The Ideology Of National Revolution. The old order is no longer sustainable or reparable.  My essay calls for massive change, a powerful model for a total revolution, carried out inexorably, but nonviolently.  It is intended to plant a seed.  Ready for new ideas?  Among others, learn the deeply spiritual Seven Virtues of the Nationalist Activist:  Faith, Discipline, Loyalty, Solidarity, Discretion, Patience, and Joy. This is dedicated to Mr. Alejandro Biondini, founder of Partido Nuevo Triunfo - PNT in Buenos Aires, a dedicated and determined modern nationalist movement


An Essay In Nationalist Political Theory

By Harrell Rhome, Ph.D.


            Nationalists in Buenos Aires who proclaim the Doctrine of National Revolution inspire this essay.  This concept is largely unknown to North American nationalists, but could be a lasting contribution.  That is, if we had a viable American nationalist movement, which at the present time we really do not.  But as with anything, the longest journey begins with the first step.  That is challenging and perhaps annoying, demanding a personal inventory to determine our real values.  This is the small but crucial pebble that can begin an eventual cultural avalanche sweeping away the corrupt old order.  But we are in a trap, hemmed in on several sides.  We have little control over elections, our industrial base has been severely downgraded and our money is debased.  Most of us know we essentially trapped ourselves, allowing evil antagonists to take over, but how do we get out?  Check out what Walter Romero, Editor of Political Tsunami online magazine, said.


“Comrades, the only escape from the trap is with a greatly superior doctrine outside the reach of our enemy -- the National Revolutionary Ideology.  Such a National Revolution will be carried out inexorably to bring about a New Order that forever and for always ends the dependency of our nation and the hunger of our people. Neither right nor left; neither State Capitalism nor Individual Capitalism, but a Nationalistic and Revolutionary regime. That is to say, a Total Revolution. [But] the first step is elucidation.” 


If my translation is awkward, I apologize, as elucidation is my purpose, meant to inspire and brighten our ideas of the future.  A “doctrine outside the reach of our enemy”?  Absolutely.  Such a faith and ideology is beyond the comprehension of the Dark Forces except as something they greatly fear, knowing it can defeat them.  Please read on and make the first step by comprehending the ideology.  “Total Revolution”? “Faith and doctrine”?  “Make the first step”?  Is this some kind of religion?  Am I trying to “convert” you?  Well, in the sense that religion means a new way of life and a new way of thinking, perhaps so.  Read what one of my favorite female authors said.


"[National Revolution] is infinitely more than a mere political creed; is a way of life, a faith in the fullest sense of the word - one could say a religion, however different it may at first appear, from every existing system thus labeled in current speech.  Religions are not as easy to uproot as mere political creeds." Savitri Dêvi, Pilgrimage.


In March 2006 The Nationalist Times published my article on nationalist movements and current events, centering on the patriot/populist/nationalist New Triumph Party (Partido Nuevo Triunfo, PNT) in Argentina, founded by Alejandro Biondini, who ran for president in 2003.  PNT is a nationalist movement in the classic tradition, but addressing the specific concerns of their nation.  What is more, it is a serious political party with a detailed and workable plan for governance.  I do not hold them up as a perfect model.  Perhaps there is not one, but PNT is a modern-day functioning nationalist movement with motivated and competent leadership, inspirational principles, and followers willing to be enlightened and commit themselves to greater goals.  The PNT and similar movements in South America and Europe should inspire and embolden us here in North America. 


Some of you wrote, asking for an update on the PNT, and I am pleased to report they are doing quite well.  As one example, this dedicated movement recently completed a “School of Nationalist Politics” (Instituto Superior de Adoctrinamiento Nacional) for party youth groups.  This was no evening seminar or weekend lecture, but took place over a four-month period, conducted as formal classroom instruction leading to a diploma.  Among the topics covered were political science and theory, nationalist doctrines, geopolitics, world history, history of the movement and more, concluding with a formal examination.  Even if you don’t read Spanish, visit the webpage and see the photos of the graduates, a mixed group of young males and females, with emphasis on the adjective, young.  

“There is nothing more dangerous than an oppressed people who acquire the first weapons of education and organization.” - Bernadette Devlin McAliskey, Irish nationalist.

