figure would have to fall to 2.500.000 to 3.000.000, which puts the entire Holocaust Myth in jeopardy.

A serious, in-depth, objective research and investigation into the plight of European Jews has yet to be done.  In spite of all the media insults, screaming and wailing, this is what the Holocaust Conference hosted by Iran late last year was trying to promote.  Iranian president Ahmadinejad insistently repeated that his country does not deny the persecution of Jews by the Germans during World War II, but rather the actual dimension of that persecution which – through the Holocaust Myth – has been used to justify the outright robbery of Palestine’s National Territory by the western Powers to give it to Israel sixty years ago.  The key question thus arises that if the Holocaust did not take place in the way Zionists insist that it did, then the State of Israel should not have been created the way that it was.  This would have enormous and far-reaching consequences for the Middle East, and regional and world peace.   

(9)  The executive director of the Jewish Virtual Library (JVL) is Mitchell Bard, for three years editor of “Near East Report”, the official weekly bulletin of AIPAC- American Israeli Public Affairs Committee.  He is also a staunch Bush advisor.  JVL is part of the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) where Mitchell Bard is accompanied by neocon Douglas Feith, 19 House Representatives, and 6 Senators, all mostly Jewish, including Trilateral and CFR members Dianne Feinstein and Paul Simon.

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