by Harrell Rhome

The following items were excerpted from a Wiki article entitled “Kalki”.  If one were researching Indo-Aryan things, this probably comes up on a search engine.  Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalki to see the entire article.  I’m sending this to my Internet readers as a ready and handy example of psychopolitics in action.  In the beginning, the article seems reasonably informative, but see what follows.  [My comments are in brackets.  Emphasis added.]

“NEO-NAZISM.  Extending upon the bleakness of the Kalki Purana, aggressive and violent interpretations of the Kalki prophecies also exist. Adolf Hitler is well known to have incorporated myths, legends, and symbols he felt have Aryan origins into his own Nazi mysticism. Some such as Savitri Devi Mukherji believe the Kalki prophecies, among others, referred to Hitler and predict the ultimate worldwide military triumph of his Nazi Third Reich. There is currently a Neo-Nazi news agency in Argentina that operates under the name Red Kalki, and his leader, Alejandro Biondini (President of the New Triumph Party and founder of Ciudad Libertad de Opinion), has proclaimed he is Kalki. Other fascist, racist and ethnocentric groups still incorporate the concept of Kalki into their mythos.”  [name a specific person/group

[The preceding little notation means this is essentially an unsourced claim, which it is!  This is the usual Judaic crap to paint activists with the nazi brush, which of course, is supposed to frighten and repel you.  The sites mentioned are highly professional online news providers.  Partido Nuevo Triunfo, PNT, is a party in the classic tradition of European nationalism, but with many effective new strategies and ideas.  Do some “chosen ones” see PNT and these ideas as a threat?  If my obscure article last year brought this much attention, then apparently so.  Good.  I’ll have to write more. 

Oh, I almost forgot.  If you’ve read my essays before, you should know I’m flattered to be “denounced” along with Savitri Devi and Alejandro Biondini.]

[edit] [By the way, my email address seems to be blocked from editing, so help me out if you want.  I essentially like the interactive Wikipedia concept, but this is an example of a worst-case scenario!] 

“CLAIMS OF BEING KALKI.  In the last few decades several leaders of relatively small religious movements in India, and a few outside of it, including some women, have at times claimed to be the Kalki Avatar of Hinduism, or their followers have declared them to be Kalki.”

[Several sects and leaders are listed, then this item as if PNT were a cult or religion.  In this section, in rather poor English, your favorite author is mentioned.  Oh yeah, where are all these groups I supposedly represent?    These must be “cold case” missing persons.  Can you help me find them?] 

“The extreme right leader of Argentine, Alejandro Biondini, has proclaimed he is Kalki. Many nazi groups of LatinAmerica follows him. Also the Ph. D. Harrell Rhome, spokeman of several USA aryan groups, supports that Biondini is The Kalki.”

If the careless (or clever?) writer(s) of this piece had actually read my article, they would see that I said no such thing.  While the article commented on other nationalist efforts, I have never, ever claimed to represent any sort of “group”.  Yes, I am obviously an ideological comrade of the PNT, but not a member of that or any other party.  All of this is a classic example of disinformation techniques by planting false items within either neutral or true ones.  Since some of you probably use Wikipedia, I thought this might be an informative little exercise.  Forward it as you wish.

Access my article on nationalism in the Americas: http://www.tsunamipolitico.com/creative_and_constructive_models4.htm Read what I really say about Indo-Aryan religious thought: http://www.tsunamipolitico.com/analternative6.htm 

My best to all, Harrell Rhome EagleRevisionist@aol.com