Yet all of this elicits mixed feelings.  On the one hand, I am delighted my PNT friends have created such an admirable program.  I am quite sure that the graduates of the first class (this is intended to be ongoing) can and will assume major leadership roles.  This assures the survival of the movement and the ideology that brought it forth.  This is something to be respected and perhaps emulated.  Now to my other feeling, which is sadness.  We have many fine nationalist writers, speakers, broadcasters, editors, publishers, video producers, webmasters and more, but we have absolutely nothing anywhere near like what is described above.  On the positive side, if we had such a school, we’ve got plenty of instructors and an ample curriculum.  But I wonder if we could get a class of even a few people to commit time and resources over four months to do this?  Yes, people go to conferences and lectures, but this is much more than that.  First, the students were already part of a united active nationalist movement with clearly stated doctrines.  At the present time, we do not have this.  I mean no disrespect towards other efforts or those who lead them.  Just the opposite; you are among my targeted readers.  Ponder these things as world events unfold rapidly on multiple stages.  Tempus fugit.


Some already agree there is no time to waste.  “The issue … is crucial; either the job will be done lawfully and peacefully or else we will forfeit that choice to others. … But the door of opportunity will remain open but a short while; then it will be lost forever and you can be assured, few if any of us would care to live through the alternative.” – Thomas E. Guinn. 


Yet I hold no unreal expectations.  All parts of the PNT model are not applicable.  In several ways, Argentina is not like the United States.  For one thing, the population base is centered in and around the capital, thus more metropolitan (12+ million in metro Buenos Aires), making recruitment contacts and regular meetings somewhat easier.  And, national ethnicity varies greatly.  Argentina is composed almost entirely of European immigrant families.  Once, America was such a nation, although no more.   Certain models demonstrated by PNT are applicable to successful political and cultural movements anywhere.  But beyond that, the traditional political party model needs updating for the 21st century.  Once the American Party, Populist Party, Reformed Party and others offered hope, but that day seems past.  This is not to be overly critical; the time was just not right and the system barely allows ballot access.  While the Libertarians are successful at attaining access, they never elect anyone.  Are political parties out of the picture?  Maybe not, but our masses don’t seem ready to turn away from the two party/one party monolith.  Any change from within the current political setup, if genuinely possible, will begin with independent candidates, but voting fraud will likely undo it all.  A profound change could begin by dramatically removing the consent of the people to be governed by the current crop of troublemakers.  Perhaps we shall deal with that fascinating and nonviolent concept in a later essay.   


A genuine people-based Euro-American movement will eventually come forth.  I cannot say when and where, but historical developments repeat themselves more often than not.  I do not want to get overly esoteric, but all kinds of old archetypes and new paradigms are emerging.  Nationalist/Populist movements are on the rise in Europe and around the world for many of the same reasons as back in the early 20th century.  Who would have thought that Alessandra Mussolini and other rightist delegates would begin forming their own bloc in the EEU Parliament, called Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty?  While the basic messages and root causes are essentially the same, we must not be trapped in the models, symbols and slogans of yesteryear.  We are in a strange phase of the cosmic cycles, living in a rapidly unraveling republic trying to become a would-be empire, bent on self-destruction.  As our infrastructure physically and culturally implodes, many groups and personalities, parties, cults, religions, et al, will come forth to provide answers and launch various causes.  When the time comes, Euro-American nationalists should be in the forefront of the flow of ideas, offering reasonable and honest alternatives.  But in order for this to happen, just as in the teachings of Jesus, a house created to stand must be built on a strong foundation.  Here are some ideas about that.

In my 2006 article, I briefly presented the Seven Virtues Of The Nationalist Activist.  First called the Seven Principles Of Conduct, they were promulgated for an Argentine youth group founded and inspired by Alejandro Biondini.  Additionally, there are the equally inspiring twelve points of the Activist Code (Codigo del Militante), and some of those appear below as well.   As you know, Argentina remains a land of mystery to most North Americans, so unless one is “nationalistically curious” and reads a bit of Spanish, the Seven Virtues and the Activist Code are somewhat unique sources. 



As can be imagined, there is much more to the doctrine of inexorable change, totally restructuring society.  For one thing, a non-usurious economic system would displace the current dog-eat-dog Talmudic money games.  That is only one example, but the ideology is built on a solid foundation.  As I hope you will see, the Seven Virtues easily apply to personal, organizational and business goal setting and planning as well as enhancing other spiritually based programs.  There is nothing in the seven not found in various world religions, including Christianity.  This is a top-quality set of guidelines, and I have faith that some readers will connect, perhaps deeply, with the ideas herein.  The Seven Virtues brought a number of things together for me, and I find myself using them more and more to examine my thoughts, relationships, life and work, especially when doubt and defeatist thoughts creep in, as they will do.  So, be inspired, have faith, and never forget what our dear Savitri said. “Religions [i.e., systems based on faith] are not as easy to uproot as mere political creeds."  Sometimes they are unstoppable.    



