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"The Barnes Review Looks At The Judas Gospel" was the July-August 2006 Lead Story.  Who was Judas?  Betrayer or best friend?  Does an authentic Gnostic manuscript in Coptic reveal any secrets?


My article about nationalist movements in the Americas focused on the New Triumph Party of Argentina, but also includes commentary on nationalist enterprises right here in the USA, plus profiling a non-usurious economic system and the dynamic Third Position movement.  It appeared in the March 2006 edition of The Nationalist Times newspaper.


"Uncovering The Kabala: From Sorcery To Psychopolitics" is my latest venture into the occult.  Kabala is tres chic'.  Even Madonna does it!  You've heard about the Talmud, and the Kabala, but what are the Tanya book and the Toledot Yeshu?  See what my research revealed.


"An Alternate View Of World History And End Times Doctrines From An Indo-Aryan Perspective"  A look into the remote past - and the future - from our prehistoric homeland, the great hive of India.  What are the origins of the Savior-God who comes to earth, dies, and comes again?  In the spirit of Savitri Devi, I present my theological explorations into ancient eastern thought.


"Precursors To The Protocols Of Zion: The Plans In Process Are A Work In Progress, Centuries Old".  Features a unique quotation on the matter by Ezra Pound.


"Zionism And The Establishment Of The Modern Polish State, A Lesson In How History Repeats Itself".  Poland the proving grounds for techniques later employed for Zionist domination of the state of Israel?  See how they tried to hijack the new Polish nation by claiming persecution and special status.  This was in May-June 2003 Barnes Review.


"Debacle In Damascus, The 1840 Ritual Murder Case".  This groundbreaking article on the human sacrifice cult has created controversy in 2001 when it first appeared in The Journal Of Cultural Review, and later on various web sites.  A link to the version with footnotes is first, followed by two others as backup sites.  (with footnotes).


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