As the Bible says, even the demons believe, hence true faith is more than mere acceptance of a creed or idea.  "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1.  In other words, faith is belief, not in something we see around us, but in something that does not yet exist.  This can be the coming of a divine figure, success in the beginning of a new business or personal relationship, or the coming of a new order of politics and culture.  Find people of faith working together for common goals, and you see core essentials, the bedrock of any movement.  Not just echoing and regurgitating the platitudes, but resonating from a deeper place within themselves.  Dream the dream, live the dream, and you will be surprised how many likeminded folk line up with you. 


“My force is my faith.” – Codigo del Militante - VI.


“Faith is not belief.  Belief is passive.  Faith is active.” – Edith Hamilton.



“Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.” - Roy Smith.


“He that cannot obey cannot command.” – Benjamin Franklin.


Discipline is the link between ideas and accomplishment.  It is self-control, but self-control with a purpose, beginning with our thoughts.  If we cannot control what we think, we cannot control what we do.  This is easily capsulated: thought before action.  Once a basic faith in the process, in the doctrines of the movement, is in place, there must be inner fortitude and discipline to sustain it; and more importantly, to implement it.  Discipline ultimately comes from the greater and purer Self deep within each of us.  Others can greatly aid us in making contact, but the first and final step must be our own.


“He who lives without discipline dies without honor.” – Icelandic proverb.



Loyalty means that some things in life hold higher value than the individual.  This is seen with those in military, police and emergency services.  Could the survival of our people and our culture qualify for such loyalty?  To movement activists, the answer is clear.  Don’t just believe.  Internalize the doctrine and make it a part of your life.  Be loyal to the ideology and be loyal to yourself as an integral part of the movement.


“My loyalty is my honor.”  “My liberty is obedience.” - Codigo del Militante, I and VII.


“Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself.” - Lois McMaster Bujold


“There can be no movement for change without a hard core of commitment.” - Ibrahim Alloush, Palestinian Nationalist.



True loyalty means unity cohesion, harmony and shared aims with movement comrades.  This leads to increased strength for the individual and the movement.  For the time being, many of us are alone, so the dream of real solidarity comes now from ideology.  As a movement grows and develops, a deeper meaning of solidarity will emerge, and the next four items from the Activist Code will mean a great deal more.


“My home is the movement.” - III.  “My brother is my comrade.” - IV.  “My pride is my people.” - V.   “My love is for [my nation].” - IX.


Solidarity prevents defeatist feelings of isolation.  “If you believe that you are one individual standing alone, it might appear rational then to try to get the best that you can out of the status quo, i.e., to become a profit-maximizer in negative circumstances.  If you consider yourself part of a people or a nation, on the other hand, you are NOT alone, and it is rational to believe that, with a little hard work and time, perhaps we can change the odds. This is why the enemy targets our collective identity. It is only when we think we are alone, and act accordingly, that we are doomed to defeat.” - Ibrahim Alloush.



An old saying tells us that discretion is the better part of valor and virtue.  Since we are dealing with Seven Virtues, it goes without saying that this is important.  Numerous synonyms exist: good judgment, maturity, diplomacy, tact, proper timing, and so on.  Not only is discretion of critical consequence, it is perhaps the hardest Virtue to achieve.  Hindsight, of course, is always 20-20 vision, so one’s sense of discretion should not be judged so much by never making a mistake as never repeating it.


Anger is the emotion least controlled and least understood.  Anger, like any other emotion, is a tool.  Self-control is difficult for some.  Many mistakes arise from misused and misunderstood anger, and its handmaidens, indiscretion and impatience.  To grasp this point is to take a step toward a higher level of self-awareness.  Then, you and the movement both benefit and prosper.  Don’t waste your anger on trivial matters.  Save it for what really counts.   


“My fury is for my enemies.” - Codigo del Militante, X.


“Anyone can become angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way, that is not within everyone’s power, that is not easy.” – Aristotle.



“Order marches with weighty and measured strides.  Disorder is always in a hurry.” - Napoleon Bonaparte.


If discretion is not the hardest of the Seven Virtues, then this one surely is.  Yet perhaps Patience works the greatest “magic” of all.  Assimilate this virtue and you become the master of many life situations.  The patient and observant warrior is often the victor over superior weapons and odds.  Are there times for immediate action?  Of course, but more often than not, patience yields the greater and longer lasting rewards.     


“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” - Leo Tolstoy.



All seven steps logically follow on one another.  There can be no Joy of the victory until all the other segments are in place.  Are you really ready for a National Revolution?  Are you sure?  The demands will be heavy, and two other principles come into play:  “My life is the revolution.”  “My death is an act of service.” - Codigo del Militante, XI and XII.  Is this for you?  Eventually, some of us must step forward and answer affirmatively.  Obviously, this is not for the faint of heart or the dilettante.   

“To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else.” - Bernadette Devlin McAliskey.

But, for those with the proper motivation, the energy we generate can bring on what is presented in the beginning of the essay, “A Total Revolution … carried out inexorably to bring about a New Order”.  Never forget.  Once this is in place, we’ll throw the greatest victory celebration, the biggest party ever known to humankind!  Who knows how long it will last?  But right now, get the first six steps in place.  The eventual rewards will come in good time.  But as said, there is no time to waste. 


"The image is more than an idea.  It is a vortex or cluster of fused ideas and is endowed with energy." - Ezra Pound. 


We stand at a crucial point in the emergence of an actual movement, surely and certainly “endowed with energy”.  This will be opposed, savagely and bitterly at some points, not just by the Dark Side, but also by some who should be our allies.  But it will eventually come forth as it always has, at the right times and right places, for the right people.  But such is not an easy task as sadly demonstrated in the 20th century.  The Adversaries grew very powerful as a result of that defining defeat.  They cannot abide the Rising of the Light again, but it will come.  And it will arise for effectively the same reasons as in the 1920s and 1930s – not to mention eons before that.  They are powerfully armed and willing to use ultra-violence to achieve their ends.  But they lack one very important element for ultimate success.  Whatever we may or may not have, we’ve always had a potent weapon for dispelling mass illusions, and we have it right now -- we have the truth.


Our Adversaries are liars and deceivers, bogus wizards skulking behind a rapidly deteriorating curtain in modern-day Oz.  In the story, Toto, a little dog, exposed the fraud.  Can we do what he did?  Ultimately, how can we lose?  Each time we make the Dark Ones show their already-bloody teeth, hiss, spit, drool, snarl and curse us, the more “average Joe and Jane” want to know.  We must be there to provide answers. 


“Yesterday I dared to struggle.  Today I dare to win” - Bernadette Devlin McAliskey.


Am I trying to be a prophet, predicting cataclysmic change, i.e., revolution?  Well, if I’m not, then perhaps someone else should!  God’s words were the spark of creation.  Words have great power.  So give it a name – National Revolution.  Learn the deeper doctrines.  Give it meaning, first for you, and then for our nation.  Give it a voice.  Be a voice.  Have the required Faith, Discipline, Loyalty and Solidarity, combined with Discretion and Patience, and we shall reach the Joy of victory.  It happened before and it can happen again, but this time in a more successful, newer, better and profoundly deeper way.  What we see today can be small but fundamental first steps toward a peaceful, nonviolent, spiritually powerful, incredibly unstoppable and eventually triumphant National Revolution, where we relentlessly root out the psychopaths, perverts and misfits who have come to rule, casting them far from us.     


The National Revolutionary ideology can be astoundingly successful, sweeping the Dark Forces onto the trash heap of history, but before any of that, it must be firmly planted in the hearts and minds of the people.  That is, there must be a personal revolution, an ideological, moral and spiritual New Order of the Inner Self, far in advance of anything even remotely political.    



Sometimes called a revisionist philosopher, Dr. Harrell Rhome contributes to print and online publications, including The Nationalist Times newspaper, and is a Contributing Editor for The Barnes Review historical journal.  Harrell is also an English-language columnist on Tsunami Politico, a multilingual online magazine out of Buenos Aires. See his articles on rather diverse topics at  Comments and questions are welcome.  Email

For those who read Spanish, don’t forget the huge collection of news articles, commentary, items on art, music and cultural events from all over the world archived at, and visit the PNT at